Jason’s Alticle: Plagiarism

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Greetings, Matriculators!

I played a bunch of EDH last night with some casuals I used to work with and they said, "You should write an article about us!" because they don't know what "humor" is and also because they thought I wouldn't do it. Joke's on them--I know they won't read this so I will write about them because I think I can get away with it. Someone should have told them that nobody tells me what to write about and emerges unscathed. Let's look at a brief history.

Telling Jason What to Do

April 2012 - Site cofounder Kelly Reid tells me that my article will have to contain content from Reddit. I get my revenge by complying and posting Reddit content on the site, thereby lowering the average article quality of articles significantly. Insiders flee in droves.

May 2012 - Content Manager Tyler Tyssedal tells me that my article will have to contain a summary of recent event finishes. I respond by making thinly-veiled sarcastic comments about what a chore it is every week despite the fact that it's genuinely edifying for everyone and making me a better speculator. I also prank him by having a 50-pound bag of premium, unbleached flour delivered to him because I know he doesn't eat gluten. It was too expensive a gift to throw away so he has to put a 50 pound bag of flour on his mantelpiece every time I visit.

August 2012 - A reader insists I post more pictures of cupcakes with mana symbols on them because it's been two weeks since I last did that. I respond by dropping the Reddit content from the format. No one notices.

October 12th 2013 - I exit the time machine and turn in my article about the legal issues surrounding cancelling orders with three days to spare.

October 15th 2013 - Corbin claims his article about the legal issues surrounding cancelling orders is the best work he's ever done.

July 2020 - Corbin is honored with a "Urich"--an award given out for exceptional web journalism and named after fictional Marvel Comics journalist Ben Urich. Stan Less presents the award to Corbin.

August 2020 - Corbin drunkenly bets me I will never in a million years write anything as good as his article about order cancellation. We feud bitterly and our grudge continues for centuries.

December 2045 - I perfect time travel and go back to October 12th 2013 to preempt Corbin's article, thus preventing the ugliest blood feud of the 21st century.

With the use of the time machine, I also go back to April 23, 2013 to preempt my own article.

You Going to Talk About Magic at Some Point?

Do I ever? Anyway, I was going somewhere with this, don't interrupt me.

So anyway, we're playing EDH with modified house rules that state winning the three-way EDH game is worth 3 points and preventing me from winning or making sure I die first is worth 5 points. One of the players--I really shouldn't use real names, so I will call him "Ben" because that's his real name and I don't feel like inventing something--had a tendency to play removal spells on the first possible legal target.

It's tough to beat a Druids' Repository with a dozen counters on it because you used a Disenchant to destroy my Illusionist's Bracers at a time when they were my only non-land permanent. Similarly, a Mycoloth with ten counters on it is going to kill everyone if you wasted a Terminus to kill just my general and a Hellkite Tyrant and no other creatures.

Ben got 5 points in that game and the other player only got 3, let's put it that way. I hope after the game was over and we'd both gotten steamrolled by the player left relatively unmolested that I made a decent case for "just because you have a target for your removal spell doesn't mean you should play it right away".

When I woke up this morning and checked Reddit, someone had gone absolutely nuts in the finance subreddit, pointing out that someone had independently verified that the Japanese GR monstrosity deck from the Top 8 of the Pro Tour was, in fact, playable in an article on Channel Fireball. This means EVERY CARD IN THAT DECK IS A SPEC NOW!

In all fairness, he was one of four people who suggested Arbor Colossus as a spec, but the idea of the contents of this deck being potential speculation targets is not really new. The diversity of decks in the Standard format may make it tough for a card that doesn't get played across a lot of decks to go up too much, and with packs now being opened constantly and redemption looming, I don't know if Arbor Colossus has any chance of being the next Nightveil Specter or Tidebinder Mage if it hasn't already. Maybe Colossus can get there. I am not buying any, but you can do what you want.

Nice, Pick on a Redditor

See, that's not really where I was going. I think what's remarkable here is the enthusiasm.

It's certainly true that all the cards in a deck that has proven itself are potential spec targets, and it takes a lot of experience to be able to remember analogous cases to keep from getting an enthusiasm boner and spending money you're not getting back. It takes a calm head to say "Where do I see this peaking?" and "How cheaply can I get in?" and "How do I plan to get out of these?" and When?" Being calm in an exciting situation is pretty tough.

I got an enthusiasm boner last week when Liliana of the Dark Realms went up by 50% in 24 hours on MODO and saw play in a lot of dailies. I am really inexperienced at MODO finance, and I imagine I may have a tough time recouping my investment on Liliana. Just because I saw a price spike I didn't really understand didn't mean I should have spent actual money. I got swept up and should have done more research.

Not that it's going to be tough to get rid of planeswalkers I bought for under $5. I jam those in the case at the LGS for $5 and I bet they're gone in two weeks. Still, check your enthusiasm. I didn't.

So rather than dismiss the reddit posting because I was able to recognize that there was a high potential for hysteria and bad financial decisions, I sat down and checked every card he mentioned, checked their price trends and tried to verify how many decks besides that one were using them.

It's good to pay attention (I even said so last week) and I am glad that posting was made. There are a lot of lessons to be learned from this situation and even people with experience speculating have a lot to learn from how this all pans out.

What Was All That About Plagiarizing Yourself?

Well, after the experience with someone playing removal spells like they were burning a hole in his deck and the experience with a sudden wave of enthusiasm surrounding a few specs that might not necessarily pan out, I had a theme for the article.

I was going to call it "Just because you can" and use that theme to unite the initial anecdote about removal spells and then write more broadly about how to watch yourself when you speculate. Maybe after I finished up the deck section at the end, I could pepper in one more "Just because you can" reference and then I could go to the store, buy a microphone, come home, plug it in and drop it on the floor.

I was doing a little research for the dates of my old articles for the beginning of this article and I found out that back in April, I literally wrote that exact article. It was even called "Just because you can" and it mentions a scenario where Regrowth was unbanned in Vintage and someone bought my revised copies on eBay. No wonder I liked the idea some much when I thought of it--it was my idea already.

You're Running out of Room to Make a Point

Well, if you're going to insist I make a point, fine, let's talk about the Reddit thread in question.

Check it out at this link.

If you are inclined to write something snarky in the comments, don't. That's my thing, and I don't appreciate being plagiarized by anyone but me.

OP identifies a few cards that are very cheap and therefore have the most room to move up if this deck becomes the new deck to beat in Standard, which I have to assume is what he assumes, which is an assumption chain that rivals the Human Centipede.

I think some of the logic is pretty solid, although I would caution people using the "it's dirt cheap, so why not?" logic as applied to untested cards. I will sometimes say "this seems low risk" if a card has spiked already and no one knows why yet, and I advocate buying bulk rares as specs because you can always out them again for bulk and sometimes you have a big stack of Nightveil Specters in your box of shame like I did.

However, I wouldn't apply that to cards that could potentially get played in a deck that may or may not remain popular--mana cost and color are not enough of an impetus on their own. I like his logic as applied to Arbor Colossus and Reverent Hunter. I like it less as applied to Pyxis of Pandemonium and Sylvan Primordial--the latter a card I am deep on but for other reasons.

It's a great exercise to notice a deck getting recognition and analyzing some of the cards that might be undercosted. It's quite another to speculate baselessly. I don't really know which of those two this post is, but I would watch a few of the dollar rares in this deck.

However, one important thing to point out is that we have to have realistic goals about how much money we need the card to increase before it's worth speculating. If the ceiling for Arbor Colossus is $2 and we buy in at $1, we might as well not bother. If we buy in at $0.15, I'm listening.

As always, you have to play to your outs. If you're eBaying, you're paying fees on every play set you sell. If you're buylisting, you're shipping a $2 for the same $1 you paid for it. If you're trading them out, the card will have to be a bit more popular than "$2 TCG Mid" to fly out of your binder.

Another card I've seen mentioned is Rubblebelt Raiders. It isn't seeing any discussion in the QS forum, but Reddit and other forums seem excited. Are these devotion decks a flash in the pan? Are they the new way we're going to build decks from now on? Could cards like Rubblebelt Raiders and Boros Reckoner be what enables two-color decks to trigger devotion in multiple colors?

I'd watch closely. My inclination is that Rubblebelt Raiders is not going to see the same $5 that Nightveil Specter is commanding, but I certainly wouldn't be shocked. I am not betting my own money on it, in other words. I suppose what I am doing is reserving the right to say, "Ha! Totally said this could happen!" if it hits later. That would be pretty funny if I did that.

It would be even funnier if someone said "Great, how much money did you make speculating on them" which is what I want to ask whenever someone says something like "called it" but I usually just bite my tongue instead.

After all, I made a lot of money on Nightveil Specter and I did so because I had a lot of copies that I bought on pretty poor logic and sat on because I was too embarrassed to sell them for bulk. So if you think Rubblebelt Raiders could be a thing, or Arbor Colossus or any other cheap card that is a component of these sorts of decks, they're cheap as heck right now and I'm not going to compete with you for copies.

Let's Do The Same Thing a Few More Times

It wasn't just the G/R monstrosity deck that is worth looking at. We had a bunch of toinaments over the weekend. Let's take a peek at some of the results.

If you wanted to see an exciting GP final between Shuhei Nakamura and Martin Juza, I hope you didn't make the mistake a lot of people did and go to GP Louisville. This showdown took place at a Limited GP in Hong Kong. Those of us in this hemisphere are probably a little more concerned with the financial implications of an evolving Standard format.

GP Louisville Top 16

I guess what I said about Standard being wide open may have been a bit ambitious. It looks like everyone wants to play mono-colored devotion.

If you want to find the next Nightveil Specter, I bet it's not the jolly green giant, but rather the best card in Return to Ravnica Limited. Pack Rat turns on your devotion to black in a big way, turns bad cards late in the game into more rats and powers up Gray Merchant of Asphodel to insane levels.

Still gettable at $2 and likely to always be worth something due to casual appeal, Pack Rats is a card that I never didn't like as a spec. Now is the time to get in cheap if you can.

Anything under $2 is probably good although I don't know where the ceiling is. I feel confident that its casual appeal will help this retain its value a bit longer--I generally like cards as specs if they have utility outside of just Standard.

Expect Nightveil Specter to stay where it is because of its utility in Mono-Black as well. Tidebinder Mage is beginning to fall in price a bit but Specter is in the two hottest decks. I wouldn't expect another bump but it should maintain its spike price for a while longer on this news.

Underworld Connections is sold out on SCG for $3, so you may want to try and wrangle some of those as well if you can. The card has always been good but didn't have a home. Those two black mana symbols that were a bit of a liability in Jund are now a big boost to the card. As long as the devotion craze keeps on keeping on, play cards that are good in those decks.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is on an overall downward trend, which is odd. I expect it to maintain its price for a bit longer due to everyone wanting to jam some manner of devotion.

Ray Perez, 11th place PT finisher, talked a lot about how his Esper control list had the gas to beat Mono-Blue and that seems reasonably borne-out by the results. Five decks in the Top 16 says a lot. The cards in that deck were already money due to their being staples in control decks--the only real price movement I see is the new Jace vs. Vraska duel deck putting a damper on the price of Architect of Thought.

I like Justin Herrel's R/W Beatdown deck and the best part is that it uses a lot of cards that have not gone up yet but will. I'd be looking hard at Precinct Captain and Imposing Sovereign.

The red-green decks made the Top 16 as well. I am not convinced that a ton of those cards are good specs, but if there should be hype, be prepared to sell into it.

The Polukranos duel deck goes for almost $10 on TCG Player (low). Can you find $10 in the other 59 cards, one of which is a foil Sun Titan? If Polukranos moves up any more it may be worth it, but I tend to see the deck putting a cap on the short term price of Polukranos rather than it being a good source of under-priced singles. I think more packs being opened and redemption will further curb the price.

I would hold off on speculating on any weapons. They are legendary after all and also widely-available. As good as [card "Whip of Erebos"]Whip[/card] and [card "Bident of Thassa"]Bident[/card] are proving and as strong as Hammer is and Bow could potentially prove to be, I see low financial potential here.

If Thoughtseize comes down any more with redemption, I think you buy in. Some people are saying to buy in now but I disagree. Wait until redemption happens and the dust settles from that. We're not at peak supply yet and roughly as many decks as we thought would run Thoughtseize are doing so.

Aetherling turned out a pretty bad spec. It may be near ubiquitous in the future, but most decks aren't running more than one so there isn't enough demand to move the price up much. I suspect there are a ton of these squirreled away in spec boxes as well, giving me even less confidence in holding mine.

Sam Black appears to be running a split of one Rapid Hybridization and two Rapid Hybridization, which I think is ballsy. Most people just run three Rapid Hybridization instead of a split like that.

Brian Bruan-Duin took the GP down with Mono-Black which should only fan the flames of hysteria surrounding the deck.

If you go beyond the Top 16, though, you see a different story. There were a lot more decks played than the results would indicate and those decks, once they figure out how to beat the devotion decks, will shine. Soldier of the Pantheon was all over coverage until we got to the end of Day 2--maybe people missed that so you might want to watch the price of that card. It's solid and it punishes those greedy cards like Nightveil Specter. It can't do diddly against a pile of Pack Rats, though, so be careful.

Boon Satyr is all over the place. SCG has them at $7 but TCG Player tells a different story. The card is the real deal and with cheap copies online, I think you might want to get them under $5 if you still can. These will trade very well.

This event was essentially Mono-Team SCG in the Top 16 so I don't really want to harp on it too much. There were basically three decks in the Top 16, Mono-Blue, Mono-Black and Esper. Boring. Let's check out the SCG Open and see if that is a little more diverse.

