1. I cant tell if you Sheild Mare will be a good investment or not, but as someone who has played a lot of mono red, that is not a card I want my opponent to play. Ive faced many of these kor firewalker type of cards before, and winning becomes very difficult. This card would stop most of the mono red standard decks ive ever played. But on the other hand, I think we’ll be seeing more Boros agro, or naya zoo style of agro, as opposed to the traditional red burn based agro. The mare seems ok, but is not a 1 card hoser in that matchup. If I can get them for bulk ill pick up a few just to quell the FOMO, and in case a mono red deck materializes. Not sure about vine mare, but again ill grab some for the FOMO aspect. I like your other picks a lot though, I think those should be showing up in quite a few decks.

    • Thanks for the comment Peter. I think all 6 of these are reasonable investments. I probably shouldn’t give Ds to cards where the speculation is essentially a free roll, as I think that Dryad Greenseeker and Shield Mare are better investments than the Ds I gave out in the rare and mythic articles.

      I’ll adjust future rankings to reflect that reality on the uncommons in the future. I’m still getting a feel for this type of article series, and I think the Core 19 series is overall better than the Dominaria series.

      It sounds like you’d bump Shield Mare up to #3 and bump Vine Mare down to #4. You’re probably right that Shield Mare should be above Dryad Greenseeker.

      I do feel very confident in my Vine Mare pick. I’ve slowly learned that that is exactly the kind of tool that sees ubiquitous play in Standard, and I will be shocked if I’m unable to sell mine off for more than 0.40 tix over the next 9-12 months.

      This stuff is too fun to discuss! I’ll stop there haha 😉

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