Commander Legends: Spoilers and More!

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Commander Legends is the first Commander set that has ever been designed to be drafted and will be released on November 20, 2020. Featuring 71 new legends, in-demand reprints, and new mechanics, this is sure to be an exciting new set for Commander players. The set contains 361 regular cards (165 of which are brand new) and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all of the cards. The prerelease promo is a sweet alternate art Sengir, the Dark Baron with art by Pete Venters, and the Buy-a-Box foil is an alternate art Mana Confluence. Players will be able to purchase Draft Booster Boxes, Collector Booster Boxes, and two new reconstructed Commander Decks featuring cards from the new set.

Spoilers are slated to start Monday, October 26th, and are slated to follow this schedule. Check back with us frequently for the latest spoilers and our MTG Finance flavored commentary! We'll be covering our favorite highlights from spoiler season - if you want to see the entirety of everything that has been spoiled you can check out Wizards' updated card gallery here.

November 5th

All right friends, here we are - the final day of previews! The whole set has been revealed, and you can see everything over on Wizards' site here. What are you most excited for from this set? What cards did I miss talking about that you think will be super relevant? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to reach out in the QS Discord. I'll cover a few of the new things we saw today below.

Kwain, Itinerant Meddler might be my favorite card from this whole set, based purely on the art. This seems like a decent, fun card, and will fit in well in any deck that really enjoys playing the political side of Commander.

I'm a little underwhelmed by our last white mythic of the set, Triumphant Reckoning. Nine mana is a big investment even if being able to return all of your artifacts, enchantments, and planeswalker cards from the graveyard to the battlefield could be a huge game-changer. Would have including creatures made the card way too insane? This is a fine card if you're going to be playing at a table with no graveyard hate though, I guess.

November 4th

We're getting close to the end of this spoiler season, but there's still plenty of cool cards to be had!

Akroma is in the house! Akroma, Vision of Ixidor is a super cool iteration of a fan-favorite angel. Lore-wise, Akroma is a sentient illusion created by Ixidor, which is where I imagine this card gets its name. There is a lot of text here, but it's a powerful card in a much-collected tribe that also has partner, so I imagine plenty of people will be wanting to pick up copies of this Akroma. Akroma's Will fits with Akroma nicely flavor-wise, and does pretty typical things for white.

What's more classic than angels and dragons? Along with Akroma, we got a cool dragon spoiled today in Hellkite Courser. This seems like a pretty powerful card in red, allowing you to gain access to your commander for a turn without paying their mana cost. This will be extra good later in the game if you've already cast one of your commanders several times in a game. Court of Ire is a fun monarch card that I can see getting in a ton of damage over a game if you manage to keep your title. Not the most competitive card at first glance, but it should fit in well in more casual commander games and be a pretty decent blow out in draft!

Bell Borca, Spectral Sergeant is a really interesting design and has the potential to be pretty powerful in an aggressive Boros deck. I'm not a fan of exiling cards that I might not be able to cast, but Bell Borca makes good use of them and can potentially help you filter your deck too. Jared Carthalion, True Heir is a fun monarch card in Naya colors that has potential to be a powerful beater if you can manage to become the monarch again after gifting it to an opponent.

Dawnglade Regent has some of the craziest antlers I've ever seen on an Elk, but is a pretty cool addition to big green decks! I really like the ability to give all of your permanents hexproof if you manage to hold onto the title of monarch.

November 3rd

Today is a tense day for those of us in the US, with it being election day and all, but at least we have cool spoilers to distract us.

Speaking of cool spoilers, we're getting a Mana Drain reprint! I wasn't expecting to see such a hype reprint this late in the spoiler season, but it was a nice thing to wake up to. This was definitely a card that needed a reprint, and I imagine it's going to be one of the most chased mythics of the set. The last Mana Drain reprint we got in Iconic Masters didn't do much to bring the price down, but maybe this one will?

Hullbreacher is a fun merfolk that will slot nicely into pirate tribal decks that are running blue and will help you ramp against opponents who spend a lot of time drawing cards. This isn't going to blow up Legacy or anything, but it's a fun card! I think the art for Sakashima of a Thousand Faces is super cool, as is its ability to negate the "legend rule" for permanents you control. There's a lot of possibilities for this card, and it's one I'd recommend keeping an eye on.

