Stock Watch- Aetherworks Marvel

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Daniel Weiser was one my carmates for the Indianapolis Open this past weekend, and he was packing a pretty exciting deck. If his name sounds strangely familiar, it's likely because you saw it attached to his 25th place deck from the tournament.

Survive. Make energy. Make Emrakul. This deck is very focused, and very good at what it does. Weiser was somewhat concerned with his Boros matchup going in, and the way the metagame shook up it was an unfortunate matchup to be weak in. They go wide enough that if you Emrakul them without triggering a Kozilek's Return they can often just kill you shortly after. Fortunately, with the current metagame being skewed very aggressive the deck could be tweaked to focus more on beating aggressive decks to try to solve this problem. Upping the red removal count and looking at putting Galvanic Bombardment in the 75 seems like a good direction.

This deck is more powerful and consistent than I think many realize, and I expect something similar to do well at the Pro Tour. The current price on TCGPlayer is about $7, and should the deck see a lot of PT exposure and success you can easily expect to double up in the short term.

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