1. Excellent article. I definitely follow that strategy. I bought quite a few extra dual lands a few years ago and was thrilled that they were all MP… As I matched the highest score buylist at the time (which was significantly lower than NM).. But I knew that most players want the cheapest copy so there would be plenty of demand.

  2. Another good point regarding cheap cards selling faster is, on Ebay and TCGPlayer, people will often sort search listings by price, then work their way up until they find that perfect marriage between quality and price (or if they don’t care about quality, then they go as cheap as possible). Regardless, it all starts with price, and by providing your card as the cheapest alternative, your card will stand out.

    Likewise, I’ve seen the opposite hold true. When there’s an ebay sale, people bust out their wallets to fulfill that $666 shopping cart sale to search for quality. I sometimes buy graded cards in this instance because I don’t want to risk wasting my discount opportunity on a potential counterfeit, since by the time a counterfeit claim is resolved any applicable coupon will have expired.

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