[Podcast] The Modern Enthusiast: MonoBlue, Pod Decks and Controversial Banned List Proposal

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This week, James, Adam and Doug tackle three more Modern topics. James starts off with a controversial banning proposal for Modern. Beyond rhetoric, he’s also got the numbers to back it up. Give a listen and see if you agree.

Adam shares a list based on mono-blue control, skipping Blood Moon and doubling down on Vedalken Shackles. His list will be at the bottom of the show notes.

Finally, Doug goes over whether it’s better to play Kiki-Pod or Melira-Pod. The discussion shifts gears from decks to looking at two specific cards – Restoration Angel and Thoughtseize. Maybe the entire choice depends on which card is better positioned right now.

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This Podcast was hosted by James Grendell, Douglas Linn and Adam Tukel.

Technical notes: thanks for the feedback about sound volume – we tried to get Adam’s mic up and generally tune it all up.

Adam’s Monoblue List

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