1. Dominating Licid is a great card for casual play. Someone Bolts it: turn it into an aura. Someone Disenchants it: turn it into a creature. Block one creature with it then steal another to remove it from combat. It’s a Swiss Army Knife if you know how to play it.

    It’s the kind of card that has PR problem though, it’s certainly not for lack of power that few play it.

    • It is a complicated card, but you’re right it has its utility. I do think it suddenly spiking was RL speculation driven, however, and not playability driven.

      • Sure, I just wanted to illustrate that it’s actually quite a bit better than it looks. It’s a card that I feel was underpriced relative to its power. Tradewind Rider is another such card, but alas, it’s not on the RL.

  2. RE: RL Stuff not being high on CK

    In my defense, I wanted to ship them 24 Sanctum’s and City of Traitors and buy up 4 pieces of power…my bad

  3. The Polar Kraken buyout has nothing to do with speculating on the future price or trying to make money. I’m the one behind the buyout and I’ve done it once a year for the past three years. I just want to own all of them because I love the card (and also own the original art). Please don’t call me a bottom feeder. 🙂

    • LOL Well Dr. Hugs, I owe you an apology. That’s really funny that Polar Kraken is your pet card. Do you mind if I ask what your “buy up to” price on it? When you clean out the market, what’s the cheapest copy you leave behind?

      Also, can you let me know when you’re about to buy out again so I can get some first? 😛

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