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I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've drafted Storm in Cube only one time. The broken strategies I tend to go for are things like Grave Upheaval, Opposition, or Splinter Twin combo. Like Brian Wong, I mostly err toward the "mono-fair" strategies, with maybe a slight leaning toward control decks.

Still, even though I don't get personally excited to see Mind's Desire or Tendril's of Agony, I love watching skilled players draft the deck. One of the best is, of course, Luis Scott-Vargas, who presented another brilliant one on Channel Fireball yesterday. I don't know if this is quite at the level of the Lorthos draft or M13 #10, but it's definitely up there among my favorites.


LSV was clearly in some sort of mood when he recorded this one, because he's much sillier than normal here. He makes some misplays, shows off quite a bit, and utters the wonderful phrase, "It's not Dimir Signet Delayed Blast Fireball dot com, it's A-Dragon's Rage Channeler Delayed Blast Fireball dot com."

One last thing: I love that CFB has held back some Holiday Cube drafts to publish well after the fact. Yes, you could make the argument that these are most useful when the format is still current, but Cube drafts tend to be relatively timeless, and as far as entertainment value goes, these are way better than triple Khans drafts. I say bravo to Andy Cooperfauss for slowrolling these—I'll watch LSV draft the Holiday Cube any day of the year.

Watch the draft below:

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