“I don’t know what this world is coming to,” once hollered The Soul Children. Indeed, society as we once knew it is becoming increasingly unrecognizable. Is the solution to succumb to our basest animal instincts, or to put mind over matter in a true triumph of human spirit? Today’s brew report encapsulates that struggle, as […]

Last week, we began taking stock of the novel decks appearing in 5-0 dumps post-Modern Horizons. With a ban in the books and M20 entering the card pool, the coming weeks are sure to feature even more upheaval. But lots of new tech is already out in force. Perhaps June’s innovation bears signs of what’s to […]

It’s been half a month since War of the Spark went live on Magic Online, and we’re already seeing the myriad effects it’s having on Modern—heck, on all non-rotating formats. But of course, being Modern Nexus, we’ll focus on just the one! While I enjoy the Friday writing slot, it occasionally has its detriments. In […]

The time has come to start rolling out the results of my latest foray into the Modern banlist. In the past, the return of this series was hailed with a public vote for which card I’d work on, followed by months of silence while I actually did the work. This time, extenuating circumstances dictated the […]

The set release is nigh! With all of Ravnica Allegiance spoiled, speculation can end and brewing begin. I’m pleasantly surprised by all the potential Modern playables. This expansion might not go down in history like Khans of Tarkir, but I expect plenty of cards to see play, if only because they’re too interesting not to brew with. However, […]

In the weeks since Bloodbraid Elf and Jace, the Mind Sculptor became legal in Modern, Wizards has posted some novel and interesting decklists from Magic: Online. As a lover of attacks, blocks, and interaction, the Wild Nacatl decks intrigued me. I’ve never been a fan of the disruption-light Revolt Zoo variants, nor the activated-ability-centric Knight […]

As promised, welcome back to the Beginner’s Guide. Back in August I explained the general types of Modern decks to explain why Modern is so proactive and diverse. Today we will start to unpack that riddle by examining how to approach playing and playing against Modern’s aggro decks. As I said last time, aggressive decks […]

Eldritch Moon spoilers are finally underway, and living up to my high expectations. Fan-favorite flavor? Check. More Eldrazi? Check. (I may be the only person celebrating this one.) What about playable delirium cards? You bet! My favorite of the bunch, Gnarlwood Dryad, joins Wild Nacatl, Nimble Mongoose, and Delver of Secrets himself as a one-mana, three-power beater […]

Last week I laid the groundwork for our Shadows Over Innistrad analysis, looking back on previous set releases throughout Modern’s history to get a better grasp of where our expectations should be going into the set. For those that missed it, you can catch up here. In that article, I briefly discussed [tippy title=”Arlinn Lord” […]

I’m getting spoiled with all this Modern event data. November brought us the Regional Pro Tour Qualifier circuit, nonstop StarCityGames Qualifiers, and a massive North American Grand Prix in Pittsburgh. Those data-Scrooges at Wizards even started releasing MTGO League decklists! Between crunching those numbers, speculating about the new Grand Prix promo card, and sitting back […]

We are within two weeks of the next big United States Modern Grand Prix in Pittsburgh and if you are anything like me, you have a lot of preparation to do. For me, the biggest challenge before a big event like this is picking the right deck, making sure it is tuned properly, and I […]

Last week, I expressed disbelief at Battle for Zendikar’s lackluster first half. Naturally, the day that article went public, Wizards spoiled the set’s other half. Its better half. Its playable half! Ha, ha. I’m just kidding. Never mind “ingesting:” BFZ sucks. [wp_ad_camp_1] Flavor I’m not sure I can do a better job on this bit than Paulo Vitor Damo da […]

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