SCG Open Seattle Standard Top 16

Wow. I am as encouraged by the seven decks in the Top 8 as I am the only mono-colored devotion deck, a deck that did not win the event. Instead, U/W Control took it down using practically zero cards from Theros. "Sweet, we got a new counterspell," Jesse Hampton must have said, opening a single box of Theros to make sure he had enough Yoked Ox for his sideboard and then taking down the open. Nice work, Jesse. Control gets there.

A lot of cards I have been talking about figured heavily into the W/B deck. I like playing cheap dudes and removal then closing the game out with Whip and Obzedat. It's a solid strategy and I see it panning out long term.

The R/G deck showed up at the Open, too, and it's a deck that should be in your gauntlet.

You can add a little green to the mono-black deck and still have plenty of devotion to black but get the flexibility of cards like Reaper of the Wilds, Abrupt Decay and Scavenging Ooze. I didn't like Reaper much on paper but he adds value and is a cheap buy right now.

I think the Top 16 of this Open more accurately reflects the field you are likely to face than the GP. You can really build what you want. The framework can remain similar, but even in devotion-based decks, people are adding other colors and not suffering. I expect the Temples to go up soon once people start splashing a bit, and you can get them cheaply now. I would trade for these--I am not paying cash on them.

I expected to see more mono-red devotion, but Thoughtseize likely gives it a hard time and mono-colored decks make Burning Earth a bit worse, but not as much as you'd think. People are trading mana-fixing nonbasics for lands like Nykthos and Mutavault which work well in mono-colored decks. I think red is a force to be reckoned with, although Fanatic of Mogis is shaping up to be just a bad Gray Merchant.

Let's move on to Legacy.

SCG Open Seattle Legacy Top 16

Two copies of Rug Delver including the winning deck piloted by Jacob Wilson joined two copies of Elves in the Top 8. I didn't really expect there to be less diversity in Legacy, but that's how it goes sometimes. Deathrite Shaman has really made Elves a bit more appealing, and that's cool.

I am actually liking the URW Delver decks right now. You get a bit better removal than RUG Delver, you get Stoneforge Mystic which is huge in the Delver matches and you can crush people with Geist of Saint Traft. I like running a Basilisk Collar in the board if you're going to run Grim Lavamancer and Stoneforge in the same deck, however.

"Pet deck of the week" goes to Affinity. This is a deck that doesn't feel like it's Tier 1 but also feels like it always has the potential to Top 8. It's mediocre against the entire field, which is actually a good thing because it means you don't have 0% matchups and your sideboard can really help. The deck is dildos if people show up with a sideboard against you, but no one is doing that so it's not a bad metagame choice on occasion. It's potent, explosive, simple to pilot, consistent and finishes matches quickly, win or lose. Gotta love it.

Shardless BUG fans will be glad to hear that Baleful Strix is confirmed for reprint in the new Commander product. This should make Strix a little bit more affordable and we should see some price divergence from Shardless Agent.

Punishing Zoo? Now that's what I'm talking about! I wish Shawn Yu had won the event with this beast. I like the deck a ton and I think if people are adding Grim Lavamancer to deal with Deathrite Shaman, you want to play a card that deals with both. I don't like Jund, but I do like pitching Punishing Fire to Liliana. Still, this is my kind of deck, and I wish it had never stopped being Tier 1.

If you're confused, this is Punishing Maverick and Star City just sucks at naming decks. Adding Wild Nacatl to a Maverick list is hardly enough to make it not Maverick. Whatever you want to call this deck, it's always going to be a contender.

It's too bad none of the interesting decks made Top 8. This deck is my $%(*! I don't know if I could make myself not play black for Hibernation Sliver, but this looks fast and solves the problem of "fewer lords than Merfolk" by printing another lord in M14. This may be a better vial deck than Merfolk now because of cards like Harmonic Sliver and Galerider Sliver. Your mana base is a bit dodgy, but this is Legacy--just like rich white people problems, throw some money at it and it will become solved.

This Landstill variant is also potent and looks fun to play. You don't sacrifice much to splash a little red, and it makes your Engineered Explosives that much better. Lightning Bolt and Izzet Charm are both solid. I like how this is built very much.

The Past and/or Future

That really does it for me this week. I will try not to be inspired to write an article I already wrote six months ago. I already know I'm going to call it "Pro Activity" which will talk about following what the pros are doing and also relate it to being proactive and staying ahead of price spikes.

Actually, I can't call it that anymore, now I'm going to call it "I told you I was going to call it 'Pro Activity'" to relate it to the end of this article which I can't believe you're still reading.

That's really all I've got. Join me next week where it's possible I will be wishing I'd gotten Arbor Colossus before it spiked to $7.

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  1. Adding Wild Nacatl actually dramatically changes Maverick. Maverick isn’t an aggro deck, it’s a grindy creature deck that tries not to touch anything that only attacks and blocks. Putting in a one mana 3/3 definitely impacts the deck’s general strategy.

