#PTBNG: Conley Woods’ Knight-Pod Deck List

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This is the list transcribed from Conley's Deck Tech at Pro Tour: Born of the Gods today. Knight of the Reliquary is the only surprise, and it's only a two-of.

Untitled Deck

5 thoughts on “#PTBNG: Conley Woods’ Knight-Pod Deck List

  1. From a competitive standpoint, I don’t like the list. There are arguments on both sides and a lot of things that can be said, but I think 2KotR don’t justify playing a “bad” card in Bojuka Bog when you have access to Scavenging Ooze. 3 Abrupt Decays main strikes me as too many. The DRS banning made UWR control style decks much better, and Decay is terrible against most of those lists. Also, DRS banned means less Dark Confidants, which I think was one of the better reasons to main Abrupt Decay. That said, the deck list is certainly financially relevant.

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