Along with Sakashima comes a pair of related cards. Sakashima's Protege has Flash, Cascade, and a clone effect, which is pretty decent but not amazing at six mana. Sakashima's Will is really neat and I think will see a decent amount of play. The potential to steal a creature (even one your opponent picks) and potentially buff all of your other creatures is super powerful in blue. Pair it with Sakashima as one of your commanders and you could potentially have a whole board of a powerful legendary creature.

I love the pirate flavor of Coercive Recruiter and think it will be a fun addition to pirate tribal decks. This will be a pretty powerful pick in draft I think, and seems good enough to be a part of your 99 if you're in a dedicated casual pirates build.

November 2nd

Nightshade Harvester is a fun way to punish people getting too greedy with land ramp, which I love, plus it's another great addition to BG elf tribal. I like Necrotic Hex a lot. In some cases, it will be able to act as a board wipe that nets you some zombies which is neat, and even if it won't wipe the whole board it will be a good way to come back from an empty board for you.

I think Falthis, Shadowcat Familiar will be much more of a limited Commander card, but the art is adorable and I love it. Elvish Dreadlord seems a bit expensive mana-wise for what it does, but the encore ability might actually make this a decent addition to the GB elves archetype.

In my opinion, every set can be made better by including a cool unicorn to it, and Lathiel, the Bounteous Dawn looks to be this set's cool unicorn! Lathiel will make a good addition to many GW lifegain decks, and the art is super cool! More good news for our Vorthos friends, Nevinyrral finally gets his own card! Nevinyrral, Urborg Tyrant marks the first time we've seen the owner of fan-favorite [card]Nevinyrral's Disk[card] on an actual card, and this zombie wizard comes with a ton of text! I think this is a super fun design, and I'm sure people will be clamoring to get their hands on copies.

Commander's Plate is a fun piece of equipment that really rewards you for running a mono-colored commander, and Flamekin Herald is a fun piece of cascade tech!

I'm a huge fan of playing Abzan colors, so seeing Reyhan, Last of the Abzan spoiled was super exciting for me. I think it's weird that there's no white in Reyhan's casting cost, but that's likely what the partner is for. I think Reyhan is a great card and will work really well with +1/+1 counter strategies. Speaking of Nevinyrral's Disk, we're getting a cool reprint! I'm sure the extended border versions of this card will be in high demand.

November 1st

I can't believe it's November already! 2020 has been quite the year. Today was a lighter day spoiler-wise, full of mostly solid uncommon reprints.

Reshape the Earth is another big, crazy green card! It may cost nine mana, but the effect is incredibly powerful especially if you're pairing it with things like landfall or maybe Field of the Dead. Imoti, Celebrant of Bounty is a cool druid for your cascade deck, helping you get extra value from any of your spells that cost six or more mana. I think this will fit well in plenty of the cascade decks that run these colors.

Rakshasa Debaser is a super cool graveyard-based card that looks like a lot of fun to play with. I want to steal my opponents' creatures right out of their graveyards! Abomination of Llanowar's art is super cool and creepy, and I think the Golgari flavor here is on point. I think this will go great in any green and black elf tribal deck.

More Vorthos voices rang out in jubilation today - we finally get to see Tormod on a card! Tormod, the Desecrator is likely the Tormod referenced in Tormod's Crypt, and it's super cool that this zombie wizard is finally getting a card! This is a cool partner commander for all the zombie fans out there. We're getting a Victimize reprint as part of the many cool uncommon reprints for this set, and I'm excited to grab some of the extended border printings for my decks!

Speaking of cool reprints that I'm excited about being able to have "premium" versions of - check out the sweet Swiftfoot Boots and Thought Vessel extended borders we'll be able to get when this set drops!

October 31st

Happy Halloween everyone! Spoiler season continues, and we've been seeing a ton of fun cards being spoiled today!

Continuing the theme of delighting all of the Vorthos players out there, we were treated to the spoiler of Hans Eriksson today. Hans was first referenced in Lhurgoyf's flavor text, with his sister Saffi Eriksdotter warning him about the danger of the Lhurgoyf, and it's really neat to see a fan-favorite character finally get his own card! What are the chances we get to see Erik himself in a future set?