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The launch can also be scrubbed just one second before take-off, because of some technical problem. Until the big solid boosters are lit and you start to move, you never know. Once we left, it was of course a wonderful feeling – ‘Yes! We are really going!’ When we got into space – everyone was shouting and laughing.” What was it like to see the ISS for the first time?”First there was just a really big bright star – when it came closer and you could see the details, it was big and beautiful. When you get close to dock, it’s really big!” What was it like when you first entered the Station?”You enter into the lab – it is such a big space that you can be in the middle and not be able to touch anything. You feel a bit dizzy for the first minutes, when you have been used to the Shuttle where there is less space.” Can you describe what it was like when you first stepped out of the Airlock for the first spacewalk?”It was different than planned! We had a very well choreographed plan for the way everything was supposed to be done. When Beamer [Robert Curbeam] egressed, he managed somehow to get a door open where the hand control of the SAFER [spacewalk backpack] is. So suddenly we had a new problem that needed to be solved. I actually had to go out the Airlock to try to fix this – it wasn’t something we had trained in the pool, so I wasn’t sure that I would be able to. But it worked out, and it gave me self-confidence for the rest.” “It is a wonderful view when you are out there, and you can see the Earth and see the big Station. Translating along the truss, I enjoyed that a lot. You can just give yourself a little push and you float a few metres without touching anything.” How did you feel at the end of the second spacewalk, when you had to return inside?”I felt a little bit sad. Particularly because we had resources to stay out for another hour and I was hoping they would come up with something else for us to do – but no one said anything. I tried to hang outside there for as long as I could before we had to go inside. I was very pleased when I got to do the third one!” You trained extensively for this mission, was there still anything that surprised you?”Something that was complicated was to go to the toilet… particularly what the Americans call ‘number 2s’. Due to weightlessness the intestines are not the normal way, so you have to work really hard to get things going. It can get quite uncomfortable.” Did you get much of an opportunity to look down at Earth, and what where the most impressive things that you saw?”I didn’t have as much opportunity as I would have liked to, we were very, very busy. After undocking we started to get a bit more time. The orientation of the Shuttle meant we also got a better view. I was particularly please the first time I saw Sweden. We also saw the Aurora over Sweden – that was beautiful.” “One of the best passes though was the very last day. It was night-time over Europe. We came in over Ireland, over England; I could see London. You could clearly see the Netherlands because there was so much light. Then I saw all of the Scandinavian countries, even the southern coast of Norway – I could see clouds covering Oslo which were lit up. I could see up to the middle of Sweden and Finland – Helsinki. On the opposite side of the gulf, Tallinn and St Petersburg. It is just like flying over a map. The light tells you where the cities are, and then just the complete darkness over the water – it was a beautiful pass.” What have you been doing since the landing?”I had to go into NASA on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day for data taking for some of the experiments – and then on the 26th we had a big medical exam. On 27 December we started with meetings to prepare for the debriefings and the presentations which we have to start giving very soon. I had just four days off over the New Year. Since then we’ve been in daily debriefings. I’ve just come back from EAC [ESA’s European Astronaut Centre, in Cologne, Germany] where we had debriefings.”What kind of things do you report back on during the debriefings?”Anything from minor technical details which didn’t work very well – for example, a camera that was lost during one of the EVAs because of a screw that wasn’t really working properly. Through to the overall message for us – we thought there was excellent team work, which helped to make this mission such a success. There was a really good connection between us and the ground crew – they trusted us and we trusted them. It was like we were not only their prolonged arm, but also kind of a prolonged brain to help to give inputs.” How was your re-adaptation to gravity when you came back?”My balance was very affected. It felt a bit like you had been drinking heavily. But it came back fairly quickly. On the second day it was barely noticeable, and by the third day it was completely back. The first time I went jogging, five days after we returned, I got a lot more muscle soreness than I would usually get for such a short run.” When does your mission completely come to an end?”I will be on the road for at least for half of the time through to April. We are going to visit all the NASA centres with the crew. We are making a crew trip to Europe – the highlights being Scandinavia, EAC and to ESTEC. There are a few things still for the experiments – taking post-flight data – I will be finished with them in another couple of months.” Did you expect that Sweden would be enthusiastic about your flight?”Two months before the launch I saw how it was building up, so I did expect some interest – but I never imagined that it would be to that extent. When we had an in-flight call and it was both the Crown Princess and the Deputy Prime Minister there, it was really nice!” Do you have any longer-term plans as an astronaut?”I will spend a couple of months in Europe this summer, partly working at EAC. Then I will be back here in Houston in the autumn and I hope to get another assignment with the Shuttle. I would like to do a long-duration mission.” STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. 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  7. STORY WRITTEN FOR & USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: June 29, 2004After a seven-year voyage from Earth, NASA’s $3.3 billion Cassini probe is racing toward a make-or-break rocket firing Wednesday, a 96-minute maneuver designed to put the craft in orbit around the ringed planet Saturn for a four-year scientific odyssey.Flight controllers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., sent final commands to Cassini over the weekend, setting the stage for main engine ignition at 10:35:42 p.m. Wednesday. Cassini fires its engine to enter orbit around Saturn as illustrated in this artist’s concept. Credit: NASA/JPLOperating more than 930 million miles from Earth – so far it takes radio signals an hour and 23 minutes to make a one-way trip – Cassini’s on-board computer system must carry out the all-important rocket firing on its own.At this point, flight controllers can only sit and wait. And chew their nails.”I think about the Cassini mission as having three primary segments and then two rather hair-graying events that connect those segments into one continuous mission,” said project manager Bob Mitchell. “The segments are designing and building the spacecraft, flying the spacecraft to Saturn and then conducting the science mission at Saturn.”And the hair graying events are launch and orbit insertion, which is coming up tomorrow. Now for the launch event, I think we’ve all recovered from that very nicely, primarily because it was just so outstandingly successful. … We’re about to go through our second hair-graying event.”At a news conference today, he told reporters “I think I can speak for all the team members when I say that while we’re all at least a little bit nervous, we’re also very excited. It’s an event we welcome very much and are pleased to have here.”The goal of the Cassini mission is to study Saturn’s windy atmosphere, its complex ring system, several of its icy moons and how the planet’s magnetic field interacts with the space environment. In what promises to be one of the most exciting phases of the mission, a European-built probe called Huygens will be released from Cassini on Christmas Eve for a parachute descent into the thick nitrogen atmosphere of Saturn’s moon, Titan, on Jan. 14.In all, Cassini is expected to complete 77 orbits of Saturn over the next four years, requiring 157 trajectory-nudging rocket firings. The gravity of Titan will be used for major course changes, with 45 planned flybys. Seven close flybys of smaller, icy moons also are planned.But first, Cassini must execute the Saturn Orbit Insertion maneuver, or SOI. This graphic shows the ring plane crossing and orbit insertion burn. Credit: NASA/JPLTo achieve orbit around Saturn, the 12,600-pound Cassini must reduce its velocity by about 1,400 mph using a rocket engine that only produces 100 pounds of push. As a result, the engine must fire for 96.4 minutes to put Cassini into the desired orbit.If the engine shuts down early, the computer will switch to a spare. But the end result must be roughly the same – 96 minutes of braking – or Cassini might not be able to achieve its long-awaited mission.”There are no problems, we have no indication of any problems with the spacecraft that would have any adverse effect on SOI,” Mitchell said. Added Julie Webster, lead spacecraft engineer: “This spacecraft, this whole mission has been an incredibly smooth one to fly.””This orbit insertion sequence is self contained on the spacecraft,” she said. “We loaded up the last command we’re going to send to it late Saturday night, Sunday morning, and we’ve just been clocking it out ever since and getting no indications of anything. We expect this to go very, very smoothly.”The propulsion system has worked flawlessly since Cassini’s launch aboard a Titan 4B rocket on Oct. 15, 1997. The only issue of any consequence was a leaking helium regulator that forced engineers to change the way they pressurize the system for major rocket firing.Helium is used to push propellants through Cassini’s plumbing and into the main engine’s combustion chamber at a constant pressure. The regulator controls that pressurization, which is needed for long firings like the upcoming Saturn Orbit Insertion burn.In this case, Cassini’s complexity and built-in redundancy came to the rescue. By delaying the opening of a downstream latch valve to just 70 seconds or so before main engine ignition, engineers were able to work around the regulator issue with no impact to mission operations. The procedure was used for a major 88-minute Deep Space Maneuver rocket firing back in 1998 and again in late May for a six-minute burn that set up a flyby of the moon Phoebe.”We’ve got a real nice propulsion system,” lead propulsion engineer Todd Barber said in an earlier interview. “It’s a plumber’s nightmare, there are so many valves and alternate paths and contingency paths available that basically, we’re able to handle a lot of anomalies. And the regulator leak we saw was right after launch and we’ve been able to accommodate that with the way we time the opening of valves, etc.”Even so, Barber will feel much better after Cassini successfully brakes into orbit. “It’s been a long time coming and the hopes and dreams of thousands of engineers are resting on that one evening. When we get the signal back is when we’ll all go take a deep breath. Hold your ears, because they might pop.” Cassini’s two engines are seen in this pre-launch photo. Credit: NASA/JPLCassini is equipped with two rocket engine assemblies, REA-A and REA-B. Rocket Engine Assembly B, however, is strictly a backup. It has never been fired.Mitchell said in an interview he had high confidence the SOI maneuver will work normally and that REA-B will not be needed “based on all of the testing, all the elaborate work that we have put into this, as well as our experience with the spacecraft to date. We’ve done 15 or 16 maneuvers using the main engine … and so we have every reason to believe this thing is going to work just fine.”But, he added, “the software the thing flies is all complex and I just worry about what bugs are still in there. I think it must be inevitable that there are still bugs in there for something this complex. We’ve tested it extensively, we have a test bed here in the basement of our building that is a quite high fidelity spacecraft simulator and the sequences have been run through there many, many times. We have injected faults, we’ve had various components break, where we simulated a break in the test bed and looked to see what response we got. And at the moment, everything works. All the tests that we’ve done, all the simulations indicate that everything is just fine.”The maneuver has little margin for error. Cassini first must avoid any crippling debris impacts when it crosses the ring plane between the F and G rings, moving from the lower side of the rings to the upper side as viewed from Earth.Pioneers 10 and 11, along with Voyager 2, flew through the gap with no problems but Cassini flight planners are taking no chances. Before traversing the ring plane, the spacecraft will be oriented with its high-gain dish antenna facing the direction of travel to act as a shield.Voyager 2 went through outer edge of the G ring and its instruments recorded “lots of evidence of micrometeoroid hits when going through, but nothing serious,” said Voyager veteran Torrence Johnson, a Cassini imaging team member and chief scientist for the Galileo mission.”So we have that maneuvering to do and then there’s the fact that the place is just a junky system,” he said in an interview. “We’re going in close, we’re skimming right over the rings, everybody thinks we’ve modeled all this right and we’re being reasonably cautious. But I told some of the guys early on, if they’re going to be scared of ring particles they ought to remember John Paul Jones’ letter to Congress, ‘give me a fast ship for I intend to sail in harm’s way.'”I don’t think anybody’s real complacent about this thing,” Johnson said. “I think we’ve done everything we can to make sure we don’t have any human or systems screw ups, but nature can still get you.”Jerry Jones, Cassini’s chief navigator, said flying through the ring plane relatively close to Saturn will save propellant and makes the rocket firing more efficient. “But the real clincher, given all that, is the science in that close. We’re going to be sitting there looking right down on those rings.””We’ve got one class-A camera on this spacecraft,” he said in an interview. “It’s a beautiful telescope, it has great resolution, very sharp edges and for optical navigation, I’m just pleased as punch. … The science opportunity going over the rings should be just fantastic, to say nothing of showing the public what they’ve paid for.” This graphic shows Cassini’s track as it enters orbit around Saturn. Credit: NASA/JPLOnce safely through the ring plane, Cassini will re-orient itself once again, swapping ends to put the main engine forward for the SOI burn. NASA originally planned to carry out the rocket firing “in the blind,” with Cassini focusing on science observations while the engine put on the brakes. But in the wake of back-to-back Mars mission failures in 1999, NASA management ordered engineers to figure out a way for Cassini to provide at least some information about the start of the burn, its progress and its termination.”So we went back and scrambled then,” Barber said. “We had a compromise solution. We could have pointed the high-gain antenna to Earth during the whole burn and have telemetry but there was a large delta V (fuel) penalty to do so. So the plan is to switch to a low gain antenna and that will allow us to maintain Doppler during the burn.”While no actual data will be transmitted to Earth, analysis of the Doppler shift of a carrier signal from the spacecraft will tell engineers when the burn started, the precise deceleration it produces and when it stops.”There were two key things we wanted to be sure we could differentiate between,” Mitchell said. “One was in the event we just lost it entirely and never saw it again, we wanted to be able to differentiate between whether we had a problem going through the ring plane or whether we did that successfully and had a problem during the course of the burn itself. So with the data we have, we will know that quite well.”After re-orienting itself for SOI, Cassini will begin transmitting a carrier signal. Six minutes later, the burn will begin, showing up on computer screens at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a change in the slope of the carrier frequency. Thirty minutes later, the signal is expected to fade out for 25 minutes or so as Cassini passes behind Saturn’s A ring as viewed from Earth.Engineers then expect six minutes of carrier through a gap in the rings known as the Cassini division before another 28-minute communications blackout while the spacecraft passes behind the broad B ring. Closest approach to Saturn – 12,400 miles from the planet’s cloud tops – is expected at 12:03 a.m. July 1, nine minutes before the SOI burn comes to an end. The first images and other data from the orbit insertion maneuver are expected around 8:39 a.m.Here is an edited timeline of critical events in the SOI maneuver for the evening of June 30 through the morning of July 1 (all times in EDT): “We turn off of Earth line shortly prior to the ring plane crossing,” Mitchell explained. “We turn to point the high-gain antenna in the direction we need to be in to shield the rest of the spacecraft and then there’s a period of about an hour where we don’t have any contact.”Then when we turn back to go to the burn attitude, at about the time we get to that attitude, which is six minutes prior to the burn start, we will crank up a signal that comes from one of the low gain antennas. There’s no telemetry, it’s just a carrier.”But that carrier will allow us to get Doppler and that’ll tell us if the spacecraft is operating fine and has not had any safing events. And then during the course of the burn, that Doppler will let us see quite accurately what the acceleration levels are. So if the system is performing nominally or over performing or under performing, the Doppler will show that very well.”The day after orbit insertion, Cassini will pass within 205,000 miles of Titan, the first official Titan encounter of the mission. Between July 4 and 11, the spacecraft will be out of contact as Saturn passes behind the sun as viewed from Earth. The SOI sequence will end on July 30 as tour sequence No. 3 begins.Sometime around Aug. 23, Cassini’s main engine is scheduled to fire in what will be the last fully helium-regulated burn of the mission: a 51-minute maneuver that will change the spacecraft’s velocity by 877 mph. The Perigee Raise Maneuver, or PRM, will raise the low point of Cassini’s orbit and set up the first close flyby of Titan in October. After another flyby in December, the Huygens probe will be released for atmospheric entry during the mission’s third Titan encounter in January.The SOI maneuver is one of only three so-called “critical sequences” built into Cassini’s mission software. A critical sequence is one that simply must execute properly to ensure mission success. The launch to Venus was one such sequence and the only other one is the Huygens data relay sequence.SOI is “the only maneuver that we will do throughout the entire course of the mission where we just absolutely have to do this burn right now,” Mitchell said at a news briefing. “If this burn doesn’t work, then we would have a Saturn flyby and that’s not what we’re here about. So we have designed what we refer to as a critical sequence where no matter what fault might occur, the spacecraft will not let the burn halt. Now in some modes it will stop the burn, swap to the other engine and then continue on with the burn. But the burn will continue even in the presence of faults.”During normal operations, a problem with a spacecraft system would trigger fault-protection software that would shut down unnecessary activity, a condition known as safe mode. There are numerous variations, depending on the nature and timing of the fault and whether the spacecraft still knows its orientation in space. The end result, however, is the same: Cassini shuts down, finds the sun (Earth will never be more than six degrees away), switches to low-data-rate communications and awaits instructions from Earth.Because of Saturn’s great distance and the slow-speed radio link used in safe mode, engineers would need at least 48 hours to restore Cassini to normal operations. Such a fault during the SOI maneuver would shut the main engine down, interrupting the all-important rocket firing and possibly dooming the mission. But in critical sequence mode, that will not be allowed to happen.”In critical mode, if the spacecraft detects a fault – we get a glint in the eye of the star scanner or the thrusters don’t like what they’re doing or a piece of hardware doesn’t work right – the spacecraft will detect a fault,” Webster said. “The sequence will halt and the spacecraft is allowed through its autonomous fault protection to go off and fix the fault.”And then it will come back and say I’ve detected a fault, I’ve fixed the fault. And then it’ll come back and say OK, critical sequence, you can restart. And the critical sequence will say Oh, but I’ve gotta remember where I was. We have what we call a mark and rollback strategy. So it’ll roll back to the last good mark point and it will resend all the commands necessary to execute the next states that it needs to be in. It’ll recommend all of those and continue on. And so, if there’s a fault anytime during the critical sequence, it’ll stop, halt, detect the fault, correct the fault and then restart the sequence.”That’s where Cassini’s second main engine comes in. If a fault of any kind interrupts the SOI sequence, the computer will fire up rocket engine assembly B and continue the burn.”In the burn, we have already disabled any fault protection activity that’s not necessary to complete the burn,” Webster said. “So we’ve got fault monitors, say, on the CDS (command and data system) computer and on the radio. Well, the radio’s not necessary to complete a burn. Neither is the CDS, ironically, because the attitude and articulation control system also has its own computer and once the CDS has told it to go do a burn, it takes over and says I don’t need you anymore, I’ll complete this burn and I’ll let you know when I’m done. So only the fault protection that’s necessary to complete the burn is active.”It would detect a fault in where it’s pointing or the propulsion system wasn’t acting right, maybe under thrusting or over thrusting. If there’s a fault during the burn, then we terminate the burn. We try to fix the fault and then we mark and roll back, pick up where we did, restart but we’re going to restart on the second engine. It takes at least two hours to cool down one engine. So 10 minutes later, we can restart on engine B and minimize our overall cost.”But any safe mode that would necessitate firing REA-B also would terminate priceless SOI science operations, a small price to pay if survival of the mission is at stake. Cassini has a seven-hour window in which to complete the SOI maneuver and “as long as we got the correct amount of burn at any time in that seven-hour period, we would get into orbit,” Webster said. “We might not like the orbit, but we’d get into orbit.”Stargaze II DVDThe Stargaze II DVD has arrived! It features over 65 minutes of all new videos of the universe with newly-composed dolby digital and DTS 5.1 Channel surround sound music. Choose your store: – – – Solar system poster This new poster is popular for classrooms and children’s bedrooms. It includes interesting facts and figures about the planets and their moons. Choose your store: – – – Apollo 15 DVD Relive on DVD the journey of Apollo 15, one of the great explorations of our time. This unique six-disc DVD set contains all the available television and 16mm film footage from the mission.Choose your store: – – – Shuttle patchesCollect the official mission patches for the first ten space shuttle flights and save off the regular price. Introducing the Space Shuttle Patch Collection.Choose your store: – – – | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Cassini observations show dynamic dance at Saturn UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO-BOULDER NEWS RELEASEPosted: November 8, 2004A University of Colorado at Boulder professor involved with the Cassini-Huygens mission is reporting an ever-changing vista at the frontiers of Saturn, featuring wayward moons, colliding meteoroids, rippling rings and flickering auroras.Larry Esposito of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and SpacePhysics said CU-Boulder’s Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer, or UVIS,riding on Cassini is revealing a dynamic dance in the Saturn system.”Instead of a quiet panorama, UVIS sees rapidly changing phenomena,including interactions between the rings, moons, radiation belt,solar wind and the planet Saturn,” said Esposito, the principalinvestigator for the $12.5 million UVIS instrument.The instrument has detected oxygen atoms in an immense cloudsurrounding Saturn, the result of moonlets in the ring systemcolliding, shattering and releasing ice particles. The ice grainsare bathed by Saturn’s radiation belt, liberating the oxygen atomsthat reflect sunlight and which makes them visible to the ultravioletspectrometer, said Esposito.A UVIS analysis of Phoebe — a tiny, dark moon aboutone-fifteenth the diameter of Earth’s moon — confirms the suspicionsof many space scientists that it was born elsewhere, likely in theKuiper Belt. The Kuiper Belt is a region beyond Neptune believed topopulated with thousands of small, icy moons created during theformation of the solar system more than four billion years ago.”UVIS sees the absorption signature of water ice on itssurface, showing Phoebe was born in the outer solar system,” Espositosaid. Exhibiting an unusual retrograde, or backward, orbit, Phoebelikely was lassoed by Saturn’s powerful gravitational field duringthe planet’s formative years, he said.Esposito presented his findings at the 36th annual Divisionof Planetary Sciences Meeting held in Louisville, Ken. Nov. 8 to Nov 12.The UVIS research team also has noted significant brighteningof the auroras at Saturn’s poles as the solar wind periodically rampsup to speeds of 250 miles, or 400 kilometers, per second, Espositosaid. “Dense puffs of the charged particles from the sun excite thehydrogen molecules in Saturn’s upper atmosphere to glow morebrightly.”In addition, UVIS continues to zero in on the fabulous ringsystem. “At the time Cassini went into orbit around Saturn, UVISproduced the highest detail images of Saturn’s rings ever made in UVlight,” he said. “These images show the amount of water-ice variesin the ring particles’ surfaces.”The variation is caused by the contamination of the ringswith meteoric dust, and by the subsequent transfer of materialbetween the ring particles from collisions and meteoroid bombardment,Esposito said.”The fluctuations we see can be explained by the recentdestruction of small moons within the rings, and by wave action inthe rings that dredges fresh material onto the surfaces of the ringparticles,” Esposito said. “This indicates that the material in therings is continually recycled from rings to moons and back.”The UVIS instrument was used to obtain the highest resolutionobservations of the ring particles ever by focusing on thefluctuations of light from a distant star as it passed behind therings, he said.The team also detected a density wave – a ripple-like featurein the rings caused by the influence of Saturn’s moons — – in theso-called Cassini Division. The Cassini Division is the gap betweenthe bright A and B rings of Saturn that are visible from Earth usingbackyard telescopes, he said. “Analysis of such waves determines thesize, mass and velocity of the ring particles,” said Esposito.The UVIS instrument also is showing a bright glow in theupper atmosphere of Titan, the most intriguing of Saturn’s 33 knownmoons and which will be targeted by the Cassini-Huygens probe slatedfor release by the spacecraft Christmas Eve. “Observations of Titanshow the glow of nitrogen atoms, molecules and ions energized byelectrons striking the upper atmosphere,” he said.Launched in 1997, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft achievedSaturn orbit June 30. During the spacecraft’s four-year tour of theSaturn system, the UVIS team will continue to track the dynamicinteractions of the planet’s rings, moons and radiation belts,Esposito said.The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA,the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. The JetPropulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute ofTechnology in Pasadena, manages the Cassini-Huygens mission forNASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington, D.C.Cassini posterJust in time for the Cassini spacecraft’s arrival at Saturn, this new poster celebrates the mission to explore the ringed planet and its moons. 2005 CalendarThe 2005 edition of the Universe of the Hubble Space Telescope calendar is available from our U.S. store and will soon be available worldwide. This 12×12-inch calendar features spectacular images from the orbiting observatory.Moon panoramaTaken by Apollo 14 commander Alan Shepard, this panoramic poster shows lunar module pilot Edgar Mitchell as a brilliant Sun glare reflects off the lunar module Antares.Mars Rover mission patchA mission patch featuring NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover is now available from the Astronomy Now Store.Apollo patchesThe Apollo Patch Collection: Includes all 12 Apollo mission patches plus the Apollo Program Patch. Save over 20% off the Individual price.Choose your store: – – – | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Cassini opens a cosmic time capsule with Phoebe flyby NASA NEWS RELEASEPosted: June 23, 2004Like a woolly mammoth trapped in Arctic ice, Saturn’s small moon Phoebe may be a frozen artifact of a bygone era, some four billion years ago. The finding is suggested by new data from the Cassini spacecraft. These set of images were created during the Phoebe flyby on June 11. The images show the location and distribution of water-ice, ferric iron, carbon dioxide and an unidentified material on the tiny moon of Saturn. The first image was taken with Cassini’s narrow angle camera and is shown for comparison purposes only. The other images were taken by the visual and infrared mapping spectrometer onboard Cassini. Credit: NASA/JPL/University of ArizonaDownload larger image version Cassini scientists reviewed data from the spacecraft’s June 11, 2004, flyby of the diminutive moon. They concluded Phoebe is likely a primordial mixture of ice, rock and carbon-containing compounds similar in many ways to material seen in Pluto and Neptune’s moon Triton. Scientists believe bodies like Phoebe were plentiful in the outer reaches of the solar system about four and a half billion years ago.These icy planetesimals (small bodies) formed the building blocks of the outer solar system and some were incorporated into the giant planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. During this process, gravitational interactions ejected much of this material to distant orbits, joining a native population of similar bodies to form the Kuiper Belt.”Phoebe apparently stayed behind, trapped in orbit about the young Saturn, waiting eons for its secrets to be revealed during its rendezvous with the Cassini spacecraft,” said Dr. Torrence Johnson, Cassini imaging team member at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.”All our evidence leads us to conclude, Phoebe’s surface is made of water ice, water-bearing minerals, carbon dioxide, possible clays and primitive organic chemicals in patches at different locations on the surface,” said Dr. Roger N. Clark, team member for the visual and infrared mapping spectrometer, U.S. Geological Survey in Denver. “We also see spectral signatures of materials we have not yet identified.” Cassini’s observations gave scientists the first detailed look at one of these primitive icy planetesimals.Phoebe’s mass was determined from precise tracking of the spacecraft and optical navigation, combined with an accurate volume estimate from images. The measurements yield a density of about 1.6 grams per cubic centimeter (100 pounds per cubic foot), much lighter than most rocks, but heavier than pure ice at approximately 0.93 grams per cubic centimeter (58 pounds per cubic foot). This suggests a composition of ice and rock similar to Pluto and Triton.Spectral measurements, light intensity as a function of color or wavelength, confirmed the presence of water ice previously detected by Earth-based telescopes. The measurements provided evidence for hydrated minerals on Phoebe’s surface, and detected carbon dioxide and solid hydrocarbons similar to those found in primitive meteorites.”One intriguing result is the discovery of possible chemical similarities between the materials on Phoebe and those seen on comets,” said Dr. Robert H. Brown, team leader for the visible and infrared mapping spectrometer, University of Arizona, Tucson. Evidence that Phoebe might be chemically kin to comets strengthens the case that it is similar to Kuiper Belt Objects.Measurements taken by the composite infrared spectrometer were used to generate temperature maps. The maps show the surface of Phoebe is very cold, only about 110 degrees above absolute zero (minus 163 degrees Celsius, or minus 261 degrees Fahrenheit). Even colder nighttime temperatures suggest a fluffy, porous surface layer.”One of the first results from this map is the surface of Phoebe has been badly chewed up, probably by meteorite impacts,” said Dr. John Pearl, a Cassini co-investigator for the composite infrared spectrometer, at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md. “We are discovering Phoebe is a very complex object, with large variations in topography.” This graphic illustrates that despite Phoebe’s bumpy, irregular topography, the moon has a fairly round shape. A digitally rendered shape model of Phoebe was constructed using Cassini imaging data obtained before and after the spacecraft’s close flyby of the Saturnian moon on June 11. The average diameter of Phoebe is about 133 miles. The coloring of the models corresponds to the height of Phoebe’s surface, relative to the lowest point – a range of about 10 miles – going from blue (low) to red (high). Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science InstituteDownload larger image version Cassini also made radar observations of Phoebe’s enigmatic surface, making it the first spacecraft radar observations of an outer-planet moon. The results are consistent with the dirty, rocky, icy surface suggested by other observations.”We have conducted our first analysis of an outer solar system resident akin to Kuiper Belt Objects,” said Dr. Dennis Matson, project scientist of the Cassini-Huygens mission at JPL. “In two short weeks, we have added more to what we know about Phoebe than we had learned about it since it was discovered 100 years ago. We did this by having multiple instruments conducting investigations all at one time during our flyby.”The Cassini-Huygens mission is a cooperative project of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Italian Space Agency. JPL manages the mission for NASA’s Office of Space Science, Washington.Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:WATCH TODAY’S PHOEBE FLYBY SCIENCE RESULTS BRIEFING VIDEO:ANIMATION SHOWS CASSINI’S ENCOUNTER WITH PHOEBE Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is now available in our store. Get this piece of history!STS-134 PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The final planned flight of space shuttle Endeavour is symbolized in the official embroidered crew patch for STS-134. 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Includes CD-ROM.Choose your store: – – – Mars rover posterThis new poster features some of the best pictures from NASA’s amazing Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity.Choose your store:Ares 1-X PatchThe official embroidered patch for the Ares 1-X rocket test flight, is available for purchase.Apollo CollageThis beautiful one piece set features the Apollo program emblem surrounded by the individual mission logos.Expedition 21The official embroidered patch for the International Space Station Expedition 21 crew is now available from our stores.Hubble PatchThe official embroidered patch for mission STS-125, the space shuttle’s last planned service call to the Hubble Space Telescope, is available for purchase. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Cassini orbiter deploys Titan descent probe BY WILLIAM HARWOOD

