Deck Overview- Modern Time Warp

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If you subscribe to the theory that fun is zero-sum, then you probably love the idea of taking extra turns. Joshua Bova's third place list from the Premier IQ in Philadelphia should fit your style perfectly.

The win condition of choice here is Thassa, God of the Sea, who can usually close out games in three or four turns with a little help from the devotion of Dictate of Kruphix. Thassa's indestructibility will prove too much for most decks to handle, and Gigadrownse will cover your bases if you think your opponent has access to Path to Exile. The miser's Part the Waterveil also steps in as a backup win condition when awakened. A miser's Elixir of Immortality provides a backup plan in case all of your finishers fall victim to Thoughtseize.

Temporal Mastery is a bit unwieldy as a Time Walk, but Serum Visions and Telling Time are decent enough enablers for the miracle mechanic. The nut draw for this deck involves hitting Temporal Mastery as an early drawstep as a blue Explore.

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