Kelly Reid’s Review of Card Kingdom’s New Battle Deck!

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Kelly Reid

Founder & Product Manager

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Posted in Analysis, Free, Video

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2 thoughts on “Kelly Reid’s Review of Card Kingdom’s New Battle Deck!

  1. This was so awesome to watch!

    Watching someone go over the give their impressions on something that I helped design really does put a smile on my face. Thank you for talking about the deck and sharing what you personally would like to change in it!

    Some neat information regarding the cards you mentioned is below:

    Geistblast – This is a card that I’ve wanted to use in a deck for quite a while and while I was skeptical about it in this deck because of the “non-bo” of exiling itself, I was finding that with all the 1-for-1 removal in the deck in testing, sometimes it could be difficult to close the game out. Once I added in Geistblast then I had a game plan of copying a Hieroglyphic Illumination to go +3 cards as a pseudo X draw spell that wasn’t too OP and it felt great. I can see swapping for 2 more Izzet Charms though.

    Riddleform – Similar to the “not having enough cards” issue I alluded to before, Riddleform played a nice role in giving the deck an evasive threat that was difficult to interact with. In the Battle Deck Universe there isn’t a lot of enchantment removal, and most of the instant speed removal that can answer a 3/3 flier is usually 4 or five mana, which gives you a great rate if they actually want to interact with you.

    In addition, the original list of the deck had a full 4 drakes and serpents and they were just too good. The allure to add more is there, which we enjoy seeing people take the decks and make them their own, but for the sake of those who just buy a couple decks and battle each other, sometimes we have to tone it down a bit in testing for balance issues.

    Good luck with the deck and I would love to see more videos!


    1. Chris thank you so much for taking the time to reply! Makes me smile to get this feedback loop going.

      Would love to have you on the podcast to talk about the Battle decks in more detail because I think people are not always clear about the kind of choices you’re making, and why.

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