Insider: Time to Buy – A Lull in MTGO Modern Staples

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Hi guys,

This week I'll be taking a break from the MTGO Block Staples to Watch series to discuss a few Modern staples that have dropped to relatively low points recently. Everyone seems to be focused on Standard singles for the week, so attention is drifting from Modern. That makes these picks pretty good right now.

Collected Company is just a busted card ever since it was printed. I have mentioned countless times that the ability to put six mana worth of creatures into play for just four mana at instant speed is too good. Whenever this card is below 15 tickets, consider it low.

When we invest in this card, our target is to sell it at about 18-20 tickets each. We can expect Company's price go back up in the near future as GW Company variants are actually pretty good online. Knight of the Reliquary in a deck full of fetches and utility lands is quite insane, and I'm predicting that an improved version of the deck will rise to the top of the meta really soon.

Collective Brutality is one of the best black cards in Modern. It's playable as a mainboard card, and has applications against almost every deck in the meta. The first mode is obviously good against any midrange or control decks. Stripping a key card from their hand is going to put us in a very good position. The second and third modes are good against most aggressive decks, with the ability to kill small creatures and gain life in the process.

This card could become expensive in the future if it doesn't get reprinted in one of the Masters sets. We're less than three years from the Brutality's first printing, and it has already reached the 37-ticket point recently. I think if we continue to keep track of this card, it's pretty likely to increase to 40 or 50 tickets after awhile. Of course, I'm not suggesting waiting for that price point to sell, but I do recommend buying copies of Brutality and selling whenever they increase in price again.

Fulminator Mage is easily the best land destruction card in Modern. Having the ability to destroy nonbasic lands attached to a creature makes it stronger than most other LD cards like Molten Rain and Stone Rain. This card is widely played in Modern, especially in black midrange decks and graveyard-based decks like Living End. At 13.5 tickets, it's really cheap to keep for investment.

Liliana of the Veil is the one of the most powerful planeswalkers in Modern. Its current price of 43 tickets is one of the lowest points in a long time. Although Jund's performance has dropped gradually since the Bloodbraid unban, I don't think BGx midrange decks will disappear from the Modern metagame forever. Therefore, Liliana will be good again at one point in the future.

Even if you don't play black, it's still a very good opportunity to buy Liliana. Liliana's average price is way higher than the current price, so I think investing in this card can yield a good number of tickets soon. I strongly recommend buying Liliana for investment.

Scapeshift is at another low point since the last time I checked. This card has been in Modern for a long time now, and the variations in Scapeshift decks have grown over time. From traditional Temur Scapeshift, which plays blue cards to control the game, to the five-color Bring to Light version, to RG Titanshift, and so on.

Nowadays, aggressive decks are really popular and these ramp decks cannot consistently win games against the swarm of small creatures. However, you should know that the online Modern metagame is changing every day, so it's possible that someone online finds the trick for Scapeshift to return to the top of the format. I really think this card deserves another look—at around 12 tickets, I suggest buying playsets for investment.

Once again Tarmogoyf is at its low point. Remember what happened back before Bloodbraid was unbanned? Goyf was about the same price as now. I don't think I need to talk much about this card because it's simply one of the best cards in Modern. You don't have to buy them right now. But as the price goes lower, you should get your tickets ready to buy a couple of playsets for investment, as I think this card will not be that low forever.

Thoughtseize, another staple of the Modern format. Compared to Collective Brutality, the only downside to Thoughtseize is that it's weak against aggro decks. Other than that, this one-mana spell is still the king of all discard spells.

The price of the Lorwyn version is about two to three tickets higher than the Theros version for some reason, so I'm going to focus on the Theros version only. As you can see in the graph, the price of THS Thoughtseize fluctuates a lot and it always goes back up to 7 or 8 tickets. So, before we get to my review of Lorwyn block, I strongly recommend buying Thoughtseize, specifically the Theros version, for investment.

Tireless Tracker is a very powerful card-advantage engine. We talked about the potential of Collected Company decks above, one of the decks that can include Tracker in their 75. Combining Tracker with Knight of the Reliquary or Courser of Kruphix you will be able to generate a near limitless amount of card advantage throughout the game.

Besides, Tracker is also good in BGx decks as card advantage or an extra threat besides Dark Confidant. Really, I can just say that Tracker is good in any green deck that plays creatures. Don't you think you should buy a couple of playsets just in case?

Alright guys, that’s all for this week. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you again next week.

Adrian, signing off.

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