QS Booze Cube: Porcelain Lurker

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The QS Booze Cube is an ongoing project to support QS Insider member and all-around good guy Scott Peitzer's popular passion project. The Booze Cube is just for fun (and adults over the legal drinking age, ideally). Don't sell these or try to make money from them in any way. You can't buy these cards from us. If you want to give us money (and really, who doesn't?), sign up for a QS Insider subscription instead.

Porcelain Lurker

Design Goals:  This is part of a series of 2-color Hill Giants, each with abilities that scale as the game goes on.  When I posted Goblin Shot-Shooter, I discussed the fact that "drink X" abilities are generally a problem because there is no in-game mechanism to limit them.  With this cycle, we decided that drinking X was fine, as long as there were parameters set on X that were in some way limited by the game state.

The goal of Porcelain Lurker was simple: turn drinking into damage.  Simply saying "drink X, target opponent loses X life" would be tantamount to "You Win The Game" (and lose your dignity and at least one friend).  So, we set up the card to force the caster to engineer a board state that's optimal before playing this.  If you can set up a turn that causes an opponent to drink 20, then cast this, you probably deserve to win the game (but not before you have to endure 20 drinks yourself).

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Inspiration: Our own sick twisted minds.  You've heard the phrase "porcelain throne", right?  

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Some notes: We don't try to replicate proper Magic templating language in the rules text of cards. We do this to save space and make the cards more human-readable. Remember, you're probably real drunk when you're playing and the subtleties of the Intervening-If clause may elude you.

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31 thoughts on “QS Booze Cube: Porcelain Lurker

  1. I like it. You may want to consider whether you meant total number of drinks or number of times drank (although either is solid). The difference is basically (a) drink 1, drink 2 = drank 2 times, or (b) drink 1, drink 2 = drank a total of 3.

    Now, I think it’s best as worded because white has more synergy with multiple smaller drinking triggers (whereas red and blue have more synergy with larger individual drinks). But it’s something to think about when you’re designing.

  2. Where I say “number of times” a player has drank, I should probably say the total number of drinks instead. An effect that causes a player to Drink 5 would count for 5 drinks, even though they only “drank once”. This card is meant to force you to drink as much as your opponent has, plain and simple.

    I also do not count drinking if it’s not from an in-game effect.

    I did not consider the part about the color wheel and drink size synergy. I hadn’t even noticed it, actually.

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