Bomat Courier

Hello, everybody and welcome to a new week of the Daily Stock Watch! Standard cards are starting to move in the wake of new brews with cards from Guild of Ravnica, and we’re all but ready to see which deck will be the new Black Red Midrange (arguably the best deck from last season) of […]

In the vast card pool of Modern, there are quite a few hidden gems that are either underplayed or could see play in other strategies. Decks like Death’s Shadow and KCI existed for a long time before being discovered. This leads me to believe there are plenty of other undiscovered viable decks lurking in the […]

There’s a new Delver in town, and this one doesn’t need delirium or a white splash to put the hurting on opponents as of turn one. All it requires is a single, generic mana and an appetite for attacking. Meet Bomat Courier, my latest addition to Temur Delver. Noah Walker’s breakout Legacy performance with post-ban Grixis […]

Novel Modern decks have historically surfaced by tapping into a previously undiscovered combo card—examples include Second Sunrise, Krark-Clan Ironworks, and Amulet of Vigor. But lately, format newcomers are firmly rooted in the combat camp. It seems Modern is beginning to revolve around streamlined aggro decks; consider tribal strategies such as Humans and Spirits, engine abusers like […]

As the metagame continues to incorporate cards from the past few expansions, we don’t only see them slotting into existing decks; sometimes, their printing enables all-new archetypes to surge into the metagame. Modern is the non-rotating format in which this happens most readily, as recently demonstrated by the likes of Humans and Hollow One. However, […]

While I’ve been durdling around writing theory pieces on phases, Modern has been chugging right along… with a vengeance. The last week alone has showcased so much piping-hot technology I had to split this article down the middle while writing it. Today, we’ll take a look at six of the most exciting decks to emerge […]

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