In “Stitched Together: Early Successes from Horizons,” we looked at some of the breakout cards in Magic’s newest expansion. The month has now ended, and it’s left plenty of new developments in its wake. Today, we’ll look at the veritable explosion of tribal aggro strategies in Modern as well as a few novel takes on […]

New sets often pique the interest of Modern players. My last article discussed about how Rivals of Ixalan has brought quite a bit of excitement for Merfolk in Modern. This time around, we’ll see how the set’s tribal theme might have improved archetype that has been biding its time in Modern for a long while. Vampires have received […]

Last week I laid the groundwork for our Shadows Over Innistrad analysis, looking back on previous set releases throughout Modern’s history to get a better grasp of where our expectations should be going into the set. For those that missed it, you can catch up here. In that article, I briefly discussed [tippy title=”Arlinn Lord” […]

Last week I brewed up a synergistic Vampires list based off Tom Ross’. Today I put it to the test in the tournament practice room on Magic Online. Here’s the list: [wp_ad_camp_1] Vampires by Sean Ridgeley Creatures4 Bloodghast4 Gatekeeper of Malakir4 Kalastria Highborn4 Vampire Nocturnus4 Viscera SeerSpells4 Sign in Blood3 Victim of Night3 Inquisition of […]

If you haven’t been able to tell by now, I have a deep love for synergistic decks (few things get me going more than chaining together multiple copies of Collected Company), and with that comes a natural love for tribal decks. Today I’ll be straying away from the green tribal decks I’ve covered previously and […]

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