QS Drafts: Drafting Innistrad #4 [MTGO]

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Josh Rayden, Forrest Ryan, Daniel Cecchetti and Johnny Vang attempt a series of group drafts to illustrate the power of some of the best archetypes in Innistrad Draft and to learn about the format together. Hopefully you can learn from these antics as well. Kicking things off is a straightforward G/W draft.

Key takeaways:

  • Mulligans suck. No, seriously. There's nothing to be done about it, that's just Magic. Maybe we made some decisions along the way that made these more painful than they otherwise would have been, but it's tough to mulligan as much as we did and still win the draft. If we'd had a little better luck with our opening hands this deck seemed like it had the tools to go all the way.
  • This wasn't the best example of some of the better aspects of this archetype. There was a distinct lack of Avacyn's Pilgrims and Travel Preparations which are the backbones of the best G/W decks.
  • Unruly Mob is something that we've heard people go back and forth on repeatedly. It's probably not the best way to go about things. Unless you have more token generators and things like Demonmail Hauberk it's just not good enough.
  • Rares are always a tricky thing to evaluate. A lot of the time one doesn't get the opportunity to play with or against rares before they come up as a pick. We got to try a couple. Creeping Renaissance seems good. Given that a green mill deck is a viable strategy, the card seems bonkers in that deck with Mulch, Splinterfright, Boneyard Wurm, and blue cards. Geist-Honored Monk is awesome, period. Angelic Overseer is one of the top three cards in the format.

Note: Draft 4 was recorded prior to Draft 3's improved sound quality, so expect a return of improved sound quality in future videos.

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5 thoughts on “QS Drafts: Drafting Innistrad #4 [MTGO]

  1. The points you chose to pause in so that you could have correctly timed chunks of video look well done. I especially like the close up of the cards (nice touch!). I do however regret to say that, as a result of the big triangles in all 3 pictures (turned sideways no less as if to hate me with a vicious passion), I was unable to fully grasp the ideas presented.

    Maybe if you figure out how to photoshop out the triangles I'd enjoy your pictures more.


  2. With all this talk of "rub-ins" and doing things to purposely annoy your opponents, the difference in quality between your drafts and certain other free sites' draft videos is very clear. They display a level of professionalism that you clearly lack.

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