Aether Revolt Prerelease Price Cheatsheets Are Here

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They're back again! Our Aether Revolt price cheatsheets show you what cards are selling for going into this weekend's prereleases. Here they are, organized both alphabetically and by price.

Aether Revolt Cheatsheet (Alpha)

Aether Revolt Cheatsheet (Price)

These prices are pulled from sale prices as of this morning, so this is accurate for what people are actually paying for these cards. A few caveats: no foil prices and no Invention prices yet.

Instant Analysis:

  • Heart of Kiran looks dramatically overpriced right now. Sure, it can protect Planeswalkers, but the playable ones can already save themselves. I think this is mostly just from people trying to find a Smuggler's Copter replacement.
  • Baral's Expertise may be the sleeper card of the set. Yesterday, Brian Demars wrote a glowing article about it on CFB as a one-sided board sweep that can also power out Chandra. Not bad.
  • The biggest breakout card of the set is probably Saheeli Rai from Kaladesh! She jumped 8x over the last week, thanks to Wizards' goof-up with Felidar Guardian.
  • Fatal Push is $5 - that's astounding for an uncommon. Aether Hub is still $3.50 though, which makes me even more incensed that I've never opened one in KLD packs, despite having opened two mythic Metallurgic Summonings...
  • It's normal and natural for the prices to drop a few weeks after release. For a fun historical reference, here's our price guides for Eldritch Moon and for Magic: Origins. Yes, Goblin Piledriver sold for more than Jace, Vryn's Prodigy // Jace, Telepath Unbound at prerelease time. Good reminder to trade for future value, not present value.
  • In the end, I am not sure what the chase rare of Aether Revolt is supposed to be. There's nothing in this set that I am thrilled to open aside from an Invention. It all looks good - this isn't OGW - but I can't help but feel that WOTC failed to make clearly exciting cards that people want to open. Eldritch Moon had Emrakul, a few Planeswalkers, some mutant angels. Here, we've got what exactly? Rebels fighting a bureaucracy?

Let me know what you think!

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