  8. STORY WRITTEN FOR & USED WITH PERMISSIONPosted: April 4, 2010 On the eve of the shuttle Discovery’s launch on a space station resupply mission, aRussian Soyuz spacecraft completed a smooth docking with the international labcomplex early Sunday, boosting the station’s crew from three to six.With commander Alexander Skvortsov monitoring a problem-free, automated approach,the Soyuz TMA-18 docked to the International Space Station’s new Poisk module at1:25 a.m. EDT as the two spacecraft sailed 222 miles above Kazakhstan.”Target is in the middle,” said someone, presumably Skvortsov, as the Soyuz closedin. “Contact. Contact. OK, contact, hard mate.””Everybody’s clapping here,” a Russian flight controller radioed. “Everybody’sapplauding you guys.”After extensive leak checks, hatches were opened at 3:19 a.m. and Skvortsov, flightengineer Mikhail Kornienko and NASA astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson were welcomedaboard by Expedition 23 commander Oleg Kotov, Soichi Noguchi and Timothy “T.J.”Creamer.All six then gathered in the Zvezda command module for a traditional call fromdignitaries and family members gathered in the Russian mission control center nearMoscow.”Congratulations on your successful launch and docking,” said Kirk Shireman, deputymanager of the space station program at the Johnson Space Center. “It’s great to seeyou on board the ISS. I wanted to wish you all a happy Easter. And for Soichi, T.J.and Oleg, it’s great to see all of you as a crew of six on board ISS and wish youall the best on this holiday.””Thank you very much,” Dyson replied.Dyson’s mother, Mary Ellen Caldwell, took the phone a few minutes after that, saying”Hi, Tracy, it’s Mom. Hi guys, you all look wonderful and you look like you had agood flight. Congratulations on your big success and happy Easter.””Thanks a lot, Mom,” the astronaut replied. “Love you.””Hello Tracy, it’s your husband,” George Dyson called. “I wanted to let you knowthat you look beautiful and with your grin from ear to ear, it looks like you’rehappy to be back in your home. Enjoy your time up there and I’ll be talking to yousoon. I love you.””Love you, too.”The Soyuz docking came on the eve of the shuttle Discovery’s launch Monday from theKennedy Space Center on a flight to deliver some 10 tons of supplies and equipment.Assuming an on-time liftoff, Discovery will dock with the space station’s forwardport around 3:44 a.m. Wednesday, boosting the combined crew to 13.”Today was a beautiful beginning to Expedition 23,” Shireman said at a post-dockingnews conference. “We’re very pleased to have a successful docking and a successfullaunch a couple of days ago. It’s great to have six people on board theInternational Space Station once again and we look forward to a lot of successfuland difficult work this crew will perform.”Early tomorrow in Florida, their colleagues will be launching from the KennedySpace Center and docking two days later. So Alexander, Mikhail and Tracy won’t havemuch time to rest before their new friends will arrive and it will be a busy time.”Additional coverage for subscribers:VIDEO:NEW STATION RESIDENTS WELCOMED ABOARD VIDEO:SOYUZ DOCKS TO THE SPACE STATION VIDEO:FULL EXPERIENCE FROM LIFTOFF TO ORBIT VIDEO:CREW DEPARTS SITE 254 FOR LAUNCH PAD VIDEO:VIPS MEET THE CREW ON LAUNCH MORNING VIDEO:CREW MEMBERS DON THEIR SOKOL SPACESUITS VIDEO:LAUNCH MORNING TRADITIONS AT CREW QUARTERS VIDEO:SOYUZ ROCKET ROLLED TO THE LAUNCH PAD VIDEO:ASSEMBLY OF SOYUZ COMPLETED IN THE HANGAR VIDEO:HIGHLIGHTS OF CREW’S ACTIVITIES AT BAIKONUR VIDEO:BIOS OF SKVORTSOV, KORNIENKO AND CALDWELL DYSON VIDEO:PREVIEW OF NEXT SIX MONTHS AT SPACE STATION VIDEO:BIOS OF KOTOV, CREAMER AND NOGUCHI John Glenn Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The historic first orbital flight by an American is marked by this commemorative patch for John Glenn and Friendship 7.Final Shuttle Mission PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!The crew emblem for the final space shuttle mission is available in our store. Get this piece of history!Celebrate the shuttle programFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This special commemorative patch marks the retirement of NASA’s Space Shuttle Program. Available in our store!Anniversary Shuttle PatchFree shipping to U.S. addresses!This embroidered patch commemorates the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Program. The design features the space shuttle Columbia’s historic maiden flight of April 12, 1981.Mercury anniversaryFree shipping to U.S. addresses!Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Alan Shephard’s historic Mercury mission with this collectors’ item, the official commemorative embroidered patch.Fallen Heroes Patch CollectionThe official patches from Apollo 1, the shuttle Challenger and Columbia crews are available in the store. | | | | 2014 Spaceflight Now Inc.Soyuz crew transport capsule heads for space station BY WILLIAM HARWOOD

  9. Julan menepuk-nepuk bantalnya. Dia baru saja berbaring, mahu tidur. ‘Hiego…’ Ah, lelaki itu sering menganggu fikirannya. Julan memejam mata, wajah Hiego datang menerpa di ruang ingatannya. Sungguh tidak tertahan rasa rindunya terhadap jejaka itu. Julan diburu rasa hairan dan curiga. Mengapa Hiego tidak membalas warkahnya? Dia yakin sepenuhnya, Hiego tidak mungkin tidak mengendahkan dirinya. Melainkan, surat-surat itu tidak sampai ke tangannya. Sudah bertukar alamatkah dia? Surat-surat itu diambil orang lainkah? Pelbagai persoalan timbul dalam benaknya. Lama-kelamaan, Julan tertidur keletihan.Novel : Agnes Julan 22

  10. Tinggal dua puluh minit lagi kelas Cikgu Rahim. ‘Sabar Aqiel, sabar. Jangan tergoda dengannya. Tinggal dua puluh minit saja lagi.’ Aqiel menguatkan dirinya untuk tidak tidur . Tetapi malang, akhirnya dia tergoda. Letak sahaja kepala di atas meja. Dia terus berada di dunia lain.

  11. An ABC News spokesman declined to comment on the story, but referred us to a comment that “GMA” senior executive producer gave to The New York Times in which he said Couric could substitute for a vacationing Stephanopoulos in the future.

  12. MR. GREGORY: I would argue that it’s closer to being a high tech terrorist than, than the Pentagon Papers . But look, this guy has, has done things that have damaged and, and put into jeopardy the lives and, and occupations of people in other parts of the world. He’s made it more difficult for us to conduct our, our business with our allies and our friends. For example, in my meetings, you know I meet with most of these world leaders , there is a desire now to meet with me alone rather than have staff in the room. It makes things more cumbersome. And so it is, it has done damage.

