1. Hearing about the Magic find on Storage Wars I made sure to have a look at the show myself. It's unclear from the picture, but besides the bend that Lotus also showed a lot of whitening. The rest of the binder and box was recent (un)commons (Scars block was the earliest I saw). In addition Shuffle and Cut posted on their FB page that they were told to expect haggling over the price so they started lower than they normally would have and the haggling turned out not to be as extensive as expexted. They started with 600, Darrell wanted 700, they flip for it. Apparently they also explained on camara about the condition of the Lotus and sets of the Twister and Pearl but that didn't make it into the show.

    We might be able to do a bit better than 700, but for some random person it's a fair deal I think.

    Cool to see the Griffin Food deck getting some attention.

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