Insider Video: Zwischenzug Plays Cube Draft

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paul nemeth

Paul Nemeth (Zwischenzug on MTGO) is the 2013 Magic Online Constructed Player of the Year. When the data was available, he had the highest overall win percentage on MTGO ( as tracked by He recently finished 24th at Pro Tour: Journey Into Nyx and has a 20-12 win-loss record on the Pro Tour.

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3 thoughts on “Insider Video: Zwischenzug Plays Cube Draft

  1. Sweet Videos. I’ve learned quite a bit from watching all of your videos on here. I’m liking how you mix it up in terms of decks/format.

  2. Hey Paul!

    I’m really not a player anymore but if I had to play something that would probably some Cube draft, for the fun of it (which would make me a bad player as I would probably draft a nonsense-5-colors-good card deck).

    I enjoyed your vids and your analysis on picks and plays.

    Just few questions,

    – In that format, do you usually pick great cards when they come and try to fill your deck according to the strategy you opt to? (control/ramp/reanimator in this case?)

    – What’s the value of creature removals in this format? it seems like even good spot removal and/or wrath effects are not necessarily that big of a deal?

    – How is aggro strategy term of viability? it seems like with so many overpowered control cards you always to go for Ux for counter/draw?


  3. If I want to win, I try to draft UW control splashing either red or black. If I want to have fun I’m more open to building around powerful cards or rarely even forcing storm (that is my next video.)

    Creature removal are not high picks in the format. There is plenty of it. The best picks either do something really powerful (make a lot of mana or card advantage) or are effective despite creature removal (good planeswalkers). Some planeswalkery decks really want wraths, but even then you can usually pick up the janky 5mana sweepers a bit later.

    Mono red agro is one of the best strategies in cube, but I dont think it has a better win% than the control decks I play and I don’t enjoy it at all so I never really do it. But if agro is your thing, mono red is a great choice in cube.

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