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A lot has been happening behind the scenes here at Quiet Speculation. Today I'm going to break down what we've been working on, and some of the exciting things in the works for 2022, including new content offerings.

Modern Nexus Joins Quiet Speculation

If you haven't already seen the announcement on our Twitter, the Modern Nexus team is now a part of the Quiet Speculation family. This means that all of the data-driven Modern coverage you've loved from them can now be found here, reinforced by our financial tools and pricing insights. Going forward, all Modern-related content published by QS will also appear on the Modern Nexus website. Readers of both sites will have more Modern content than ever before right at their fingertips.

New Team Members

With Modern Nexus becoming part of QS, We're excited to welcome Jordan Boisvert to our team as Assistant Director of Content, and David Ernenwein as our Modern metagame expert. In addition to Jordan and David, Andrew Villarrubia and Adam Cohen also joined us this month. Andrew is our rules guru, with content breaking down rules concepts to help improve your game Send your rules questions over to him on Twitter. Adam is our resident Johnny-Spike, self-described "Aggressively Izzet gamer," and constructed specialist. Look for metagame analysis and deep dives into individual archetypes from him. I'm very excited about all the content these talented folks have in the works.

New Publishing Schedule

With all these new additions, our publishing schedule for each week going forward looks something like this:

Insider Content is Back

If you haven't already noticed from the homepage, or our publishing schedule above, Insider content is back! We're slowly reincorporating it into our regular rotation, starting with features on Fridays from various authors on our team. Insider content will highlight the spiciest of our metagame tech and the hottest of our financial specs for our most dedicated audience. Whether you're looking to have the edge at your next event or make a profit from your collection, our Insider content will give you the info you need.

In addition to the inside line on the latest info, the Insider subscription also gives you access to a robust set of pricing and collection tracking tools. This includes our industry-leading card scanning software ION, which has just been updated with a ton of features and improvements. Click here to read more about Insider, or here to sign up directly.

Not to worry, with the reintroduction of Insider content, our free daily articles aren't going away. They will continue to be packed with the insightful content you've come to expect from our creators. This includes some content we have not approached in quite a while.

Video Content is Coming

That's right, Quiet Speculation has video content in the works. I can't comment much on it just yet, but suffice to say, we have a YouTube channel, that's been dormant for a number of years, and you're going to see lots of content on it in 2022, and moving forward.

Still Hiring

We are actively recruiting new content creators with fresh ideas and unique perspectives. If you're an existing content creator, or you've always had an interest in making Magic-related content, we want to talk to you! Check out our call for creators for more details.

More On The Horizon

We have a lot more exciting projects in the works for 2022, but that's all I can talk about for today. Before I close, I want to take a moment to give a shout-out to both our amazing content and our amazing tech teams. It's their combined efforts that keep the content you see on the site happening week in and week out.

Of course, none of this is possible without our loyal Insider subscribers. It's your financial support every month that keeps us up and running. If you enjoy the content we produce, please consider becoming a QS Insider today.

Are you as excited as I am about all the projects we have in the works? What sort of content would you like to see us offer? I'm always open to feedback either here in the comments or directly on Twitter.

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Paul Comeau

Paul is Quiet Speculation's Director of Content. He first started playing Magic in 1994 when he cracked open his first Revised packs. He got interested in Magic Finance in 2000 after being swindled on a trade. As a budget-minded competitive player, he's always looking to improve his knowledge of the metagame and the market to stay competitive and to share that knowledge with those around him so we can all make better decisions. An avid Limited player, his favorite Cube card is Shahrazad. A freelance content creator by day, he is currently writing a book on the ‘90s TCG boom. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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