Xantid Swarm

Scourge, the last set in the Onslaught block, is known more for its spells than its creatures. While Scourge did push the limits on what monsters can do, it is notorious for unleashing the Storm mechanic on Magic, changing every set that it touched. Scourge also had a heavy Dragons theme, with cards like Day […]

Today we’ll begin a thorough dissection of Magic’s five colors, perfect for newcomers and a refreshing review for veterans. After exploring the Color Wheel, we’ll move onto the series’ first installment. You’ll find all the Green cards you can expect to see in Legacy alongside decklists galore.

Last weekend was SCG Open Memphis. I had arranged a hotel split with Kelly, Doug, and some guy I didn’t know. After an uneventful 7 hour car ride, I showed up to the hotel, tried to check in, and was informed that they couldn’t find Kelly’s registration. Huh. I e-mailed Kelly and told him they […]

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