Sword of Vengeance

To every measure there is a countermeasure, and a counter-countermeasure. Patrick Chapin wrote an article some time ago entitled Information Cascades in Magic. In it he described how information in any area, but particularly in Magic, cascades and plateaus. When everybody knows that Deck X is the best and most dominant deck, many people will […]

Blue-White Control is an archetype older than dirt.  The first deck in Magic history that didn’t suck as bad as the rest was Brian Weissman’s The Deck, a UW Deck that splashed red for Red Elemental Blast.  In the days when Juzám Djinn was bad because it dealt you damage, and you were lucky to […]

With Pro Tour: Paris in the books and the Washington, D.C. Open coming up, Standard is currently in major flux, while Legacy seems to have stabilized somewhat from the last two Opens. Let’s take this one format at a time. Caw-Blade is currently sitting pretty as the best deck in Standard thanks to the introduction […]

So the holidays are here and Corbin wanted a week off, but to make sure you all don’t miss his trade analysis goodness, he wanted to re-run his very first article from this site. For those of you that read it, it’s worth a second look to see where Corbin’s come from compared to now, […]

Hey everyone, and welcome back to On the Hunt. This week I will be taking a look into the Extended format since we have the new Pro Tour: Philadelphia season ahead of us, as well as Grand Prix: Atlanta, Kobe, and San Diego. It’s been quite a while since I’ve taken a peak at Extended, […]

I am an Aggro player at heart. Since this is my first article, I thought I’d start things off with an Aggro deck that seems like it can float under the radar with your current meta. It’s a Green and Red Aggro deck… I was working on a similar list, but since that was put on the shelf for now, I will work within what I call a “development list phase.”

Welcome back to the Revenue Review, where this week we will actually be reviewing some revenue. School and work have conspired to keep me from trading as often as I’d like, but I made it out to Game Day on Saturday to move some cards. One thing was certain. It had to be better than […]

If you’re anything like me, you love Magic. More specifically, you love trading Magic cards. The thrill of the trade is just as exciting as winning FNM or cracking that first Baneslayer Angel. If you’re reading this site, then I’m sure you’ve seen some of the great advice of the other writers here and maybe […]

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