Deck Overview- Modern Emeria Control

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Looking over the decks from the SCG Open in Charlotte, most of the technology I saw in the Top 16 was subtle and not necessarily game-changing. Then I saw Michael Segal's UW Control deck, which made me think the link I clicked might have been broken when the first three cards I read were Pilgrim's Eye, Court Hussar, and Lone Missionary. If this list doesn't pique your interest, then I don't know what will:

Grindy control decks have always had a bit of trouble succeeding in Modern, so it's always exciting to see something this slow finish strongly. Ojutai's Command and Lone Missionary make it very difficult for aggressive decks to beat this list, while Aether Spellbomb and Path to Exile give the deck legs against things like Splinter Twin and Melira combo.

Mortarpod is a cool piece of tech in this list which combats things like Pestermite, Delver of Secrets // Delver of Secrets, and Snapcaster Mage in addition to being a sacrifice outlet to rebuy your creatures ETB abilities with Sun Titan, Ojutai's Command, or Emeria.

The four Ghost Quarters are likely a nod to what is an otherwise terrible matchup in Tron, though the card also just seems to have legs in Modern with so many three-color decks and utility lands in the format.

I'm not positive that this is the best possible list for a strategy like this, but either way Segal's finish is impressive. It's definitely a great starting point for anybody looking to durdle in Modern.

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