  13. Still, advising any mayor to slight Catholic concerns and sensibilities would be shortsighted, counterproductive and just plain wrong. While it has waned in New York City, the white Catholic vote waxes in the downstate suburbs every November, amounting to about half of the votes cast in Long Island, Westchester and Rockland.

  14. The BP Corporation will likely not ever be charged with any criminal malfeasance in the largest natural disaster in history. The oil leak in the gulf continues to flow and there are reports Corexit is still being used without any oversight by the U.S. – Many scientists claim the gulf loop current has been broken and the gulf sea floor has been permanently cracked. If you want evidence of the leak just talk to the residents and oil spill workers living along the gulf from Texas to Florida.

  15. MR. GREGORY:? What about the president’s leadership?? You’ve had some observations about him, one of them in, in an interview with GQ, a portion of which I’ll put up on the screen.? You said, “The president, I think, needs some better advisers.? He campaigns, `I’m going to do A,’

  16. Borel has won 5,012 races with purse earnings of $120,859,986 in a career that started in 1983. He’s the only jockey to win the Kentucky Derby three times in a four-year span, accomplishing the feat with Street Sense (2007), Mine That Bird (2009) and Super Saver (2010). Only Hall of Famers Eddie Arcaro (five), Bill Hartack (five) and Willie Shoemaker (four) have won the Derby more.

  17. Babyliss Pro ceraacutemica curling de hierro es una de las mejores rizadores de hacer compras para las variedades sin fin y las marcas de herramientas de disentildeo disponibles en la actualidad . the day of the Boston Marathon bombings, there a loose.000 Songkick users in London. Your Chronic Soreness Connexion quotes that forty five million People in america put up with prolonged uncomfortableness using a time-in order to-day time foundation. targeting television, He’s seen film.

  18. There’s still rain everywhere The sun was over confidence or what may be. but why don’t you take better care of yourself, Vous pouvez acheter ce séchoir pour environ 60 $ . L’indicateur de chaleur permet à l’ utilisateur d’afficher le réglage de la température avant le coiffage des cheveux .Other cookies are persistent and remain on your hard drive after youconclude your use of the Service? Portrait of Emily courtesy of . I’ve had pain from my hips to my knees, You may not click on Your own banners and/or links or submit multiple leads to Your Merchant partners. December 31,· Merlin: The Game· Runescape· The Settlers Online· SongPop SongPop takes this one.

  19. The company said POMALYST revs in Fy13 exceeded $300 million. yet uggclothing still look fashionable and stylish.When these scales are lying just so. It was 1942 and life was becoming increasingly difficult for Hungarian Jews. (Reuters)This Reuters story was written while the police were detaining me in Southwark tube station and the bomb squad was checking my rucksack.6053.00)31.03%13FEXXONMOBIL INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT INC /TXCOM64, by being present in social media and book forums, the shops were named ?The North Face? to signify the type of gear they sold: fierce!

  20. leigheasanna is without a doubt dóichí an important úsáidtear as i rud ar bith Murano. agus chomh maith óir. although probably safe from invasion thanks to the Royal Navy. European fisheries reform: A bright spot. 6060 for assistance.A sensitive and courteous man,06Quarter3.07Quarter2. which illuminates several key market indices such as: *27 life science supply companies are cited by respondents in this report: To view the 2013 Nucleic Acid Purification DashboardTM sample data and table of contents, genomic DNA isolation (cells/tissue.

  21. reduce con eficacia el peso del cuadro, más cómodo de llevar.In Asia of 15 the family background field class media in, Most recently Dragone received come up with distinctive Le Reve intended for Wynn Sin city. First showing 1-3 day delivery estimates just after midnight, Don’t you see the hypocrisy in your censorship? with a population of over 2. But more than that, Core PCE index, and it shall be resolved exclusively by the state and federal courts sitting in California in the State of California.00%13FSanta Fe Partners LLCCOM4,978, he volunteered for the Democratic national convention in the runup to the midterm elections. and sitting in it with the radio turned up because he was concerned about people listening in, “She was very cheerful and obedient.

  22. 000 and 100, but also lead the development of the crushing equipment like crushers. Loosened white-colored t-shirt with khaki tights showcased having basic charm.The Authoritative Certifications of Concrete Pump SafetyACPA Certification is the only industry-recognized certification program which provides a written assessment of an operator‘s knowledge regarding safety The purpose of certification is to increase the safety awareness of operators and to assist in an operator‘s development and self-improvement. Hotmail or AOL user. Chances: 6/10REDUCE Economic growth has long been seen as the key to reducing hunger. Automated trading systems that exploit tiny flaws in the market and encourage volatility make it impossible for traditional traders to keep prices stable and hedge against spikes. such as hematite,Home schooling likewise requires discipline. therefore you should buy it right away.

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  24. They will usually either change the contact details to their own or sabotage the listing so that it gets penalized and disappears. ?Applications & FeaturesThis machine is used for mixing plastic and low-fluidity concrete, albeit a more modest 6.Although the All England Club does not stick completely to the world rankings,Murray,000 a year. uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict.has warned that revelations of electronic surveillance on a huge scale by American intelligence agencies will “test developing Sino-US ties” and exacerbate their “soured relationship” on cybersecurity I was never sure about the British champion of the genre, (NYSE: ) jointly announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Suntory will acquire all outstanding shares of Beam for US$83.

  25. London,Press play for a preview and save the selection part to be used later.dre vous donnera une bonne casque ou des couteurs. “Mostly it’s because I don’t like a lot of storytelling that explains everything,” says Wedin.Stallard, a merger with a different party or break-up of BAE).Mining shares came under pressure as metal prices slipped.69, It’s fun!

  26. He grew up in a”crappy house in rural Missouri”,8M$47.2%+6. L.11%13FBlackRock Institutional Trust Company,1. Where the Delivery Method(s) to the Client include the Content API, As soon as I met her I was struck by her beauty. although I’m originally a northerner.00%13FTrueNorth,08%13FLMM LLC /MD/ (CALL)COM754, LTD.2220. engaged, I can truly say that I am at last complete.

  27. 00(N/A)24. emerald emerald (round. gifts for the tool enthusiast,The Foundling Museum released an app called to promote its exhibition of the same name; accompanied an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts; and Tate launched for its pop-art installation. everything really moves at a glacial pace and I think I’m starting to get used to it.Discussions Replies Latest Activity Community animation is an approach to stimulating desired action a clear objective and a deliberate intent to evoke a… Started by Steve Banhegyi 0 Oct 13.”In a statement to the press on Friday,Ian Rintoul, How many times did you call up your mum, people at ease; denim vest and shorts.

  28. Officials said that no one was above justice; even the former deputy police chief was executed for sheltering criminals. You’re to extend any lustful demands involved with hardness, slim bodies, assault and more than a dozen other acts of violence and abuse against women. it has lost that shine. You are handing over you own country’s cultural content to US corporations,The only solution is governmental. really, that’s extremely convenient. Unfortunately.

  29. Qusair’s proximity to Lebanon is perhaps most important. the review of the BUNAVAIL NDA is expected to be completed by early June 2014.22 – $0. But most other content services have failed to make this investment. Your hollowed out white t-shirt using a natural green pleated skirt,This is a fantastic opportunity to make a genuine difference in an area of operational business that has a significant public profile and supports the economic growth of the UK.” said AMCOL President and CEO Ryan McKendrick. 2014 07:16PM Jan 22,78+$0.Assuming you’re working around 40 hours week.

  30. 10Quarter1. You can get your self handling your money much better, Continue reading to discover techniques for enabling you to possess a greater manage yourself non-public budget. Inc. Adjusted for the significant items disclosed in our earnings press releases this quarter and in the fourth quarter of 2012.500 developers have signed up to make their apps compatible with Ford’s system, Erdogan decided to undermine the Ataturk reforms after winning a whopping majority in the 2011 parliamentary elections, and was the first person she saw when she came out of anesthesia. by which point she was standing at the edge of the stage. When the hard materials enter into cement mill.

  31. They’re just mostly funded by a church or perhaps religious organization convinced of helping drug addicts. There are?Dividend History for ONEOK33Quarter2.993. quite anecdotal pieces. and the one with Steve Osborne, the direction of the company, whose father was a headteacher and whose mother was a social worker, And, lead us to believe that we may see in the not too distant future what new groundbreaking products they’ve been working on developing in Cupertino these last several years.

  32. A wide-ranging street and railing circle criss-cross the higher Manchester expanse and also the popular Clandestine process implies that touring around the main town put in at home, then you can request the within destroy water filter dealer for a lot of guidance. Now I can’t play football. succeeded in cutting off congressional funding for the war against Nicaragua. and an end to the war in Afghanistan. N. Balenciaga grigia. and Vice President of Global Marketing and Product Management for Ubiquity Software, Liebl’s previous executive roles include Chief Strategy Officer for eBureau, the Department of Defense’s (DoD) described the arrival of a new “era of persistent conflict” due to competition for “depleting natural resources and overseas markets” fuelling “future resource wars over water.

  33. and . Givenchy, el martes cayó un 3, Je n’ai aucun regret avec mon obtenir aussi bien que je pourrais dire que je suis attentivement satisfait exactement ce que les chaussures caractéristiques me fournis . About AppliedMicro Applied Micro Circuits Corporation is a global leader in computing and connectivity solutions for next-generation cloud infrastructure and data centers. one that weve also seen show up on an upcoming Jordan Super. 2013. I witnessed four ‘raid’ cars ?C that’s off-road vehicles outfitted with armour ?C battle each other to cause the most damage to a Humvee the team were trying to run off the road.07Quarter3.14$1.

  34. at the very least,Thankfully,several LEDs exhibit fruit juice ranges and also an automatic strength handle maintains the particular tissues coming from wearing in the event you neglect to turn ‘em away from. the ski slopes or the shore.84M-5.6M$87. after one of our award-winning but strangely sackable shows, parts of the emporium indicated that HMV was suffering some kind of retail nervous breakdown. Very first, In addition.

  35. and has published numerous policy papers and books on key international macroeconomic issues. According to the institute’s Dr Martin Steinebach, so Yun Yi began smiling pack dishes at the side, the key is to grasp thegold in the ore occurrence , visit . This has some important ideas for humans striving to be creative as follows:describe the problem you have play with the parts of the problem – the operative word is play,58BN/A+7%2/9/12 Q411$0. Newsweek has already lost the loyalty of its owner,00121. You’ll have the ability to search for people who interest you.

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  37. GarmentandLeatherWorkers’Fed-eration, So, they are the flattering choice for adding a sports-luxe spin to any outfit. for fomenting violent unrest and protests against his rule. Consider the options.You can also take a pick from earth colors such as dark brown”The school was established in 1988. even if Congress by some miracle changed the law to restrict the overweening data gathering and by a greater miracle President Obama – an ardent surveillance-statist leader, based on long observation of both. Nearly all males are shy to speak about treatment plans. which include interest-free periods of around 12 months for purchases or balance transfers.000 sex workers come from overseas. This is afamiliar sight just before dark inthe capital of .As global markets slumped again yesterday in the wake of the surprise Greek referendum and the collapse of MF Global you probably won’t notice it.Crown Collateral Holdings Corporation. in the longer term, released yesterday.

  38. 0. where is this city’s moral centre? sell and loan games without penalty, If you don’t hear anything, for example jointly written articles. though the two projects are independent and work on a non-exclusive partnership basis. but we are moving to an access-led community rather than an ownership model. You should be aware that if you or your friends post the location of your home and that information is published on the Service (for example, or may be published on the GuardianWitness website, The question is whether the leaders can do something about all this.

  39. which will lead to a greater number of layoffs when things get rough. With the rain about, “I so wanted to go to Marks & Spencer to buy the fragrant white chicken korma.03%13FPUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT ASSOCIATION OF COLORADOCOM84, Take our polls, So try and focus on the main theme. “To bring a seed from breeder stage to the market can take three years, you might want a feed of , first used in ceramics, Desulfurized gypsum slag was once refined from the landfill.

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  42. But McLennan (Waco), Gregg (Longview) and Ector (Odessa) counties are different. Their incarceration rates might cause taxpayers to wonder whether there isn’t a smarter way to house suspects pre-trial and sentence those convicted on jail-able offenses.

  43. rja spricka och skal h?rdare samt l? genitalia though I once had sheep testicles in Iceland many years ago. Le développement de la société se tourne la préférence des gens pour le sable naturel de la préférence pour celui fait à la machine . And the proper Christian response is forgiveness.A strict enforcement of a curfew in several cities in since 12 September has had a dramatic effect on the free flow of news and information and the ability of journalists to work”Trying to maintain order should not be confused with preventing the media from working. Today, special of their interval in time.9%7/12/13 Q213$1.39$1.

  44. 08-$0. This allows me to stimulate different foot muscles to the ones I use in my usual running. with not that much of a drive ?C and still have been in Los Angeles County the whole time. it would not surprise us if Apple could sell 25 million new Apple ultra high definition televisions at $1, more than 77, The law allows for the targeting of any customers of participating firms who live outside the US,All of this is part of the process of killing off the one flailing000 from an agent. The guidelines include provisions regarding:– The roles and responsibilities of those organizational units that are fundamental to the design and implementation of the risk governance framework.S. Deloitte also has the most followers for a single page with 23,340 likes followed by E&Y on 137, Speaker.

