Insider: Modern Masters 2015 Non-Reprint List

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Hello, readers! Welcome back.

This article, I wanted to follow up on this article, and touch on a little more on Modern Masters 2015.

One of the fine QS forum posters asked this:

Can a QS writer analyse and send out an email with a list of best non-reprinted targets, like they did for other sets?

Instead of writing an email, I figured I’d just write an article. I also went ahead and put together the “Modern Masters 2015 Non-reprint List” for everyone’s own use and consideration. The list was also posted here on the QS forums, and I think it’s an invaluable tool. As I mentioned in my last article, the cards not being reprinted in these sets are just as important to document and profit from. So, why not have them all in one spot?

Here’s the Trader Tools list.

I left out M12 because I’m not exactly sure if it missed the cut-off or not.  Richard Hagon specifically mentioned other Core sets when discussing MM 2015, and while it would be reasonable to assume that M12's absence implies omission, I'd rather not assume one way or another. When we get new info,  we can certainly add M12 cards to the list. I mentioned in my article listed above, a few of the cards that are going to be left out of Modern Masters 2015, but it was a brief list. So, like the forum posters on the QS forum ask, I shall deliver some blurbs on some highlighted cards on the “Master List.” I will highlight a few of the more obvious cards on there, and some of the not so obvious cards.

What’s great about compiling them on Trader Tools, is QS Insiders and forum members can quickly browse not only the cards, but the buy/sell prices as well. In addition to that, you can see the spread.

The Obvious

The Obvious Choices

I just wanted to put these here, and people can clearly see these cards on that list as well. I’m going to be honest here, I think what I have to say about these has been said numerous times already.

In particular I highlighted Thundermaw Hellkite in my most recent Quick Stocks.

Now, some of these may not have the highest incentive to because of their buy-in price. Though; a few of them are still very attractive. It’s during these time periods between the most recent block leaving (in this case RTR Block) where cards like these, tend to stagnate. Voice of Resurgence, and Abrupt Decay being the more recent. I’ll cover this more in my next article dealing with rotation.

I’d say the most attractive one here is Voice of Resurgence if not just for the pitiful amount of Dragon’s Maze opened. I think maybe 20 boxes were opened in North America? *That was sarcasm.* In any event, it was still one of the more under-opened sets in recent Magic history.

With the success of “Little kid Junk” appearing on multiple MODO lists, one can be optimistic of this card trending back upward. It’s almost always played as a three- to four-of in those decks, and is starting to become popular in decks centered around Collected Company. I will highlight Voice more in the Quick Stocks, so you can all see the data behind this, and perhaps that can shed some light on this potential target.

Going back to Thundermaw Hellkite, it’s not as widely played as say Voice, but should this new "fad" of trying to jam dragons (and dragon-related cards like Silumgar's Scorn) into Modern, then Hellkite will surely be a part of that. Hellkite’s spread has even lowered since writing my Stock article, down to about 13% as of today, from about 20% when I wrote the Quick Stocks.

The only thing I really can see holding back Hellkite, is it’s never really played as a full playset, and a lot of its success is contingent on how well UWR-based decks perform. So, with Hellkite, there still is time to play the “sit and wait” approach. On the other hand; if another deck utilizing it in a different way crops up, you can be sure these will disappear extremely fast.

The Not So Obvious

Not Obvious Choices

Now, in terms of “not obvious” some of these cards may not be spotlighted by inclusion in prime Constructed decks. I know my readership has a few of these noted already, because you’re smart people. As smart people we need to make sure to document their spreads, and watch these like a hawk together.

  • We already know Entreat the Angels is played in UWR Miracles in Legacy, and is quite the casual hit too in terms of table-top/EDH games. It depicts one of the most popular creature types in the game, and a very unique ability that may not always fit in a main block set. So, this leaves us with Commander/supplemental product. From the Vault: Angels is in the pipeline, so I’d exercise caution here until that set is spoiled. Other than that, it may be quite some time before this is inserted into any sort of product.
  • Detention Sphere has a lot going for it, already being incorporated into Modern decklists. This may be a card that doesn’t have the ability to spike all too much, but has a chance to provide at least some sort of profit. For now, with a 50% spread, we can continue to sit and wait on this one. It’s been stagnating for quite some time, and without a new outlet of demand, I think this will stay right where it is.
  • I’m not really an EDH/casual aficionado, but the only card I can compare Dictate of Erebos to is Grave Pact. There’s a lot of copies out there to be had, and if anything were to happen to foil copies of this, this would probably force the price of this upward from the paltry .49c it’s sitting at currently. A powerful effect, and these types of cards somehow command a premium, even when they’re reprinted numerous times.

Well, that’s all for this time. I really wanted to share the Trader Tools list with you all, as I think it’s really beneficial for all of us on QS to have access to. I will continue to add/remove cards as seen fit, and by the feedback you all give me. Monitor the spread of these cards, and take note that any changes in these could easily push prices up drastically.

I outlined in my last article how certain cards don’t take long to increase in value after Modern Masters set releases. The more obvious cards will start to trend upward first, so if you’re compelled to hold these at all, I’d say your chances of having them at the lowest price decrease the longer one waits.

I’m eager to hear everyone’s feedback on this list, and will be happy to discuss the cards already listed further with all my readers. Either tweet at me, or comment here. Are any other cards that I missed worth watching? Be sure to make a good case for the card and we can certainly talk about adding them to the list.

Before I go, in case any of you haven’t read Brian DeMars' article about picking long-term winners, he mentioned some of these cards too.

Some of the Slivers are also mentioned, which have been listed on my Master List--I think there’s some real potential there too.

Slivers? Are they worth it?

Until next time!


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