Deck Overview- Modern Gruul Company

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With Modern Masters weekend being the big thing in Magic last week, there weren't any large-scale constructed tournaments to pull decklists from. That said, there were some pretty sweet ones in the MTGO daily events. There was a Golgari Warrior deck that intrigued me and a red beatdown deck splashing Self-Inflicted Wound that looked brilliant, but when I saw this list 3-1 a Modern daily I knew it was the one.

Ball Lightning hasn't been on anybody's mind as a constructed playable for some time, but the ability to use Collected Company as a twelve point burn spell might turn that notion on its head.

As fate would have it, Ball Lightning, Groundbreaker, Hellspark Elemental, and Hell's Thunder all share a common creature type, meaning that Cavern of Souls gives this deck some edge against countermagic. That said, countermagic isn't the only concern for this type of creature. That's where Spellskite comes in.

Spellskite will eat up pesky Lightning Bolts that function as counters for your Ball Lightnings, and also help combat Splinter Twin, which is an otherwise terrible matchup.

At first glance, this doesn't look like something that I'd bring to an SCG Open, but it looks like a ton of fun for the FNM level. And who knows, with some tuning this concept could really have some potential.

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