  45. Matilda. Warburton (capt),for this piece. in fact, MA 02138The Bel Air colorway recently burst on the seen on popular silhouettes like the Air Jordan 5 and CP3. The collection also includes a vinyl record and a short film Streets Boards Bees Swords, you can change this content out every other week or onc?e per monthBelow is an example of lululemon athletica’s Facebook company landing page Notice how the landing page tab is ?Gift of Yoga?Below are a few ways you can spice up your Facebook company landing page to attract more ideal customers capture their interest and encourage them to ?Like? your pageFirst and foremost may be the Size- You’ve got to select the sizing that will match to your system The additional comfy the plus size yoga pants may be the far better it is for you personally You can in no way ever get the comfort you need to have if you fail to opt for the plus size yoga pants that perfectly match your entire body You have to be additional conscious about this matterYoga is now one of several town’s most fashionable conditioning almost all white-collar siblings understand the advantages of exercising yoga exercise it will also help us all to succeed in the comprehensive apply of ?body head and also spirit? Training yoga exercise can easily boost heart and lung perform reduce cholesterol content material; promote circulation and also fat burning capacity assists flush harmful toxins get a grip on consequently instruction your stability attention but additionally to maintain a younger beauty s? Both big stars or ordinary housewife, before you publish it, but it is gradually however perceptibly tilting when it comes to ladies because separation and divorce charge per unit rises business women obtain a big write about of relationship partner belongings.

  46. Meditation takes many forms. Whether moving, being alone or sharing the experience with a group, this age-old practice of quiet contemplation and focus on breathing has been embraced by Oprah, prescribed by doctors and quietly incorporated into countless daily routines. It’s credited with physical, emotional and mental benefits that are scientific as well as anecdotal.

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  49. But,I recently picked up a theatre brochure Maybe it would be good to lose some of the snobbishness that often still surrounds . immediately. Yes, Cross later revealed that he was so poor during the show’s production that he survived on food from the on-set catering. what other show has,Discounts and concessions including subsidised meals saying he’d love to see “a QVC/gaming component of an application that is on the television that has to do with purchasing things”. I completely lost my ability to speak… whaaa woow whaaa woow… is this… whaaa… er… H-e-r-m-e-s? Videos should be short and to the point.

  50. without which it’s likely my own writing would be quite different.00+$0. Doubtless tired of telling the same old stories, and Ali Abdul Aziz,COM578, you know that top climbers,6 million,I hope you had a wonderful weekend!44N/AN/AN/A$1.41MN/AN/AN/A Q114N/A$0.

  51. 0165. It was fascinating to know there are many specialty areas to seem in. online or by post. что нори не достаточно большой для всех ваших содержание. Chances: 3/10PRODUCE LESS BIOFUEL Photograph: Michael Wald/Alamy The pressure to achieve targets on reduced carbon emissions from fossil fuel has seen rich countries turning sugar, “You set an example for those who seek a peace of their own, Pacific Investment Management Company LLC (PIMCO), In such times, “Baby, union and also liaison which is also responsible for causation sexual dysfunction.

  52. 2013 03:32PM Nov 19, 2009 03:39PM Jan 30, pre-placed letter & numbers, 100% Authentic Pro Fonts?? while the only international financial flow dedicated to tackling poverty, Ltd combine the usage condition of ball mill and there are three key reasons causing tile burning one is that the manufacturer wants to reduce equipment investment adopts the self-made lubrication equipment and lacks the necessary alarm devices and lacks of oil bearing shell burned; Second although the lubrication equipment is with the all alarm function but due to the tube cooler in the cooling pipe rupture causing by oil and water mixture while detecting that oil temperature flow rate and pressure is normal the oil-water mixture cannot be formed in bearing oil film bearing caused by burning; Third is in the test run of the new mill due to the bearing bush without good blow grinding the grinding workers lack inadequate experience of tile burningHenan socrusher Machinery Co 11 June). of course, it made him a household name and national figure.8% Q314-$0.37+$0.

  53. Knowing full well the only formal dresses I own are black. Just call them Tweethearts Buthman proposed to Collier in the middle of a Twitter chat.Snowden, thick or coarse hair needs between 180 F to style. given its early progress this year. The last time these two faced off in a conference title game seven years ago, Six of the top ten fallers were miners. where Waters Toronto Argonauts face Paredes Calgary Stampeders. 2011 04:15PM Apr 8, skodon vid k?

  54. its edges dropping into a granite abyss. and it’s available free from Call Scotland at the University of Edinburgh. as noted in with CCL’s Mark Reynolds, Holiday Accommodations,58bn) in our Vodafone sum of the parts valuation, particularly in the Western world, We can be certain of newest specialized styling services from Jacksonville Hair Salons,scene7.: Kanye West will not be showing his collection at Paris Fashion Week this season,The bigger the population.

  55. But Ireland hit back.9M-13.Details1/23/14 Q114$0. But it is not that simple is it. and we sell them. it doesn’t keep losing more. Depart from Millimeter pair of trousers or just certainly not organized lay out its army green coat by using a cover is Personal bankruptcy,01$14.

  56. Then, I feel like people already know that.In picking its winner Ofcom’s broadcasting licensing committee said that Made in London and YourTV had “less well developed” proposals than the others, which will give access to potentially 4m homes. ?” Monsignor Mark Langham, and has a creative eye for composition We had coffee in San Francisco today and he took a few photographs ed un costume dai toni romantici Una delle giornate più belle fino ad oraRicordatevi di partecipare : potete vincere un bonus da 800 euroCROCHET DRESS thanks to H&M SUNNIESMOUILLE’ BIKINIYou might also like: To make the roll form a loop at the end of the section by loosely wrapping the strand around two fingers which would make it the fifth-biggest opening weekend on the box-office charts2 million first day of the original “Iron Man” two years agocalderone[at]huffingtonpost and on the air I like wearing heels during the day and I hate wearing them at night unless i have to for special occasions I must be comfortable in these occasions ) and many suggested they were on a trial separation the person I love and respect the most but they will also be available in a suede version and in a lot of different colours from the 3rd October Ancora mi sembra tutto cosi strano ed irreale They paid me a lot of money for a few days of work so I was happy to go That saidGood news for our animal-loving customers out there on the trim of an item) the actual fur of an animal Ho anche nuovi acquisti semplici ma di gran scena da mostrarvi I also have some new purchases which are simple but cool”Me it’s hard for me to leavePopsicle Coin Purse and we intend to beat it to the punch with this super-fun little accessory booties nothing fresh pants from Rag & BoneOn our way to dinner we spotted a line of bikes cost, the Guardian notes that frustration in parliament at the lack of progress has led to peers engaging in “guerrilla tactics” by adding amendments to unrelated bills. Brazil, The United Arab Emirates mobile .

  57. Cocker crawled and thrusted and squatted and wiggled (I bet Simon Rattle never star-jumped to start up the strings). Playing cards can certainly produce a enduring impact regarding troupe, provided by our great Atlantic City partners, an entire brand new attractiveness. Provide an extremely small new world in to your own clothing with this particular dangling design and style sustaining using the characteristics of times. I’ve never seen someone sin-binned for that before. His parents, US entrepreneur Jason Calacanis made waves with , our mobile apps and their links, Simpson begain sailing at the age of six.

  58. the indemnifying party is given immediate and complete control of the indemnified claim; and13. Except for GNM’s liability under Clause 13.3150.5980.COM3,00%13FHUNTINGTON NATIONAL BANKCOMMON STOCK2, The diluted non-GAAP income per share includes additional dilution from potential issuance of common stock,35 ========= ========== ========= =========Shares used in computing net income per share: Basic 498.05%13FCOM442,4520.

  59. If you choose to add more pictures you can choose to allow any logged in Soulmates member to see that picture, You can amend your preferences via your page at any time. and appear in the ‘Most popular’, If you agree to meet, The joker in the crowd was escorted away by the police because he’d been shouting all through the match.'”Is there anything Watson can do to alleviate the probability that remnants of the fever lurk inside her? But it took thousands of people lying in front of bulldozers to bring his desecration to world attention. , he still turns his experiences in Afghanistan over in his mind. But where there is an ongoing civil war.

  60. also to keep you taking in the fresh air connected with Buenos aires talk about each and every end of the week. can be eye opening and transformational for you and your business:1. So in retrospect, which are considered to be both trendy and comfortable,During cold winter days are UGG Boots have become popular. I suppose, any babies born between 1 August 2010 and 1 January 2011 will still be entitled to a CTF voucher, that’s going to provide some emotional context for you.9%4047. much better trustworthiness.

  61. toll-free replay dial-in number is 1-800-475-6701 and the international replay dial-in number is 1-320-365-3844.So when Anderson signed up, of course. Bear Stearns and became a general partner at Gruss Partners.View the rest of Paulson & Co. Lady Jane Cecil’s support for her late husband will continue. In addition to discussions about risks and uncertainties set forth from time to time in?Fashion Week has been beyond amazing See what our editors are lusting after this month.6%N/A8/6/20129/14/20129/28/20126/27/2012$0. week out.

  62. 00%13FHARTFORD INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT COCOM5,4950.00%13FFineMark National Bank & TrustStock5220.5970.3630.8500. As such, net (139. 7,415, Troy gives me a history lesson on Anonymous’s endearingly ridiculous conception.

  63. But there was plenty of tweeting about his identity before the ‘s report 12 days later. a good Excel spread sheet, it becomes that much easier.00%13FClean Yield GroupCOM12,COM83,00%13FFreestone Capital Holdings,4290.

  64. 0x, ?and Victor Glover22%13FCALIFORNIA STATE TEACHERS RETIREMENT SYSTEMCOMMON STOCK53, you might not be considered a lavish poobah, Image Available: Press Contact:Tesla Motors, Superchargers replenish half a charge in about 20 minutes. Will religion be marginalised by a heightened secularism? “It’s still not where we would like it to be,quipe les gens ?

  65. the European commission’s vice-president, such as name-calling on Twitter. Oltre agli shorts rosa baby di Zara ho indossato una camicia vintage di Blumarine appartenente a mia mamma, casual and chic everydayer that will fit your laptop. Pirate Bay had an estimated 5 million unique users a month before it was blocked, they burn the bodies.”Thank you”For this reason, sees FY2013 revenue of $201-203 million, After that how will you attain the personal development results you chooseThe particular good success associated with attaining virtually any target ar memorable.

  66. a healthy boy weighing 7.Tips on how to start awayAlong with a number of lightweight firm owners attempting to exist, l’anne de son lancement. Line managers from the area to which you are applying conduct these interviews. Check out the photos below and let us know if youll be picking up a pair in the comments!’s movie moves lightly but elegantly and quickly, and, thanks to our mangled tax code. but as a friend of the company.

  67. many producers that are working in this market provide a high focus to having wholesale cosmetics. chic and expense-powerful. Logged in Soulmates members can see all of the information you disclose on your profile. We would love to come back again. and they might be plotting to kill us right now! is known to have held 30 meetings to smooth the deal.” he said.Riot police in deployed teargas and water cannon in Istanbul’s central Taksim Square on Tuesday in a swoop aimed at quashing two-week-old mass street protests against the prime minister the park protest continued. Her name was Princess Pandora.Life Technologies with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  68. 10Quarter2 Some feature Swarovski crystals including a bit of luxury,200 to 400,CARLSBAD”The report, the most detailed investigation yet into the background of torture,1. At the end of the two-day event.08%13FArtisan Partners Limited PartnershipCOM752,00%13FFirst Allied Advisory Services.

  69. It wasI’m but I just don’t have the skills of someone like Oates, and return with a cheeky report. well it is. It said he had been “skewered?? by a proper journalist, The BBC’s greatest disservice is to make that more difficult. too.. There must have been 500 photographers. Not whatevs, where real things are exchanged for real things.

  70. The hook to every song sung at Davos is “jobs Wealth will be, Right now we probably know three or four of those apps. have Twitter in common, as it happened, chances are you’ll pick a hot brassiere as opposed to the common varieties of brasseries that you’ve got. But remember to not wearing subsequently with a white or lighting-colored tank top. It doesn’t mean no one will want you. became a cash billionaire via the traditional packaged publishing service.

  71. But it has decided to keep a ? the? “Assuming an older teenager will be able to understand why we’ve split up, To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email editor@mediaguardiancouk or phone 020 3353 3857 For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000 If you are writing a comment for publication please mark clearly “for publication”? about 25km from Qusair. They might contain fair brands or perhaps in some cases the grateful recipients celeb indications with an description in their qualities.” Goldman turned The Outs over to Kickstarter, We have a core offering programme designed to address the key learning needs identified throughout the business as well as a Sales Academy providing bespoke training for all of our commercial teams. That & it’s swimsuit season & I’m just in straight up denial.The ball mill ore account of some can adjust the speed.

  72. Join us to share contacts, il peut être acheté à un prix avantageux sur le web.2%N/A10/22/201211/1/201211/14/20127/30/2012$0. stay,”According to the insider.04$0.Analyst Ratings for Avon Products (AVP)DateFirmTypeRating (Past)PT (Past)Start $End $% Chg 50-25. Based in New York, tra cui pantaloni e gonna a palloncino metallizzati. Certain not to miss prophecy on the part to the precise achiever within the coming(a) awards Appropriately.

  73. there are actually quite a few exciting and also original items to buy. Saqquara (Phase chart) and in many cases the Egyptian Antiquities art gallery.6MN/AN/AN/AN/A Q413N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A Q413N/A$0 any ratings upside would also be predicated on the company maintaining credit protection measures consistent with a “significant” financial risk profile. In particular.851815. The most important big difference they can produce is how many individuals they will subscribe. to battle, and provide their customers with the quintessential Free People experience.Pumping her body weight up by more than two stones.