Obeka, Brute Chronologist really typifies what I love about casual Commander games - the politics with other players. When you tap Obeka, the player whose turn it is may end the turn - with an emphasis on may. This is a super neat ability, and I imagine it will lead to lots of hilarious situations at the table. Combine this with other Time Stop effects and you've got quite the deck. I wouldn't be surprised if the other cards like this that go well with Obeka start seeing more action soon. Ghen, Arcanum Weaver is a cool enchantment-based Mardu commander that allows you to sacrifice an enchantment to return target enchantment from your graveyard to the battlefield. I'm excited to see the enchantment lists that end up playing this wizard as their commander!

Apex Devastator is so hilarious I didn't believe it was real when it was first spoiled. Cascading four times with a ten cost, massive green creature is quite a powerful effect, and I guarantee there are going to be plenty of green mages out there wanting to run this hilarious hydra. Rootweaver Druid is an interesting take on mana ramp. I didn't initially see that it's a may ability, which will definitely make for some interesting situations at large Commander tables in the future.

We're getting a Ravos, Soultender reprint, which is good news for BW players looking to get him in the cool new etched foil printing. Plague Reaver looks like a ton of fun to play with, and I look forward to passing around this beast when we're allowed to play paper Magic safely in the states again.

October 30th

Honestly, I wasn't sure how excited about this set I was going to be. Commander isn't usually my go-to format, and I've been feeling a bit overloaded with all the new, cool products coming out for Magic, but holy cow this spoiler season has me incredibly hyped for the set! Anyone else getting tons of new ideas for Commander builds?

Woah, we're getting a Scroll Rack reprint, featuring a much brighter version of the original Tempest art!

This will likely bring the price down a bit for the other printings of this card, and I imagine fans will appreciate them using the Tempest art again. I really like how it pops in the new frame! Plus, the extended art looks absolutely amazing in my opinion.

I love the art direction for Jeska, Thrice Reborn, and the card itself seems like it will be a lot of fun to play with! I could see Jeska being in pretty high demand, especially in more casual-focused Commander playgroups. Jeska's Will is a cool entry in the Will cycle we're seeing in these spoilers and has a neat, very red feeling set of choices.

We're also getting two reprints of popular artifacts Rings of Brighthearth and Staff of Domination. For both of these, only having their original printings plus a Masterpiece version was starting to make their prices climb, so these reprints will be nice for newer players who will want to pick them up at more affordable positions.

Archelos, Lagoon Mystic not only has super cool art, I think the abilities are super fun as well. I'm sure there is a lot of fun shenanigans players can get up to as far as trying to keep it tapped down during opponents' turns, and this could make for some interesting politics games around the table! We're also getting a Command Beacon reprint, which is sure to please many Commander players.

October 29th

Well, Twitter is losing its collective mind again. Check this card out:

Yeah, Jeweled Lotus is a Black Lotus just for your commander. This one is causing a lot of commotion on the internet and is already pre-ordering for hundreds of dollars in many of the major online retailers. I really don't think it will hold that kind of price. Sure, it's pretty good, but only being able to cast your commander is a pretty big drawback compared to the glory that is its predecessor Black Lotus. I see this settling down between thirty and fifty dollars when all is said and done and plenty of these packs have been opened, but I've been wrong before.

Look, I love Rograkh, Son of Rohgahh SO much. It's a legendary Kobold! That costs zero mana! I think this is a super interesting Partner commander, and obviously, as a 0/1 Rograkh won't be doing much damage on its own, but with first strike, menace, and trample if you pair it with things that buff our brave little warrior I think there's potential for some powerful, fun plays. We also got a Treefolk today! Colfenor, the Last Yew has some excellent art and allows you to bring back creatures from your graveyard to replace creatures that are dying, which I think is very flavorful and cool.

Holy moly, Belbe is finally getting an actual card! Belbe, Corrupted Observer was a main character in the Nemesis novel and until now had not gotten a chance to have her own card. We've seen Belbe's Armor, Belbe's Percher, and Belbe's Portal, and she's been depicted in or referred to in a few cards, but Vorthoses can rejoice because now our favorite zombie elf can be our commander. We also got a chance to look at a cool green spider in Sweet-Gum Recluse that will work well in cascade-based creature decks!

We got some cool, classic-feeling blue cards today too! Laboratory Drudge is a zombie that allows for some fun graveyard shenanigans, and Eligeth, Crossroads Augur is a partner commander that lets you draw instead of scry, which feels very on-point for a cool, blue Sphinx.

