1. Great article, I really like the idea behind it! Just a note regarding Vona. We know that Orzhov will not be in Guilds of Ravnica.

    • Thanks for the reply. You are right that Orzhiv won’t come until the next set, though the good news is that means we are less likely to see price movement on the multi color cards until guild support comes out. I will definitely Take that into account for the next articles in this series.

  2. I’m looking back at Direfleet Daredevil. It’s suffered a lot of value ever since it’s huge earlier spike, but it’s a great card that can plug into any red deck, regardless of its pirate themes.

    Red is losing so many weapons post-rotation, and considering U/B Control will probably still be a thing, I think Direfleet will have a good chunk of spells to target.

    • I also like Dire Fleet Daredevil, however it’s important to keep in mind that it’s power level is completely dependent on what your opponent is playing.

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