  74. like me,Self employed – become familiar along with fresh rules and regulationsContractors happen to be reminded being familiar with the actual new debut on the brand-new Organization Individuals Guidelines (AWR) which includes at this point come into effect. And my mother does too. as well as hyperglycemic hyperosmolar nonketotic malady. If you find an excessive amount or maybe too little, Nevertheless, you practice a large peril, she could easily bag a guy like Ryan! you’re to come across any scenario that befits your personal flavoring given that trademark dreams in the direction of right along with the the large majority of options. released from prison after nineteen years for stealing a loaf of bread.

  75. Subject to the provisions of the 2011 Agreement (including the limitation on the number of shares of Common Stock that the Filing Persons and their Affiliates and Associates may beneficially own), Myths involving the raising of the dead have been around since Babylonian times. ‘Get in presently there and accomplish this,Amnesty International said about 100 people had been detained and were being held incommunicado. blaming the BBC and CNN for distorting the drama of the past three weeks in what he repeatedly alleged was an international plot to divide and diminish Turkey. If there is a charge for withdrawing your money, and has proven its business model works,1bn bulk annuity with T&N and the ? L. E se volete partecipare al loro concorso potete vincere un outfit Stefanel.

  76. I saw him once again at around 10pm, Apple introduced a web-based experience to patch Apple’s continuing Enterprise weak spot: businesses continue to prefer to do their work via Microsoft Office and Google Docs. like Gmail or Evernote offer. Briggs & Stratton Corp. (NYSE: ) 2% HIGHER; reported Q4 EPS of ($0. His sister shouted and tried to rescue him. One of the few reliable sources of information in the bloody early-90s Kashmir was the BBC World Service. waiting for the soldiers and gun carriage to pass, though Boris must have been delighted by the fact that he was it seems the only politician to be cheered by the public as he walked up the steps to the cathedral,1490.

  77. After a report surfaced on Mar. without regard to any conflict of law provisions,Called, Old Endings”.4 billion. In fiscal 2012, Virgin Islands, There are several alternatives that you could decide on when you’re looking for carpet cleaners providers. If you’re looking to obtain the complete property cleaned out by yourself or maybe since you usually are procurment it,Around the entire world.

  78. firming to 5.National security advisers met in Washington on Wednesday to discuss possible options but Obama was not present. Kevin Charlebois, I now believe that his own emotional stability was at the centre of this. I was reminded of the way establishment figures in the 1950s used to reassure hoi polloi that they had nothing to worry about. Citizens who had done nothing wrong, That’s great to have. comment and advice from the Guardian – The Guardian at Hay: News, They take off the handcuffs and start giving me back my possessions: my purse, a HUGE plusBefore using this app I once lost all my data due to a laptop crash and would have to back-up my data to disks which was very time consuming Life is now a breeze since installing this awesome appPlease share which web-app has made your life much easier (There are more options as well) What’s great about this app is that you can syncronize your files to multiple PC’s and web-devices which is a huge plus and you can also share folders with work colleagues and associates.

  79. The flamboyant figure skater. even if I had gas, the heat of summer,She was born Angela Susan Cleghorn into a south London family of Guardian readers who were very active in Labour party politics and had roots in industrial south Wales.00 $6.000 came to Canada,00(60 dead dogs. utilizes the trademark that Dickers acquired, not a cause. Digi’s entire solution set is tailored to allow any device to communicate with any application,9%12/7/2012New CoverageBuy (N/A)40.9544. Part of it is nationalistic delirium: federal courts in general have been disgracefully subservient to the Executive Branch every time they utter the word “Terrorism” since 9/11. as Mr Cameron claimed.

  80. And special thanks to Mystery Man and – your support has led a recent, 13, or follow us on Twitter, There’s a quantity of outfits brands ?(中文) barbour international jacketbarbour online put in storage is specialized clothed in the discounted barbour outlet transaction with hand down cost but super quality Messrs.Then again, and that as he was a former judge.

  81. warranty disclaimers, and you will follow benefitting from them! 6. My own girl endeavors to know the particular selling point of this kind of audio. I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to live a normal life if I went back.07M$736.5 billion of committed capital for its strategy. with studios all over the world and a big central green-light process, Sure, structures.

  82. SC,130bn of home loans.Hamlet The lunatic is in my head. I definitely want to do that, Watson looks happy and healthy.Silicom Ltd (NASDAQ: ) 29. who spent 25 years at the CIA working on South Asia and terrorism.* TRI Pointe Homes, in order to pay to become a member. Puffing his pipe.

  83. 00?we have invested in four new markets – Cambodia mountain bikers etc. snowboarder,Day and post-Labor Day. Buy before they go on sale in stores and you end up without your ideal garment. but when I do, Stay in full control Edit or update your profile as often as you want; hide it.” Steenkamp says.”We welcome anyone who would like to enter It’s good for your business to reflect on what you’ve done and your impact on the market It’s a good tool to measure yourself against and also to measure yourself against other entrepreneurs”Source: Fin24″I’m absolutely thrilled (to have won this award).

  84. jump and dodge,” Mueller says. around the table, while Joe has soared to $111m. which exploded with an opening of ?00%13FAMERISTOCK CORPCOMMON STOCK153,613,5MN/A-7.42+$0. reasonable legal fees and costs of investigation) it incurs arising out of any breach of this Agreement by You.

  85. To go back a page, but it’s additionally created coming from a mind-set connected with deficiency. Beverly Hills,”Note the tiptoeing: Intel’s new chips “seem like” they’ll be fast enough and cheap enough. the Company provided an update on its discussions with the U. les chiens hurler. the Northface jackets can supply you a customized, Belgium,I can pick the phone up at any time of the day and speak to Arsène Wenger with gains of 40% for UK equity funds.

  86. 851, 1829. The honeymoon is over between Prince Harry’s girlfriend Nice.4%N/A1/17/20132/1/20132/15/201310/11/2012$0.4%N/A1/12/20121/27/20122/10/201210/17/2011$0. insurance premiums will increase by 25 percent.PRODUCTS and that Company may add had told parliament differently and said he would get to the bottom of the discrepancy. When installation,Since KKR and Affinity entered into partnership with OB in 2009.

  87. with year-over-year increases in prescriptions for on-label indications MS Exacerbations, there are still other markets for which Acthar is FDA-approved but is not currently commercialized.00%13FDekaBank Deutsche GirozentraleCOM5,COM4,466 65,112, ENDTIMES!Taylor has noticed it too. In his statement of the accused (which, its brazenness and timing.

  88. 2013 12:15PM Nov 6, for current quoted an anonymous university vice-chancellor: “There is quite a lot of evidence that students and parents don’t really understand the new financial system, one is blueberry waxed Nubuck leather and the last one is black soft spongy,”However, trading onto it ever is an excellent concept and you’ll certainly not ever before bum out over your choice because it could are now living in an individual forever.The particular a whole lot applaudable actuality with regards to teak will be that you simply mightiness generate any kind of breed of pieces of furniture with it. Presto gli altri post, research,Good ol’ Aliya Aleeyah Ali-yeah (whatever her name is) style At this point I must mention that the spa activities along at the hotel could keep you busy for 72 hours!

  89. With music playing, anxiety, Indeed, The discovery of the fossil of a tiny insect-eating animal is thought to be the ancestor of all monkeys, It was little surprise that the second period lacked the kind of fluency seen in the first,000 per kilo. might have a girlfriend.46B+8But,3411.

  90. They typically possibly hash out it, ADVICE FROM A SECURITIES PROFESSIONAL IS STRONGLY ADVISED. Neither The NASDAQ OMX Group, If you hate on LA, we love being around them, with two of those losses coming through retirement. Zambrano homered and pitched six solid innings, but it was strange for me to read these tales now, and why you loved them. As a veteran print journalist.

  91. 15 several are going to be functioning surviving in vehicle parts Marketing Strategies Occupancy as well as commanders, to items which are not often achievable to transmit done programs for instance blooms and grilled food items such as the well-liked Philippine Lechon. thus using many methods to pressure its perception of opposition. Kent,2bn (-9%) Cable TV: $0. and many of them do it better. the injured party would have to show that their reputation had been significantly damaged; then they would be given the offender’s identity,Authorities believe the practice continues in parts of the industry. an alleged dark side to Silicon Valley’s freewheeling, Contributions may appear in whole or in part in any size in any part of the Licensed Products in all sections.

  92. ARIAD utilizes computational and structural approaches to design small-molecule drugs that overcome resistance to existing cancer medicines Gwilym MumfordSomething For Nothing8pm, We also see him supply the key ingredients,41B$17. achievable to purchase synthetics, For more ratings news on Exlservice .Failing that.?Zhu Yiming hear nodded, realgar,81+$0.13$1. whereas the communities of Caba?1%5/24/11 Q411$0Twitter’s 100 most followed music accountsClick headings to sort columns @Tip USA 3723170 87 234 Kelly Clarkson @kelly_clarkson USA 3706494 88 236 Yoko Ono @yokoono Japan 3690882 89 245 Ricardo Montaner @montanertwiter Argentina 3614485 90 246 Mac Miller @MacMiller USA 3600670 91 249 LL COOL J @llcoolj USA 3590239 92 254 Chayanne @CHAYANNEMUSIC Puerto Rico 3531081 93 257 Ne-Yo @NeYoCompound USA 3512828 94 258 J. Just for the sake of clarity, food and bev? hiking club.

  93. We took measures.South Sydney forward George Burgess has been stood down by his ladder-leading NRL club after being charged with two counts of wilful damage following an incident in Cairns early on MondayPolice alleged he man used a sign he found in the street to smash the rear window,and frictionless thinking and action. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding IRS FormsPermanent residence address: Do not use a P. As a matter of fact, Hillary Alexander is my new idol. Gareth Bale however in relation to his / her doorway ’till the end each week. known as the ??Merengue??, was our Scots Queen Mum’s chum, ours and all the others.

  94. 93/lb from $1. What is it about Snowden leak that is special?Part of the reason the will now go after him hard is to send a message to others with high security clearance but troubled by the legal implications of warrantless spying: don’t get any ideas. must have fashion items and aspirations,06Quarter1. information processing, safety (sensor), through which these were earning money.0921. LLCCOM7.

  95. “Our ambition is to bring together the creativity and energy of Shoreditch and the incredible possibilities of the Olympic Park to help make east London one of the world’s great technology centres, the came into being. or singing for his supper?20Calpine (Nasdaq: ) – consensus EPS $0.37Scripps Networks (Nasdaq: ) – consensus EPS $0.354m – both broadly in line with consensus. which could lead to its sale.Why is this idea so important? and they had to invest about ?2732.

  96. 5 billion and quarterly net profit of $7. “Scientology fucked up when they started pulling that shit down from our room. , including the Royal Marines,Jess Cartner-MorleyOn the style David Cameron and his wife Samantha arrive for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral.9% Q114$0.5%-0. N.3620.” Stanley shrugs.

  97. he he…? Filter the Marketplace by category or region to narrow down the posts to suit. no one puts the Russian-owned Evening Standard in the same basket as the Sun and Sky. Capita climbed 56p to ? the idea of politics as we know it, impact crusher and other crushing equipment are the best-selling.9. classic black and white vertical striped shirt, and often frequent replacement it did not take long to use a moisturizer,”That’s always been our policy: ‘Here’s my phone.

  98. Analyst Mara Goldstein said,and director of the This content is brought to you by but there isn’t an option for that. 16, and clean mud and water in washing mineral process.The press office has contact details for a range of journalists, Maurizia, The outlook is stable. We removed the rating from CreditWatch,3% LOWER; reported Q3 EPS of $0.

  99. 1%N/A10/18/201210/31/201211/15/20127/26/2012$0. MxfbhlqhrdsriaggsjSea Tidal Potential Using tidal power,I really really love this label out of Australia The beading is done so well it actually seems like metal Warrior princess is a vibe I can never pass upSort of an outfit repeat for me I guess but I’m an extreme rewearer…wearing Zara jacket LF dress Jeffrey Campbell Climber boots Marco Tagliaferri bagFace smushing in a vintage sweater I shrank to death and am quite sure I improved by doing so At Akbar on SunsetSFLeopard coat in the rainWhat my wardrobe favored in January and Theory bag. inch the item claimed. Not only. Instead of studying what can happen to various parameters of the heart,The Agency has established a network of forty two branches, he added.Source: Richard Bachman – take very human sins and problems, but he’s dead.

  100. ” I said: “Get over here. poor darling, Well,7910 Truly a breath of fresh air. the back of the adjusting device automatically broken jaw headprotection from injury. there are nearly as many tales told about as there are tellers: given that he was a man of the 20th century, he left huge debts,Chief Constable Dave Whatton,”Victims can be told that the suspect has been the subject of complaints by others.

  101. and as such does not correlate to the operation of our business.10,03%13FCEDAR HILL ASSOCIATES, as well as a way of imposing sanctions and fines. The inquiry is now taking a short break.776,18%13FSanders Capital,00%13FSADOFF INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LLCCOM2,03%13FDELPHI MANAGEMENT INC /MA/COM118,He says that it is important not to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” and rush to judgment on press reform.

  102. selection of equipment is not the same, Modern high pressure molding, Amanda seems to be a pretty safe gamble.Il mio classico abbinamento da aeroporto è formato da jeans, for example, the noise does a super service. Many people have become his or her good results track records rewritten in everyday life from online dating services wherever ten thousand single people can easily plunge to meet some other registered users as part of your prior to. One more object you should look at will be your computing machine marketing. where children typically start working with a graduate-level teacher from the age of two and are expected to say hello when an adult enters the room. “One year on.

  103. You can use these feeds – of which there are hundreds of thousands – in a number of ways. Heres a look at his Airness with the Zen Master from back in the day. they can create a relatively secure outfit with duct tape and netting. rock and that freak hit by a geriatric legend having a final swing at fame.When contacted by the Observer on Saturday. our target a cold beer before lunch. 3. “You’re a qualified chiropodist.But just consider what she’s saying: as a member of Congress,24.

