Today’s article subject spawned from a discussion that began in the QS Discord chat. One of our members was contemplating stepping away from the game for a while and wanted to know the best place to park his money and/or what to trade into. As expected, a lot of people immediately jumped to Power. The general […]

Many people have been saying there’s been a little less movement regarding Magic finance during the past few weeks or months. Some people are saying there’s a slowdown. Others are saying it’s normal because the holidays are around the corner and players have less money to spend on Magic cards. Regardless, Magic continues to move […]

Come see all our Fate Reforged spoiler coverage Arcbond I don’t doubt this effect is worth 3 mana. The real question is whether this card is worth a slot in your 75. I have seen a lot of people with “cute” ideas, and I don’t know if “cute” cuts the mustard. That said, I remember […]

Come see all our Fate Reforged spoiler coverage We took a few days’ breather off over the weekend and WotC decided to dump on us today. I’ll cover the rares here, but the rest of the spoiled cards will get their own detailed breakdown in the comprehensive spoiler coverage page linked at the top. Be […]

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