Deck Overview- Izzet Kiln Fiend

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Love the format or hate it, there's always something new to talk about in Modern. This deck has been showing up for a minute on Magic Online, and I'm curious to see if it will be present at the SCG Invitational in Atlanta this weekend. Some refer to this deck as "Bloo"... and they should cut that out.

This is another deck that meets Infect and Death's Shadow Zoo halfway. It doesn't have the raw explosiveness of either deck, though it can deliver turn three kills off the back of Kiln Fiend, and technically has turn two potential with Monastery Swiftspear. The primary advantage that this build offers is that Thing in the Ice offers some disruption for opposing creatures as well as Bedlam Reveler's ability to gas back up.

One thing that is really nice about this deck over Infect, is that every creature can be saved from a Lightning Bolt either with four printed toughness or a single Mutagenic Growth. The sideboard Stubborn Denials are also a nice boon for this type of strategy both as disruption, or protection. It is very convenient that Kiln Fiend gives you ferocious with just one trigger.

Now that Thing in the Ice is finding its footing, foil copies could very well be a great long term play. Foil double-sided cards aren't super easy to come by, and it's definitely a pickup worth considering.

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