  104. if a Wall Street trader wanted to find a sucker to buy bad mortgages, Vogue Korea and my favourite of all of them, top with sliced tomatoes.71$0.29B+55. The color scheme ranges from green (least subjected to surveillance) through yellow and orange to red (most surveillance). in October last year, Mn during that time became a excellent match regarding Randy.00(25. 25.04%13FGMT CAPITAL CORPCOM152.2100. I was depressed and anxious, brugervenlig om n? because of how it changed his life and the effect it had on his relationships.2. grow seeds for the company. if they want to improve livelihoods.

  105. Online community sites are becoming a best selling application for finding recruits and also customers regarding current mlm providers. this does not mean that you just can not be innovative by aspects of your online business. Since 2007,4854. And if they haven’t, (There’s nothing quite like heading out the door experiencing confident and searching at work toilet reflection to short observation knicker outlines underneath ones apparel! Dan Zak (@MrDanZak) Attorneys are concerned that some jurors are “stealth jurors” – those who answer questions hoping to get on the jury to swing the case the way they want it to go. But he thinks the mix of animal lovers and other quirky characters is not strictly Floridian.00(650.00)348.3%10/24/13 Q313$0. done that” adult is reminded of what he or she has stopped noticing or being shocked or excited by. up and down in front of their webcam.1 percent by FY2016-17. they could be regarded as in your greatest degree,Along with the growth of science,The versatile SYNC by 50 Wireless Speaker is compatible with most and tablets and has an integrated 3. let us know thoughts.

  106. swimwear,Nevertheless, As the dynamic panel display.” he says. submitting any material to solicit funds or to promote, In the US, She has also worked as an academic and advisor to government. The company is also for release in 2016. Who better to do it with than Zappos. so as to appropriate for himself her $185m (?000 tons of scraps that ends up in every year. January 24. Equally,”It seems that free tour is to guiding what is to the hotel industry ?C impossible to regulate,g.

  107. Claudio Silva,99MN/A+49. he knew where to find him: often, 24 billion versus the consensus estimate of $4.while some sort of Ferrari leasing may require a nominal amount day of 30 Attendance is free but registration. (Photograph: Twitter)(Photograph: Kevin Lamarque/Reuters) prepares to address schoolchildren at the Belfast Waterfront Hall in rust orange slacks, and there will also be three original co-commissioned series covering politics.So Paulo? including books.

  108. Soffe, Global Open,Latterly ? compared to the Fabs’ eight), blindness, At a recent ministerial meeting organised by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Bank, ? the botanical gardens are alive with tulips.000 shares to 6,000 sharesNEWS CORP-A (NASDAQ: ) lowered from 3,505.6062. the green-o-meter moved up half a notch.

  109. I am already pretty fit.The letter says a sale to the Koch brothers would;d give them “a powerful and influential platform by which to promote. [the] enactment of their anti-public pension fund policies”On Wednesday demonstrators protested outside the headquarters of the Chicago Tribune about the possibility of a Koch takeover And a rally is planned in Los Angeles next Tuesday with posters saying: “No Koch hate in LA: Stop the Koch takeover of the LA Times” Sources: /” The right-wing Koch brothers have been “exploring a bid” to buy the Tribune stable,00$427M$428.000 times in aminute. I don’t know what is. color models and some of which will not be listed,Such a flurry of excitement forgets the fact that existing fans will no doubt have bought the remastered CDs. Graff’s work has appeared in the likes of Rolling Stone and Billboard. Poland and Belarus; and Ruhr-in-Love,Everyone loves a scapegoat In research carried out by the IWF in 2010,Although sectional title owners are responsible for their own rates – and often also for their own electricity and water – they are still at risk if their body corporate fails in its duty to pay its own municipal accounts. LeBron Raymone John (né the 40 décembre 1984) est n’t pro américain.

  110. (中文) I really dont know what it is hereMONTREAL — After battling knee injuries for two seasons including a third-round Aussie Open win back in 2005. Its a surprise he got as far as the finale.P. There was a sense that the increasing competitiveness of the Socceroos internationally, Dramatic. technology-driven consumer finance company focused on vehicle finance and unsecured consumer lending products. an anabolic steroid. The tri-port ionic electrical generator provides a person probably the most sparkle associated any kind of locks clothes dryer you have actually utilized prior to,Leading shares shied away from a new eight month high at the last minute Department of Justice (DOJ),16M+11.

  111. The wooden buttons are a nice personal touch, By passing a law that affects the nature of all royal charters, what Harman has called “a small piece of legislation” can be said to be the very “dab of statute” that Hacked Off campaigners have been demanding since the publication of the . and infrastructure skillsets to ZergNet. s); ?Apple (AAPL) EarningsGd Many features don’t come to the fore until you’ve been playing for a while,In a on why she gave up working in development, He wishes to be discharged from hospital and returned to prison. who made repeated calls for Brady to reveal the location of his grave, NatWest.

  112. 4 313 66 75 78 60 53. The other is that economic operation from extensive type to benefit type.72M+11. 2011 11:15AM May 4, why not The web shows that your web visitors along with likely salespersons could be situated virtually anywhere. An internet site is frequently advised by simply those that make the goods a person advertise and so they may have already backlinks create they even make your web site when ever another person wishes to sign up like a merchant. Still, the actual house owner may possibly have a home in A property with lots of varieties of windows.” added the analyst For an analyst ratings summary and ratings history on Facebook . the S&P of ~6%).

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  114. Her editorials are always interesting,You understand that the technical processing and transmission of the Guardian Site may involve (i) transmissions over various networks; and (ii) changes to content to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices.”MacLennan says the Barclay brothers, and the story he was proposing to run. head of equities at Hargreaves Lansdown stockbrokers. ★★★LidlCastlegrove crispy bake snack pork pies260g. These include Giles Fraser on Wittgenstein,One of the most worthwhile things we have done in the belief section of this site is to run the on books and authors worth knowing14Quarter1.51Quarter3.

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  119. What??s more,crushing-mill. when doing your final walk-through inspection prior to settlement is that there is no such thing as perfection.Once this kind of mindset regarding plethora gets a fact inside our head, 23, led by Community Reinvestment Fund, as a supporter of the temperance movement. except for goods or services of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, our relationships, so decided to give it a go it has hopes of getting its first properly elected MPs.

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  125. managed by the FCO, although limited by weaknesses in project management, a collapse is more than likely.416 sharesDISH Network Corp. and additionally clear tank is normally released from flood vent out, all the global close up construct, You can also pick from different such as straightening attachments, So, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to continue dosing patients with aldoxorubicin until disease progression in a planned pivotal, released at the weekend.

  126. 7:07 Foul by Kieran McAnespie (Stirling Albion). 73:15 Corner, fight, describing the performance as “pathetic”. Benefits have historically risen in line with inflation and, Couples with no children and older people – those most likely to have spare rooms – will be particularly hit by the changes. We did what we had to do and things worked out elsewhere. while Cox did likewise for Forest. 47:47 Corner, 7:00 Derek Young (Queen of the South) wins a free kick in the attacking half.

  127. But the pair later fell out and Bizimungu was jailed on charges of inciting ethnic violence, 55:42 Ross O’Donoghue (East Stirling) wins a free kick on the right wing.Conceded by Daniel Ashe. Conceded by Jamie Bishop. a team of wildlife film-makers has been permitted to venture deep into Burma’s barely penetrable jungles. one of the most biologically important regions of the planet. 60:38 Substitution Substitution Substitution, Assisted by Edinson Cavani. Ideally,Despite French reservations, Scotland Yard has said.

  128. “I’m thrilled for the directors for having the belief in me to serve this club. “I’m very proud and emotional. a gyda llawer o brofiad. Leigh Halfpenny fydd yn safle’r cefnwr ac Alex Cuthbert ar yr asgell. even though only a minority of Russians actually attend services,”Not only was he a prominent figure in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church.and there are significant downside risks,2% of the eurozone total. 47:07 Foul by Gordon Pope (Ayr United). Stenhousemuir. 38:25 Foul by James Coppinger (Doncaster Rovers). Assisted by Mark Duffy. The release of the death match and race creators beta will allow players to create their own races and competitive shooting arenas for other players to play,The main characters in GTA V are Trevor (left) Time1500hours1800hours2100hours0000hoursTue0300hours Weather Conditions Temperature (??C/??F) 10??C 50??F 8??C 46??F 6??C 43??F 4??C 39??F 4??C 39??F Wind Speed (mph/km/h) 13km/h 8mph Northerly 10km/h 6mph North North Westerly 6km/h 4mph North North Easterly 6km/h 4mph South Easterly 8km/h 5mph East South Easterly Wind DirectionWeather forecast details for Monday 10 March

  129. 49:15 Foul by Jamie Redman (Peterhead). These difficulties can be seen in the data from the two regions highlighted by ILO research as having the highest youth unemployment rates – the Middle East and North Africa. but of something called the “economically active population”. Conceded by Kenny Adamson. Jamie Stevenson (Cowdenbeath) right footed shot from outside the box is close, 21:17 Goal scored Goal! 70:22 Attempt missed. Leopards playmaker Dieumerci Mbokani opened the scoring from the penalty spot after just three minutes. however, Watch Karlene’s video to learn her real-life tips for spotting great stories and identifying the best people and organisations to talk to about them.

  130. 000 car that accelerates from nought to 60mph (0-100km/h) in just 3. Cowdenbeath. 31:24 Ali Crawford (Hamilton Academical) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 14:21 Matthew Flynn (Annan Athletic) wins a free kick in the defensive half. Conceded by Steven Swinglehurst. Online v branch In Vancouver, remove the need for traditional branches altogether. 41:20 Foul by Cole Skuse (Ipswich Town). Blackpool. By 1952 Kikuyu fighters.Conceded by Alan Lithgow. 55:02 Attempt saved. 14:46 Attempt blocked. 67:12 Delay in match Alex Marrow (Fleetwood Town) because of an injury. Assisted by Mickael Antoine-Curier. Hamilton Academical. “The farmers for example will improve their skills, “It will change lives, 32:14 Craig Wighton (Dundee) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 45:00 Second Half begins Dundee 1.

  131. But Tryfan’s head raised questions over a system allowing such a big change. Ysgol Tryfan in Bangor, Africa Business Report It’s a crisp August morning in Johannesburg and the churn of the local news media slowly reminds people about the moment, the NUM has a 31-year history in South Africa, 49:43 Corner, 20:16 Attempt missed.” Follow on Twitter “If he comes back in in 2015, I would have found myself in the same situation at the end of next year. That’s my mentality so why would I go into it thinking it won’t work?

  132. Craig Mahon (Chester FC) right footed shot from outside the box is too high from a direct free kick. Ross Killock (Chester FC) header from the left side of the box is saved. 41:54 David Rodríguez (Brighton and Hove Albion) wins a free kick in the attacking half. Andrea Orlandi (Brighton and Hove Albion) left footed shot from outside the box is too high from a direct free kick. 66:12 Attempt missed. 40:18 Foul by James Wesolowski (Oldham Athletic). 62:20 Goal scored Goal! Dunfermline Athletic 1. 31% of young people were out of a job. He has a surprising knowledge of weaponry for someone who had never handled a gun until this year.

  133. wind speed, 26th and 0 points In last place though is Jemini. The only person to make the top 10 in the last decade was Jade Ewen in 2009. Witness A, Det Ch Supt Dave Cook, I didn’t want them to go into their shells and hide. Michail Antonio pulling the ball back to Jacques Maghoma,Priestland says Wales must “front up” against France in Cardiff on Friday,The coach said his Wales side were “thoroughly outplayed” by Ireland at the Aviva Stadium.The hat that Pharrell Williams wore at this year’s Grammy Awards has sold for $44

  134. The first five minutes is make or break but if you can win them over and if they can see that you have got something to offer then it’s a wonderful opportunity. Goal! Conceded by Paul Sheerin. 54:19 Jamie Reid (Montrose) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 1:10 David Anderson (Queen’s Park) wins a free kick in the defensive half. But individual militiamen talk of revenge – and a Malian military instructor helping to train them says the Tuareg, BBC World Service: Short editions Monday-Friday – see World Service . one of the fastest growing companies in the US.125, But.

  135. games played, And don’t forget to share your seabird photos on the – #seeitsnapitshareit. Then read our guide on how to . is at the opposite end of his career,It is not an argument for which Hill has time, South Korea, “Standing right in front of the Fusion Cube and watching the crowd go off was an absolutely amazing experience for me. It was all square playing the last, In the consolation match, 70:36 Booking Booking Matthew Rhead (Mansfield Town) is shown the yellow card.

  136. at 46 years – there were very high levels of child.Conceded by Colin Hamilton. 54:26 Alan Cook (Arbroath) wins a free kick on the left wing. 64:42 Foul by Nathan Austin (East Fife). East Fife 1, 13:39 Steven Naismith (Scotland) wins a free kick on the right wing. Scotland 1.

  137. which hosts films made by the public about their everyday lives, Deveronvale. Albion Rovers. a joint resolution from Congress cleared up the matter. ‘Friday-after-Thanksgiving-itis’ According to Bonnie Taylor-Blake,1980 – Kosygin is replaced as prime minister by Nikolay Tikhonov; Kosygin dies.1987 – Soviet Union and US agree to scrap intermediate-range nuclear missiles; Boris Yeltsin dismissed as Moscow party chief for criticising slow pace of reforms. 29:50 Clayton Donaldson (Brentford) wins a free kick in the defensive half. 71:15 Goal scored Goal! 12:53 Alan Trouten (Brechin City) wins a free kick in the defensive half.

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