1. The playability of Arena is really quite nice. Wizards has to find a way to allow other formats on this platform. A Transfer of the MTGO collection to Arena and allowing trades with gems as a possible tix replacement could be a way to establish Arena longterm.

  2. I believe it’s no coincidence MtG Arena entered open beta on Thursday — one day before Guilds of Ravnica prerelease. Stores in my area have seen an uptick in attendance, and I’ve read many Hearthstone players on various Reddit boards who have moved to MtG Arena full-time. Hearthstone players seem a bit burnt out, so Arena is a great introduction or reintroduction to MtG for them.

    Arena is basically a promotional platform to motivate players to embrace the Standard format, which is what WotC wants, so I would keep an eye on Standard Mythic staples to see big gains as their supplies are being constrained. I think we’re seeing that already with the prices of Ixalan cards ballooning as new and returning players buy into the set because they were late to the party.

  3. Great arguments here. Your points about Duels, Amazon etc. underscore the point that the business development strategies that Wizards is taking are working well bringing Magic to a wider audience. I also like the comment above about Hearthstone burnout. Thanks for this piece.

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