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Stu Somers breaks down the city of Pittsburgh in preparation for August’s Grand Prix. Looking for restaurants, bars or attractions to partake in while you’re there? As if a GP weren’t enough, if you need any extra excuses to head to the Steel City this month, look no further than this article!

Howdy everyone and welcome to a B-E-A-utiful spring day! This week I am going to review some high-profile cards and where I see them going and what you should do. And off we go! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! A quick note about my “Instant Collection” series I am planning on doing. I am going to postpone it for […]

Welcome back everyone! My mythics article from last week generated a little bit of response though I feel like some of it was some trolling and a small bit actually was quality response. However, I promised you a how-to go guide for going infinite on Magic Online without playing, and that’s what I am going […]

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