Stock Watch- Prized Amalgam

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With Zendikar block featuring Expeditions and Kaladesh featuring Inventions, Standard investment opportunities mostly boil down to mythic rares from any set and regular rares from Innistrad. The week one Open in Indianapolis was mostly dominated by aggressive Kaladesh cards, though the second place list really caught my attention.

I think that this deck is rough around the edges, though there is a lot to like. One thing that it demonstrated for sure is that Prized Amalgam and Scrapheap Scrounger are good buddies. With Amalgam already being established as a Modern staple, I could easily see the card at least double up from its currenty $3 value if decks like this take off in Standard.

This deck has some starts that feel like cheating, and Insolent Neonate discarding Haunted Dead on turn one into discard two Prized Amalgam to the Haunted Dead ability on turn two, ending the turn with nine power on the board is a start that wins games in Modern. I like this pick a good amount, and anticipate messing around with similar lists in the near future.

4 thoughts on “Stock Watch- Prized Amalgam

  1. so your play is: “Insolent Neonate discarding Haunted Dead on turn -ONE- into discard two Prized Amalgam to the Haunted Dead ability”

    I rly dont understand that play, becouse the normal play woud to atack with Insolent Neonate on turn two and then you sac it on second main. Why you woud ever do that on turn one? I cant understand that

    1. You’re right, you miss a point of damage. You would wait until turn two. Doesn’t change the board state at the end of turn two at all, which is the selling point.

      1. I recently sleeved up the deck over the kitchen table…the sequences you or Justin mention never came up but when reading them here it appears to be two different ways to basically draw five cards on turn two…then get to play two or three of them the next turn…which is pretty bonkers. (Standard is still open season on graveyard stuff apparently).

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