Deck Overview- Standard Abzan Constellation

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If you put enough cards into Standard that make it very obvious that you want to commit to a specific card type, eventually that deck just becomes a great deck. We're probably at that point with Constellation, with Herald of the Pantheon and Starfield of Nyx pushing the archetype from the fringes to the forefront. This weekend John Taylor Top 8'd the SCG Open in Richmond with this build:

The strength of this deck are the ability to go long and the card advantage/selection offered by Kruphix's Insight. The weakness is the fact that the deck only has 8 spells that cost two or less, which will leave it a little weak to aggressive strategies. It's also important to remember that Back to Nature is still Standard legal.

The planeswalker and Arbor Colossus package out the board looks like a great way to combat potential Back to Natures, and continue to beat other midrange decks convincingly.

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