Quiet Conversations Episode 2 – “Kamigawa Neon Dynasty”

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An Exciting and Powerful New Set

In this episode of Quiet Conversations, five members of the Quiet Speculation team discuss a few of the cards they're most excited about from the new set and share their overall impressions.

Show Notes

  1. Introductions
  2. Kamigawa Neon Dynasty General Impressions
  3. Standard – Adam
  4. Modern – Jordan, David E.
  5. Legacy – David E., Beardy
  6. Commander (Main Set cards) – Beardy
  7. Alchemy/Historic – Adam
  8. Open Comments: Panel
  9. Wrap

Pannel Members

Adam Cohen

Adam is a tournament grinder on the SCG tour, Player's Tour competitor, MTG Drip enthusiast, and general knower-of-things in the Twittersphere. His content primarily focuses on developments in the constructed metagames and deep dives in various archetypes. Catch him on Twitter at @AdamECohen or on Twitch at

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