1. While I think you sometimes sell too quickly for too small a margin I appreciate that you stick with your strategy and make it work for you. You know my tactic is different.

    Nice article.

    • It’s important that everyone sticks to the strategies they’re comfortable with. I know your strategy well and it has worked out extremely well for you. But one difference in our tactics is that you seem to put more “new” money to work in Magic. I grow my collection more slowly and with more transactions, but I don’t have to put incremental dollars into the hobby because I generate enough income through selling. And writing ;-).

  2. THIS. It’s never a bad time to take profit off the table. Often people kick the sleeve for “getting out too early” but that line of thinking is flawed.

  3. I don’t view these cards as investments; they’ve no productive capacity. Trading them like currency makes sense. If you want to buy reserve list stuff to sit on I’d recommend a vanguard index mutual fund.

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