Getting Aggressive with Mono-White Humans in Explorer

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Warding off the Competition

In today's video, I play the newest addition to a deck that is already strongly positioned in the Pioneer and Explorer metagame: Mono-White Humans. Coppercoat Vanguard adds a new layer of aggression and protection to your band of aggressive Humans.

Let's look at the other creatures in the deck, and how Coppercoat Vanguard makes them even better.

The One-Drops

Starting things off we have Dauntless Bodyguard. While it's mostly here to protect our other more impactful creatures, it's a nice Savannah Lions with upside on turn one. Then we have Hopeful Initiate, an excellent card that is possibly our best play on turn one. It not only grows as you attack with creatures that are more powerful than it, but it can also remove counters from itself and others to destroy pesky enchantments such as Fable of the Mirror Breaker and slain Old-Growth Troll's. Lastly, in the one-drop suite of creatures, we have Recruitment Officer. Much like Dauntless Bodyguard, it is a fine Savannah Lions on turn one but shines in the late game against Control and Midrange strategies. Paying four mana to grab a creature that is three mana or less is massive for any beatdown deck. Giving the deck a late-game reach on a power level similar strategies haven't had access to in the game's history.

The Two-Drops

The two's are where things get spicy. Leading the charge, we have our newest addition and the reason I wanted to play the deck: Coppercoat Vanguard. It's the perfect card in this slot. It punishes slow starts and greedy mana bases playing lots of tapped lands while also protecting your team. Not to brag, but I really think I nailed it on the head saying in my Top 5 Cards from Aftermath piece that this is the best card in the set. Next up is Luminarch Aspirant. This card is so flexible. Playing it on turn two when you got to play a one-drop on turn one is everything you want to be doing in this deck. It's also among the better top decks late-game, giving you an extra point of attacking power to finish off those close games.

What hasn't been said about Thalia, Guardian of Thraben? It's one of the most powerful two-mana white creatures in the game. It is an absolute nightmare for Azorius Control pilots, and quite strong in any matchup where they want to resolve expensive Planeswalkers or big game-ending instants and sorceries. Overall, Thalia is the G.O.A.T. when it comes to White Beatdown decks. Lastly, we have the absolute best top deck in most situations Thalia's Lieutenant. This card is amazing, period. It grows your team and grows itself every time another Human enters the battlefield. It truly is an absolute All-Star in this deck.

The Three Drops

So if the two drops are the spice in this deck the three drops are certainly the hammer that can slam the door in most matchups. Brutal Cathar // Moonrage Brute is exactly that, absolutely brutal. It can use its enters the battlefield ability multiple times if you can switch between night and day in a single game. It also flips into Brutal Cathar // Moonrage Brute which can be punishing for opponents to deal with.

Lastly the biggest and best attacker in the deck, Adeline, Resplendent Cathar. This card grows as your team does. It makes your opponents attacking more difficult thanks to having Vigilance. Something small, but comes up more often than you would imagine, is attacking with Thalia's Lieutenant while Adeline, Resplendent Cathar is on the Battlefield. It puts a +1/+1 Counter on Thalia's Lieutenant at instant speed which can mess up combat math for your opponent. Adeline, Resplendent Cathar is pound-for-pound the most powerful card in the deck and can swing a game singlehandedly.

How Much Better is Mono-White Humans Now?

In my opinion, this deck has become a significant player in Pioneer and Explorer thanks to the addition of Coppercoat Vanguard. Not to say that it wasn't powerful before, but with Vanguard, this deck can now roll with the other big dogs in the format like Mono-Green Devotion and Rakdos Midrange. It's a deck that you should consider if have an RCQ or big paper tournament coming up.

The Decklist

Wrapping It Up

Looking to play a great deck with a fast clock that has the staying power to grind close games? You should give Mono-White Humans a spin! Check out the gameplay video and don't forget to Like and Subscribe to the YouTube Channel!

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LessAlex, AKA Alex Blackard, is a Magic: The Gathering content creator who is passionate about playing Control decks in Constructed, particularly in the Pioneer, Modern, Explorer, and Historic formats. He also enjoys experimenting with combo decks and brewing up new and exciting strategies to stay ahead of the competition. With a focus on in-depth strategy breakdowns and gameplay, LessAlex offers a unique perspective on the game that is both entertaining and informative. His competitive resume includes a Top 4 at an SCG Open in 2014, splitting an NRG Trial in 2017, as well as countless SCG IQ Top 8s and Game Day wins. He hosts The Control Freak Podcast where he discusses playing Control decks in Constructed, and brings on guests including prominent players and creators to share their expertise. You can catch him streaming on Twitch weekdays at 9 am, and on his YouTube Channel for even more content.

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