Daily Stock Watch: Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan Special

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Hello, everyone and welcome to the Pro Tour Rivals of Ixalan special edition of the Daily Stock Watch! I'd stray away from the usual format of this segment, and try to make picks out of the top 10 archetypes from the event (assuming at least half of these decks would make it to the top eight).

So here are the top 10 archetypes (based on the number of players who are playing it on the event, and the total percentage of the deck in the field out of 464 players):

Five-Color Humans - 43 players (9.30%)
Affinity - 37 players (8.00%)
Burn - 34 players - (7.30%)
Tron - 32 players - (6.90%)
Grixis Shadow - 30 players - (6.50%)
Eldrazi Tron - 26 players - (5.60%)
Jeskai Control - 23 players - (5.00%)
W/U Control - 23 players - (5.00%)
U/R Gifts Storm - 23 players - (5.00%)
Dredge - 17 players  - (3.70%)



Unclaimed Territory (Five-Color Humans) - Along with Ancient Ziggurat and Cavern of Souls, the Five-Color Humans is the hottest deck in Modern right now because it could maximize its best personnel, thanks to these lands, which allows it to play any human card out there. Ross Merriam's new human-tech addition of Kessig Malcontents would have been my pick, but player preference could always be different. I'd rather choose this card because it would always be a four-of on any list.

Mox Opal (Affinity) - I already talked about this card here, so please try reading the article if you want more reasons on why I like the card.

Goblin Guide (Red Deck Wins) - People have forgotten about this card because Red Deck Wins have been off the grid for a while. It is still one of the best one-drops in the game (in my opinion), and three hits from this guy could put you in the red zone against this deck.

Collective Brutality (BG Urzatron) - I already covered this card here, so just try going over the article to see my analysis.

Thoughtseize (Grixis Shadow) - Arguably the best one CMC disruption spell in Magic, this helps out in thinning the life total of the Death Shadow player while giving him access to the opponent's hand. I also think that this card is underpriced nowadays.

Chalice of the Void (Eldra Tron) - This card has been very expensive, and rightfully so it should be. It could shutdown a lot of decks at one go, and I've always been afraid that this could get banned at any moment. Multiple Eldra Trons in the top eight could bolster its price (and the probability that this might get banned).

Geist of Saint Traft (Jeskai Control) - I've also talked about this card last year over here, and a top eight finish might be all it needs to become a $20 card again.

Field of Ruin (UW Control) - I could have picked another card from the list (such as Gideon of the Trials or Search for Azcanta) but this card seems to be a bit underrated for me despite of its power level. I talked about the potential of its foil copies over here before as well.

Manamorphose (UR Gifts Storm) - I haven't changed my mind about picking this as one of the breakthrough cards of the event, and I still think that at least one UR Storm player will make it to the top eight. This was my Daily Stock Watch pick last Wednesday, so you should be able to backtrack a bit on why I like this card.

Bloodghast (Dredge) - Dredge has been powerful despite the loss of Golgari Grave-Troll, and much of it could be attributed to the consistency of this card and Narcomoeba. Copies from Iconic Masters are everywhere, and this has been the reason why its price has dropped for a bit despite of its power level (this is also a key component in Hollow One decks).

To sum it up..

A lot of things could happen over the next couple of days, and I won't be surprised if none of these decks above would win the whole thing. Modern has been very diverse and healthy, but we can never guess what goes through the mind of the peeps from WotC. Always proceed with caution when buying cards (especially the very expensive ones) for spec purposes, and never fall in love with the idea of holding on to them for too long. Keep in mind that Masters 25 is just around the corner.

And that’s it for this week's special edition of the Daily Stock Watch! See you again next week, as we go back to our regular routine on this segment. As always, feel free to share your opinion in the comments section below. And if you want to keep up with all the market movement, be sure to check in with the QS Discord Channel for real time market information, and stay ahead of the hottest specs!

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