1. Concerning the 'buy the box' strategy, right now on eBay is a box of decks from Ravnica for about $100 (including shipping). Of all the sets in the block, the four decks in RAV have tended to hold their value best (in particular Boros, followed by DIMIR). You could get a RAV set very cheaply if you won it at that price, plucked out your decks and listed the rest individually.

    This becomes more alluring as you know what sets tend to be more scarce than others. We'll be going into this in the next few articles, how some are flush (Saviors of Kamigawa) and therefore easy to get cheaply, and others much less common at a decent price. Right now on eBay there's also a box of Lorwyn for $140 with free freight. Lorwyn decks tend to do very well, so this is another opportunity to turn this strat to advantage.

    It should be noted that I have no connection to either listing (indeed, I have zero auctions up now as a seller) and I don't even know who is selling them. They came up on my 'saved searches' on my eBay app on the iPhone and I felt them worth mentioning.

  2. Is there a comprehensive list of the precons/special decks out there that you use?

    I have some, but would really like to flesh out my collection for compleation sake.

  3. And how dare I act like a consumer, and try to save money! 😀

    Honestly, dumb business is plain bad business. Like Magic players themselves justifying a bad card, sellers can succumb to "best-case-scenario mantality." Maybe if I list this at some ridiculous price, the logic goes, some ridiculous person will buy it. Then along comes another seller who does a search to see what the "market rate" is for an item, and they post theirs near the same ridiculous price. And when the auction ends without a sale, rather than consider that their price is incorrect, they assume that 'nobody must have seen it.' So they relist it again at the same inflated price, giving this imaginary buyer more time to come across their auction and slam on the "buy it now" button. Meanwhile the item gathers dust, and their bank account is flat. Hopefully, they wise up and discover that money now is more powerful than money later.

    • I'm guessing you only skimmed the article, though, because I don't run down business-minded sellers out of hand as your comment seems to indicate you believe. Ones that relisted their wares lower until it hit what I felt was a fair and reasonable point… or simply listed them for fair and reasonable prices in the first place- have gotten and will continue to get my business, and I am grateful to them for making my desired goods available.

      Thanks for the comment!


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