1. The thing that makes Leveler “better” this time (I don’t own any Leveler copies FWIW) is that you don’t need any further cards to win with the combo, whereas with Lab Man you needed it to survive (it’s easier to kill creatures than Planeswalkers) and a way to draw a card. With Jace you would immediately use his +1 ability to draw a card, and then immediately win with his static ability.

  2. EMA Crypt has the modern card frame, some (perhaps larger proportion of the buyers market) have a preference for the modern frame. The liquidity of the EMA version is probably higher than the Promo version. Also the proportion of the EMA versions in NM condition is probably higher. All these factors probably contribute to CK having the relative difference in price on Mana Crypt versions. Mainly, higher liquidity Mover 2x EMA versions with a margin of $65 is probably easier than moving one Promo version with $100 margin.

    ABUgames – They are probably pretty happy to recycle the Beta Mana Flare, the ~$200 profit to you is just cash flow. The $400 modern cards you get are likely only costing them ~$200 to buy. From their perspective they are probably making a small margin perhaps 2% to 5% over the entire transaction. If they do that all day long they are happy as Larry.

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