Citrus Plays: UW Control Competitive League

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Editor's Note: Please give a warm welcome to gold pro Gregory Orange, fresh off of his team Grand Prix win last weekend! For a while we have been discussing the potential of him of making content for Modern Nexus. Today I'm excited to debut his first MTGO videos, where he runs UW Control through the paces of a competitive league. The videos below constituted some of his testing regimen in the lead-up to Grand Prix San Antonio, so you'll see an earlier build of the deck on display.

Let us know what you think, and I'll see if I can wrangle some more video content from him. Without further ado (and fully cognizant of the serendipitous timing of the whole affair), I'll pass the mic to Greg. Enjoy!

- Jason

Deck Tech


Round 1 vs. Tron


Round 2 vs. Abzan


Round 3 vs. Death's Shadow Jund


Round 4 vs. Ad Nauseam

Note: At about 4:05 in this round, Greg looks up some information on the opposing decklist online. You'll notice a brief cut in the video at this time.


Round 5 vs. Beck // Call Control


4 thoughts on “Citrus Plays: UW Control Competitive League

  1. Thank you so much!
    1) I didn’t know you had a YouTube channel. So now I’m subscribed.
    2) Thank you to Gregory for a great play through on how to properly navigate a sick control deck. I feel like it leveled my game. Congratulations on your win! I feel like you called the meta perfectly at San Antonio.
    3) I hope Other content makers on the site do the same! (Ahem, I own Grixis Control in paper….ahem…please?)

  2. so g1 round 1 you basically lost already but the tron player decided to go full selfdestruction mode? i have never seen such plays before and it definitley was halarious

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