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You Can Be a Content Creator with Quiet Speculation

Do you love Magic: the Gathering? Are you exploding with stories to tell and knowledge to share about your favorite game? Are you able to write and speak coherently? If this sounds like you, Quiet Speculation is actively looking for new content creators to join our team. Share your knowledge of Magic and how you leverage it to win games, get value from your cards – or even turn a profit.

Open Roles

Quiet Speculation is actively recruiting content creators to cover these specific areas of focus:

Constructed Specialist - Competitive (Standard, Modern, Pioneer, etc.)

The Competitive Constructed Specialist loves 60-card formats, whether played on the Arena ladder or at their nearest RCQ. More than just a grinder, they should be looking to improve their knowledge and understanding of the game of Magic and be able to eloquently share that knowledge with an audience. The Constructed Specialist doesn't just tell the audience something is good, they tell them why it is good, and teach the audience the tools to develop that understanding for themselves.

Constructed Specialist - Eternal Formats

While just as competitive-minded as our other Constructed Specialist, The Eternal Formats specialist focuses on Vintage, Legacy, and/or Pauper in addition to covering other 60-card formats. They have a deep knowledge not just of current eternal metagames, but also of the histories and evolutions of the respective formats.


Quiet Speculation was founded as a Magic Finance website. While in recent years we've broadened our offerings, Magic Finance is still a core part of our content offerings and will remain so as long as there is a secondary market. A finance writer for QS teaches readers how to leverage the secondary market to achieve their individual goals. This can range from turning a profit, to growing a collection, to having a competitive deck for the next big Modern tournament. Sharing individual specs, and investment opportunities with readers is good. Teaching readers the skills to identify specs on their own is better.

Teaching readers the skills they need to be savvier in interacting with the secondary market encourages investment in the game in more than just a financial sense. It gives readers analytical tools they can apply to all aspects of their Magic game, and beyond. QS Finance writers share tools that let players get the most out of their collections and enjoy their Magic passion to the fullest.

Other Opportunities

We are looking for diverse content creators who bring something new to the table. If none of the above roles is a good fit for you, don't hesitate to apply and pitch us what you want to cover. We've launched the careers of numerous Magic content creators over the years. Could you be next? Smash the button below and apply today.

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Paul Comeau

Paul is Quiet Speculation's Director of Content. He first started playing Magic in 1994 when he cracked open his first Revised packs. He got interested in Magic Finance in 2000 after being swindled on a trade. As a budget-minded competitive player, he's always looking to improve his knowledge of the metagame and the market to stay competitive and to share that knowledge with those around him so we can all make better decisions. An avid Limited player, his favorite Cube card is Shahrazad. A freelance content creator by day, he is currently writing a book on the ‘90s TCG boom. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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