JOU Spoiler: Kruphix, God of Horizons

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Spoiler over. I found my favorite card.

After giving us terrible, disappointing Simic cards for the last year, from the #4merfolk fiasco, to Plasm Capture, it's finally good to see Simic get something legitimately disgusting. It started with Kruphix's harbinger, Prophet of Kruphix, a card I aim to have 1,000 copies of by the end of 2014. Kruphix does it all. I think this is a better general than Omnath; while his power and toughness can't increase natively beyond the printed numbers, you won't mind when your Omnath has a built-in Reliquary Tower and Darksteel Plate.

If you're confused by the wording, don't be. It works the way you think it does. Its final clause indicates a replacement effect; unused mana does not empty from the mana pool but rather becomes colorless mana instead.

Yes, this is a good way to store mana to play a big Sphinx's Revelation in Standard.

Yes, this will be used to cast disgusting Genesis Waves in my EDH decks. Yes I am building another deck with him as the general. He's that exciting.

Will he impact Standard? Hard to tell. I almost hope he doesn't so his price will tank a bit. I would love to scoop a bunch of these for cheap. With the excitement surrounding it, I imagine I won't like it at its presale price, but this guy is very, very cool and he's easily my favorite god so far, Iroas included.

How does he compare to Iroas, the Boros God?

eBay has this guy at $15 right about now. I bet he goes up, but I'm not sure by how much, and I bet he also comes back down. Before you run out to buy these for Standard, ask yourself if Sphinx's Revelation needs any help. If you can hold off getting these for other formats, do. I don't plan to pay $15, but if I pop one in a pack, I won't sell either. If I get a foil, I'll definitely not sell. If you get a foil, sell, but only to me. I think that covers all of our bases.

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2 thoughts on “JOU Spoiler: Kruphix, God of Horizons

  1. Mistcutter Hydra just got a smidge more insane with this guy. Thank God I got all 4 when I could. Him with his prophet plus any of the X-cost hydras? Splash red and get volcanic geyser to lethal damage levels easy?

    Oh damn…

    Because G/R/U wasn’t ridiculous enough…

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