Zoom Zoom: Izzet Drakes in Pioneer

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It's All About the Game and How You Play It

In this week's video, I'm playing a brand new take on a longstanding Magic archetype, Izzet Tempo. More specifically Izzet Zoomer Drakes in Pioneer. Why is it called Zoomer Drakes you ask? Well, the Magic "Zoomers" are responsible for this list. As for the Drakes? The main way we win is by attacking with Crackling Drake. Now I'm going to take you though the cards and philosophy behind the deck!

The Creatures

Crackling Drake is extremely vital to the success of this deck. The fact that it counts the instants and sorceries that are in the graveyard and in exile is important. It ensures that even if we exile most of our graveyard with Treasure Cruise our Crackling Drake will still have a ton of power to attack. More often than not we can get an eight or nine-powered Crackling Drake to be able to close the game in a turn or two. Even if it's a much more modest three or four power it draws a card when it enters the battlefield so it can keep the cards flowing to ensure we don't run out of gas in the middle of the game.

Ledger Shredder has proven itself to be a multi-format powerhouse. It's a main cog in Modern's Izzet Murktide deck. Here it serves a similar purpose. Getting to connive every time we or our opponent play two spells in a turn is powerful. Much like Crackling Drake it ensures we keep the cards flowing and is a great attacker that avoids a ton of removal in the format. It works well in a "Spell Slinger" style deck like this because we can cast our cheap spells all the while the Ledger Shredder draws us more cards and gets bigger each time we do so. Basically, it's the perfect Izzet Tempo Creature in the format.

The Spells

The spells are the meat and potatoes of this deck. There's a reason why there are only eight creatures and twenty-seven non-creature spells in the deck. Simply put we rely heavily on the spells to clear the way and protect our creatures.

The Draw Spells

Careful Consideration, Canoptek Scarab Swarm, and Treasure Cruise are our main ways to dig through our deck. Careful Consideration and Canoptek Scarab Swarm are excellent ways to trigger Ledger Shredder's connive on the cheap.


Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor is a card I had literally never heard of until I saw this deck, but oh boy does it fill an amazing hole in this deck. Think of it as a Pioneer version of A-Unholy Heat. It clears away any and almost all creatures and can deal with problematic planeswalkers.

The Rest of Our Removal

In addition to Blitz, Fiery Impulse, Fires of Victory, and Spikefield Hazard // Spikefield Cave are the rest of our removal. Keep in mind Fires of Victory can be kicked to draw a card if we start to flood. Additionally, it is our second-best way to deal with large creatures and planeswalkers.

Fading Hope is here to deal with problematic cards such as blockers with flying and reach as well as Sheoldrerd, the Apocolypse.

About Fable

Lastly, we have the best red card in the whole format Fable of the Mirror-Breaker // Reflection of Kiki-Jiki. This card is paramount in this deck. It does almost everything we want to do. It makes a creature, it draws cards while also filling our graveyard, and it flips into a creature that if left unchecked lets us copy our threats. Let me tell you if we get to copy a Crackling Drake we are living the dream, and it comes up more than you'd imagine.

The Decklist

Wrapping It Up

If you're looking to play a spell-slinger-style deck that can be blistering fast and also play the long game you will definitely want to try Izzet Zoomer Drakes. It has play against any top-tier deck in Pioneer. Now that you've read the article go watch the companion video on YouTube and don't forget to Like, Comment, and Subscribe!

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LessAlex, AKA Alex Blackard, is a Magic: The Gathering content creator who is passionate about playing Control decks in Constructed, particularly in the Pioneer, Modern, Explorer, and Historic formats. He also enjoys experimenting with combo decks and brewing up new and exciting strategies to stay ahead of the competition. With a focus on in-depth strategy breakdowns and gameplay, LessAlex offers a unique perspective on the game that is both entertaining and informative. His competitive resume includes a Top 4 at an SCG Open in 2014, splitting an NRG Trial in 2017, as well as countless SCG IQ Top 8s and Game Day wins. He hosts The Control Freak Podcast where he discusses playing Control decks in Constructed, and brings on guests including prominent players and creators to share their expertise. You can catch him streaming on Twitch weekdays at 9 am, and on his YouTube Channel for even more content.

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