Court of Ambition is another cool monarch card that can really put the pressure on your opponents and will fit in with a lot of fun black, discard-based decks. Slash the Ranks is an interesting take on a board-wipe, leaving only commanders behind. I'm not sure how competitive this is, but I'm sure it will find a slot in a lot of casual commander decks!

Woah, a mythic orc! I think orcs don't really get enough love in Magic lore, so it's cool to see Port Razer coming out in this set. It also has a really cool ability that allows for an additional combat phase, which I think will fit in a lot of pirate tribal decks. Archon of Coronation may cost six mana, but it has a powerful monarch related effect that I think could definitely swing some games, especially in limited.

Court of Grace is a really cool token producer made better by being the monarch, which I could see being pretty powerful in token-based decks. I really like Livio, Oathsworn Sentinel's abilities and would be really interested in seeing a list that takes advantage of them. Who would you pair Livio with if you were going to run it in a partner commander scenario?

October 28th

Day three is here, and wow this set is looking insane!

Mana burn and salamanders? What? These are probably the two cards I'm most excited about from today. Yurlok of Scorch Thrash has a mana burn effect! Back in the day, if you didn't spend the mana you used, you would have to take damage for it. That rule hasn't existed in a very long time, but they found a way to make it a card effect here, and I think it's super sweet! Plus, this angry Jund Viashino can make your opponents add mana that they might not be able to use, thus burning them. This is such a cool card and I'm going to try to find a way to play with it for sure!

Gor Muldrak, Amphinologist is bringing some big ol' salamanders to the table. This is a creature type we haven't seen in a long time. The only salamanders I was able to find are Flowstone Salamander, Pyric Salamander, and Scalding Salamander. This super rad Amphinologist gives you and permanents you control protection from Salamanders and at your end step gifts the player who controls the least amount of creatures a 4/3 blue Salamander Warrior creature token. This card is packed full of flavor, and one I know a lot of the Vorthoses on my Twitter feed are hyped about.

Look at how cute Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar is! This is a super fun uncommon Partner commander and I think it will be super good in draft. I think it could also work really well in more aggressive red-based Commander games if you Partner it with a commander that's good at pushing damage through. Zara, Renegade Recruiter is a super rad addition to the Pirate tribe, and I think her ability to temporarily steal other players' creatures right out of their hands is a ton of fun!

Amareth, the Lustrous is quite a lustrous dragon indeed, which has a cool ability that allows you to gain some shared permanent style card advantage! I know I said I couldn't find any other Salamanders except the three I mentioned earlier, but that was just because I hadn't looked through all the spoilers yet. Amphin Mutineer is both a Salamander and a Pirate! It allows you to exile a non-Salamander creature when it enters the battlefield and gives that creature's controller a 4/3 blue Salamander Warrior creature token. It also features the Encore ability!

Kamahl is in the house! Kamahl, Heart of Krosa is a rad commander for any green creature-based deck, giving creatures you control +3/+3 and Trample at the beginning of combat on your turn and also allowing you to turn your lands into 1/1 Elemental creatures with vigilance, indestructible, and haste which allows you to make use of the +3/+3 action even if all of your other creatures have been removed. Kamahl's Will is a super favorable instant that will fit right in a green creature-based deck with its namesake commander (or any other big green deck you might be running!)

Immaculate Magistrate is a super rad creature for anyone who likes Elf tribal and could provide a pretty powerful upgrade for one of your elves, and Horizon Stone lets you hold onto your mana in a fun, unique way.

Court of Cunning makes fun use of the monarch mechanic and mills your opponent! This looks like it would be a pain to play against at the table, and I love it and want to build a trolly mill Commander deck now...

October 27th

It's day two of official spoiler season and there are plenty more fun cards to see!

Here's the spoiler that's been blowing up my Twitter feed the most today. People are pretty split on Opposition Agent, some thinking that it looks like good fun, and others are proclaiming that this will ruin Legacy. Personally, I think this is a really interesting effect I'd like to test out, but I can for sure see why people are worried.

Profane Transfusion is a super sweet black, mythic sorcery. I love the idea of exchanging life totals like this, and the bonus of a Horror artifact token is very cool! This, like many of the cards from this set, is unlikely to see much, if any CEDH play, but it's got some seriously awesome casual appeal. Phyrexian Triniform is a cool example of the new Encore mechanic, where you can exile a card for the Encore cost and for each opponent, create a token copy that attacks that opponent this turn if able, and they gain haste. I'm not sure how much play this particular card will see, but it's definitely neat!

