1. It’s kinda tough for people like us (some APAC countries) who doesn’t have that much of an access to friendly rates when we purchase from Amazon (because of shipping factors, issues with our local customs) so I guess this would have an impact in some way to us. WotC giving access to players to buy via Amazon does a lot for other countries who could do it freely and will definitely help increase card supply for certain sets, therefore lowering single card prices online (which our local player base follow and depend on) I think our LGS will take a hit from this in some way in the short to mid term window until something gets done about it. Maybe it’s just me overthinking but I’m not sure how this would turn out for us.

    • Regional restrictions wont allow standard product to be sold overseas, and shipping will probably keep it cost prohibitive to really damage foreign LGS.

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  3. GW works because they sell at full MSRP and never run sales and protect their IP and limit outside internet sales. Hasbro won’t do any of those things.

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