White Cards to Pull from Bulk

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The intention of this series is to highlight cards one may find while digging through bulk. Each installment focuses on a different color of bulk cards. I covered gold and colorless cards previously. This week I'll dive into Magic's weakest color, white.

Pricing Standards

To keep our list manageable, I'm restricting it to some of the best sub-$5 finds in each color according to TCGPlayer mid price. I have found that understanding the reason for a card's value is extremely beneficial in evaluating other cards and their potential, and have included a bit about each card.

Note: As in previous installments, this list isn't in any particular order.

The List

1. Generous Gift

A color-shifted Beast Within, Generous Gift serves as a great catch-all for Commander decks that may have a difficult time removing some permanents.

2. Portable Hole

A new O-Ring effect for 1 mana, Portable Hole serves as a good early game removal spell. Though, much of its current value lies in standard demand, it is efficient enough that I could see it potentially in other formats. The fact that it is from Adventures in Forgotten Realms, a set that released deep into the Pandemic which means virtually no drafts of it took place so supply is much lower than typical standard sets, helps keep its value up.

3. Soul's Attendant

A key creature in the Soul Sisters modern decks, Soul's Attendant's value tends to waffle based heavily on how good that deck is in the current metagame. Don't let that cause you to overlook this $2+ common.

4. Kami of False Hope

Kami of False Hope is a pet favorite of mine. I did not play during the original Kamigawa block, but upon finding this gem years ago I tried very hard to make a Sun Titan control deck work in modern by recurring this Kami infinitely. Sadly, it did not pan out. Spore Frog is a useful Commander card, so a color shifted variant with no reprints has potential to grow.

5. Sphere of Safety

This effect originally started out in blue with Propaganda, but the ability shifted to white in original Kamigawa block. Sphere of Safety's original printing was in the heavily printed set Return to Ravnica. That was now 10 years ago though, and the card's only other reprints were in Commander 2016 and the Artist Series: Johannes Voss Secret Lair.

6. Youthful Valkyrie

While Youthful Valkyrie was printed with a Kaldheim set symbol, it is important to note that it only appeared in theme and set boosters, but not draft boosters. You can find more info about that situation here: ( . This type of card is likely to end up on this list, given that most players don't crack lots of these types of boosters.

7. Ghostly Prison

The original color shifted Propaganda, Ghostly Prison was once a $15+ dollar card in the Modern W/R prison deck back in 2016/2017. Thanks to six reprints since then, copies are now sitting in the $2 or less category.

8. Mesa Enchantress

Mesa Enchantress is a color shifted Verduran Enchantress. It was down shifted from rare to uncommon in Eternal Masters which tanked its price. Thanks to a resurgence in enchantress style decks though, its price is on the rise.

9. Path to Exile

I was truly surprised that Path to Exile falls into our price limits. At multiple times in the past it has been a $7+ card. Numerous reprints, a lack of sanctioned events, and the printing of powerful new white removal spells like Prismatic Ending, March of Otherwordly Light, and City of Solitude have tanked its price.

10. Pull from Eternity

Pull from Eternity is a niche uncommon that was used in the turn one Narset, Enlightened Master combo modern deck. It's essentially only had one printing, in Time Spiral. It's reprint as a Mystery Booster Retail Edition foil put a negligible amount of foil copies out in the wild. Niche use, plus one real printing, equals a card with potential.

11. Dispatch

Dispatch can be the best spot removal spell in Modern, when you have metalcraft anyways. Its price heavily follows the playability of affinity-style Modern decks.

12. Nikko-Onna

This was a bulk uncommom until Kamigawa: Neon Destiny. Thanks to a resurgence in enchantment based cards and a return of the spirit creature type though, Nikko-Onna is heating up in demand.

13. Rebuff the Wicked

Rebuff the Wicked is a colorshifted Turn Aside. Anytime we see a card that says "counter target spell" in a color other than blue it usually ends up being worth at least a little bit. It is rare enough to see and a powerful enough effect that it will likely find a home in some Commander decks.

14. Samurai of the Pale Curtain

A powerful graveyard hoser that also happens to be a Samarai, Samurai of the Pale Curtain is another card seeing a price resurgence thanks in large part to Kamigawa: Neon Destiny.

15. Brave The Sands

Printed originally in Khans of Tarkir, Brave the Sands is a casual favorite, and one that many people pass by while picking. While it doesn't often make many competitive builds, it provides vigilance to all your creatures and allows them to play defense well.


I enjoy digging into these types of articles as I often find cards that surprise me. The best characteristic that sets apart great bulk miners from good bulk pickers is knowledge. I hope this article added to your own personal Knowledge Pool. I can honestly say that despite years of picking bulk I still find new hidden gems I had no idea existed are in the Magic Card pool.

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