We also got some cool red rares spoiled today! Aurora Phoenix is a rad Cascade-based card that has Cascade but also comes back to your hand from your graveyard whenever you cast a spell with cascade. It has a large mana cost, but I think it will slot into a lot of fun cascade-heavy Commander decks. Emberwilde Captain is a very cool Monarch-based card, Monarch being a big returning mechanic from the set, that is looking to punish other players at the table who are holding a large hand of cards! Plus, it's a pirate, which is a tribe that is getting a lot of really cool support with this set.

I think Kodama of the East Tree is super neat! It's a Partner commander and lets you put a permanent of equal or lesser converted mana cost from your hand onto the battlefield. I don't have any fun green Commander decks put together right now, but this legendary spirit makes me want to put one together for webcam games with the crew. Magus of the Order might make it into that theoretical deck too because tutors are super useful. I'm not sure how great this particular Wizard will be in the long run, but I think the ability is super cool.

Averna, the Chaos Bloom has a super neat cascade-related ability that lets you ramp which is always useful in a game of Commander! I'm still not sure how I feel about Blim, Comedic Genius in a playability sense, but this imp is definitely a hilarious example of Rakdos awesomeness. I'm sure it'll lead to some hilarious gameplay though!

October 26th

It's the first day of official spoilers and holy cow is this set looking like a ton of fun already. This is definitely looking to be a set full of weird, fun cards that will be right at home in the Commander format.

One of the most hype spoilers we've seen today is Vampiric Tutor. Vampiric Tutor is one of the best, and most expensive price-wise, tutors available in the format. The mythic printing it received in Eternal Masters didn't do much to bring down its price point, with most printings of the card still hovering around the hundred dollar mark, but hopefully, this new printing of the card helps lower the price a bit so that more Commander players can slot it into their decks. If you have copies of the Visions printing or either of the judge promos I don't think there's any need to rush out and sell them because they're likely to hold onto their value. If you're in need of this tutor for your decks, this Commander Legends printing will be a great time to get into them!

We were treated to a whole slew of fun looking mythics today! Sphinx of the Second Sun's ability seems like a ton of fun and will probably slot into all sorts of blue-based Commander decks on the more casual side of the format. Getting an extra beginning phase seems super sweet, allowing you to untap your creatures for blockers and also draw another card! Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools is a planeswalker that can be your commander and also has the partner mechanic, which they are bringing back for this set. All three of his abilities seem super powerful and I'm sure this will be an in-demand planeswalker for many Commander players.

Mnemonic Deluge has quite an expensive casting cost but allows you to copy an instant or sorcery card from your graveyard three times without paying the mana cost! I could see this card seeing a lot of play in certain blue-based builds. Seraphic Greatsword is a neat equipment that will slot into many casual Angel tribal decks, especially if they skew towards an aggro build.

As a Goblin Fanatic, I about lost my mind when Krark, the Thumbless was spoiled. Krark's Thumb has always been a fan-favorite card since it's printing in Mirrodin, but this is the first time we get to really see the rest of Krark! Coin flipping mechanics have always been a silly staple at casual Commander tables and it looks like people have already started buying out copies of the thumb in anticipation of playing it alongside its owner. It's probably too late to snap up a copy if you didn't already have one, but I imagine once the hype dies down you'll be able to get affordable copies again.

Szat's Will is a cool commander-matters instant with creepy art, and while it has kind of an expensive casting cost, the abilities are powerful and I imagine it will see plenty of play. I would love to open one of these in a draft!

Bladegriff Prototype is a super neat flyer that could really feed into the whole political side of Commander (which I enjoy very much). Allowing the player you attacked to pick another one of your opponent's nonland permanents to be destroyed sounds hilarious to me and I'm definitely going to want to pilot this against my friends in a casual game at some point. Liesa, Shroud of Dusk is super interesting as a commander because you have to pay two life instead of two extra mana for each previous time you've cast it from the command zone. I imagine you could brew a really cool list to take advantage of this and I'll for sure be keeping an eye on this card in the future.

Nymris, Oona's Trickster is chock full of faerie flavor and seems like a ton of fun to play. It rewards you for playing instants and allows you filter through your deck in an interesting way, and I'm sure there's plenty of mischievous faerie players out there already scheming away at how they'll be using this new legendary faerie knight.


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