Insider: Snap Reaction to 2/12/2018 B&R Announcement

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Well, Insiders - the unthinkable happened.

I wanted to provide a quick reaction to today's B&R Announcement (2/12/2018).


Jace, the Mind Sculptor is unbanned.

Bloodbraid Elf is unbanned.

Effective Date: February 19, 2018

Magic Online Effective Date: February 14, 2018

The list of all banned and restricted cards, by format, is here.

Next B&R Announcement: April 16, 2018

It looks like WOTC finally let JTMS, and BBE out of their cage. There's so much that can be discussed from a simple announcement, and that will all be addressed in more depth here soon from our writers at QS. For now, I just wanted to quickly compartmentalize the immediate fall-out and feverish discussion about what we have just witnessed.

Everything is on the table, folks. Not even 24 hours ago Modern felt like a nearly-perfect format that was thriving and had the most draw of attention from all the formats. It was on full display at Pro Tour: Rivals of Ixalan (read back through our coverage) - and went further into a large GP immediately after when Bogles won the event.

Now, who knows - everything is unknown in the aftermath of this announcement. While that could be viewed as a negative, there's still room for it to be a positive. The one thing we do know, is that this was a major boost to the Modern market, and economy going forward - especially with Masters 25 around the corner.

We discussed some specific cards on the QS Insider Discord: Dreadbore, Disrupting Shoal were the most interesting of the bunch and could have immediate interest.

Combats JTMS

Compliments JTMS/BBE

Keep in mind Masters 25 will likely have reprints that compliment these cards as this all seemed like it was planned ahead of time. I can almost undoubtedly say that Bloodbraid Elf will also be included in Masters 25. Stay tuned for more discussion, and our upcoming QS Cast for more in-depth coverage on this momentous moment in Modern history.


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