A while back, a story hit and a grainy photograph was found on the internet. I wrote at the time that it was a little unclear whether this was indeed a genuine list. Something felt off about the circumstances of the cards being leaked. MTGSalvation forum users were much quicker to call the photograph a […]

Vintage Masters is a throwback to the “Killer Combos” section in Inquest Magazine. It’s a who’s-who of dangerous banned cards from Standard formats past. We will get a brief few weeks to play with these dastardly cards before Khans comes out, and here are some of the coolest combos that come from years of Magic past. […]

From the Vaults: Annihilation appears spoiled. I say “appears” because everything is a little murky right now. The only site that appears to have this story is a site called “Magic Spoiler” and I am not going to even link to it on the off chance that they invented this story to drive up traffic. […]

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