Trinket Mage

Come see all our Fate Reforged spoiler coverage Renowned Weaponsmith I was pretty sure a card called “Vial of Dragonfire” would be in the set, and I’m puzzled that it’s not. Heart-Piercer Bow is an uncommon from Khans of Tarkir, putting your chance of getting these two cards together in Limited somewhere between “diddly” and […]

Be sure to check out in-depth coverage on the spoiler page, but I wanted to highlight a few cards here that may have a financial impact. Sage’s Reverie Foils of this seem like a relatively safe bet. I bet they start out at like $0.25 and I bet it takes a while for Bruna, Light […]

Sweet weeping Jesus, there were good cards spoiled today. There were bad ones, too, but let’s stay positive and focus on the good stuff. Masterwork of Ingenuity There are no words for how amazing this is. I posited that the white deck could get there financially on the back of a good equipment at mythic, […]

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