Daily Stock Watch – Avacyn, Angel of Hope

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Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Daily Stock Watch! Today is part four of our Iconic Masters special Stock Watch review, and it will be the first time that I'll be featuring a creature. For a change, I'll be talking about a card which I think will take a big hit from this reprint, financial-wise.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope will be reprinted once more as a mythic rare in IMA. It has stayed above $20 since 2014, thanks largely to Commander demand and some cameos in Reanimator decks in Modern and Legacy, but will definitely see a price drop a few weeks from now. I actually think that all of these cards will see a price drop as well in the same time frame. The biggest question always is, who do you think has the most upside to rebound?

Iconic Masters Mythics

We're quite lucky that we didn't see a horde of Sphinxes, Hydras, or Rats getting reprinted and occupying those rare or mythic slots. It could have been a disaster that would affect the sales of IMA. Good thing going is that we'll get Angels, Demons, Praetors, and Dragons instead. However, I think that the biggest loser, value wise among the mythics, will be Avacyn.

Using my Utility Checker, I scanned all the formats where it could possibly be used to see how Avacyn is faring in the competitive scene for the year 2017. To my surprise, only a single copy of Avacyn was used on one deck that finished in the top eight of an MTGO Commander League; none made it in any other Modern, Legacy, or Duel Commander lists. This must mean that the demand for it is basically only being driven by casual demand -- and that reason, I think, is enough for you to let go of your copies.

At the moment, there are only two other printings of Avacyn besides the one from the upcoming IMA: the Avacyn Restored version, and that of From the Vault: Angels. All three printings have the same art, so I don't see too many positives in keeping spare copies unless you need them for playing or collection purposes. I'm also not a fan of how foils are being printed in FTV sets so personally, I'd choose to keep IMA foils rather than the ones from FTV. It should have more value down the road.

The current price of Avacyn (AVR version) ranges from $24 to $28, and there's no scarcity of it across online stores such as Star City Games, TCGPlayer, Channel Fireball, and Card Kingdom. If you could let go of it via trade or direct selling, I suggest that you do so now. People will start realizing that this card is too expensive and is barely utilized. Get them if the price drops to anywhere between $10-13 but I suggest you stay away from it for spec purposes if it is more expensive than that.

As for the foil copies, the price range for the FTV version ranges from $26-$33 from the same online stores I mentioned above. I don't see much of an upside in buying these even if it falls to $20, although this is more of a personal assessment. I'd gladly buy the IMA foils for $30-35, though. That is probably a better investment because it will have the authenticity seal and a better printing, material-wise.

Normal copies of Avacyn from IMA are pre-selling for $15-20 in the same stores and is the version that I'd STAY AWAY from the most. I'm not sure how low these could get, but I'll be sure to pick them up as soon as it drops to $10 or less. If you look closely at how Masters sets are being opened, this is a very likely scenario a few weeks or months from now. Grab one to two playsets if you think it would rebound nicely when supplies run dry. Otherwise, just sell or trade them away.

And that’s it for today! Check back in tomorrow for the last card that I'll feature on this special Iconic Masters edition of the Daily Stock Watch. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!


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