1. Jace is not in heavy demand in Commander – the entirety of its price tag comes from Modern and Legacy. It will be a benefactor if KCI gets the ban in Modern, though.

  2. I thought it was taken as gospel that green is the best color in commander. I’m assuming this has to do with the value of ramping to higher CmC cards in that format. In 60 card formats I agree that blue is probably the best place to be.

  3. Thanks for the article! As an addendum to what you said about the ABU Games buylist, one really appealing facet of their process is that roller markings on UNL rares don’t impact their grading. If you had an otherwise NM Lotus with two roller lines, getting that much credit for it (if you can find singles to spend it on) seems absurd considering it would probably grade a BGS 7/7.5…

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